‘Racism Is A Two-Way Street’

None of these types of stories ever seem to include the aboriginal racism directed at ‘white’ Canadians. The failure to present a fairer — and more realistic — picture  will just produce resentment and backlash. ‘Reconciliation’ cuts both ways… 

“A small Southern Alberta town has made recent headlines for not one, but two alleged incidents of anti-‘indigenous’ {‘aboriginal’} racism, prompting {race} activists to say these are not “one-off events”. 

“First, a Cardston doctor allegedly told a group of homeless ‘indigenous’ people to “get a job” and sardonically offered them Tylenol 3s in May {See below}.

“Then…{some} Cardston community members took to social media after an A&W employee allegedly refused to serve an ‘indigenous’ couple who were trying to buy food for an ‘indigenous elder’ sitting outside of the restaurant.

“Fraser Logan, a spokesperson for the RCMP, said there is no record of the A&W incident and could not offer specific details about the case involving the doctor…

“The town of Cardston sits just east of the Canadian Rockies and minutes from the American border.

“Kim Weasel Fat, 54, is originally from Kainai ‘Nation’ {‘Blood tribe’, a ‘nation’ of 12,491 people}, an ‘indigenous’ community adjacent to Cardston. She recalls the ‘non-stop racism’ she experienced while attending school in town.

“I just kind of accepted that I’m a second-class citizen until I moved away to Calgary to go to school and work”,
Weasel Fat said.
“I just thought that’s the way it was, so when I moved home four or five years ago, I started to see (the racism) and I was like, ‘Holy, this is crazy.’ It just infiltrates everything.

“It’s in the education system, in the justice system, in social economics, it’s in the medical system.”

“Ingrid Hess, a Cardston lawyer who issued a complaint against the doctor to the College of Physicians and Surgeons, said, 

“I’ve practised law in this area for 22 years and I’ve seen a lot of incidents involving ‘indigenous’ people and mistreatment.

“There’s a real divide”,
she added.
“If you drive down the streets of Cardston on a school day, you’ll never see a group of mixed ‘indigenous’ and ‘white’ kids. You’ll see groups of ‘indigenous’ kids and groups of ‘white’ kids.”

“Jeff Shaw, the chief administrative officer for the Town of Cardston, is concerned about the onslaught of negative comments he’s been hearing about the town.

“I have no debate that over the years there were instances when people who need a little further understanding, context and empathy have acted inappropriately”,
he said.
“The problem of that is that it overshadows the hundreds of people in the community who everyday are trying to do really good things and trying to work with our ‘First Nations’ {‘aboriginal’} neighbours.”

“He added that “a couple of instances (of racism) that aren’t welcomed” have taken away from the work the community is doing to maintain good relationships with {segregated} ‘indigenous’ communities, like organizing food drives for the Kainai ‘Nation’ food bank every year, or staging roadside cleanups {! Do they do the same in return?}

“Cardston also co-hosts a friendship powwow with Kainai ‘Nation’ and organizes an annual “day of ‘learning’”, during which ‘indigenous’ leaders are invited to speak, Shaw added.

“He noted that the town’s council made a {foolish} resolution on June 19, 2018, to develop a local {Partial} Truth and {One-way} ‘Reconciliation’ Committee. According to meeting minutes obtained from Shaw, the committee will pursue
the recommendations of the {Partial} Truth and {One-way} ‘Reconciliation’ Commission of Canada relative to municipal governments.”

–‘Recent cases of anti-Indigenous racism in Cardston aren’t ‘isolated instances’, activists say’,
Anya Zoledziowsk, StarMetro Calgary, Aug. 14, 2018


Feature PHOTO: The main street of Cardston, Alberta.

Dr. Lloyd Clarke. (YOUTUBE)

“A southern Alberta doctor is on administrative leave from a position at Alberta Health Services after allegedly telling some homeless ‘indigenous’ people to “get jobs” in late May. Dr. Lloyd Clarke was removed as associate medical director for the southern region but continues to practise medicine in Cardston, south of Calgary, where the alleged encounter took place.

“Scott Many Grey Horses wrote about what happened on Facebook, alleging a man came up to a group of ‘indigenous’ people outside a store entrance.

“He steps up to them and tells ‘All of you people need to get jobs’… and ‘You guys can’t keep hanging around here being vagrants’….and ‘You guys need to get out of here’,”
Many Grey Horses wrote…

“We are investigating, and will take any necessary action once that investigation is complete”,
Alberta Health Services said in an emailed statement.
“There is no excuse for the comments that were allegedly made in this instance, and we want to assure those involved in this incident that this sort of alleged language in no way reflects the beliefs or values of AHS.”

“It says Clarke will remain on administrative leave until the matter is resolved. Anyone involved will be given a different doctor if they need medical assistance from the Cardston clinic.

“Lethbridge lawyer Ingrid Hess also filed a complaint with the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons, which found there was insufficient evidence that Clarke engaged in unprofessional conduct.

“I am of the view that the various concerns raised in your letter of complaint do not relate to patient care”,
wrote Michael Caffaro, the college’s assistant registrar and complaints director.
“I understand the feelings of those affected by Dr. Clarke’s remarks. They were unfortunate and inappropriate. The College nevertheless cannot dictate the behaviour of what a physician does outside a clinical setting excluding extreme circumstances.”

“Hess has filed an appeal…”

–‘Alberta doctor being investigated for alleged racist comments towards Indigenous people’,
BILL GRAVELAND, Canadian Press, Aug. 13, 2018


The aboriginal narrative:
“Unfortunately, Cardston has a few problems–problems that affect and concern my people, the ‘First Nations’ of Kainai. You see, Cardston is a town filled with racism and prejudice that targets native people…

“…When store clerks and business employees follow natives around their stores, assuming that they are about to steal — that’s a problem.
{Unless some natives are constantly shoplifting out of a false sense of entitlement combined with a racist disrespect for ‘white’ store owners; then, that is the logical result…}

“When fellow citizens call natives names, names that I can’t even write in this story — that’s a problem.
{And what about when aboriginals call ‘whitey’ names — names that I can’t even write in this story?}

“When restaurant workers won’t give a cup of water to an indian, but freely give on to a non-native — that’s a problem…”
{Unless the native is a constant nuisance who spends no money while the ‘non-native’ is a customer…}

–Myron Wolf Child,
Cardston, AB


Some background on the Blood tribe, from 2015:
The chief of Alberta’s Blood Tribe, along with a dozen councillors, collectively received more than $2-million in compensation and travel expenses in the past fiscal year – a figure a handful of Band members, including former political leaders, argue is inappropriate.

“Blood Tribe Chief Charles Weasel Head made $101,168 in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2015, according to the Band’s financial statements prepared by external accounting firm ‘MNP LLP’ and released as part of Canada’s ‘First Nations’ ‘Financial Transparency Act’.

“Each councillor on the southern Alberta reserve made $91,989. However, when their travel expenses and other forms of compensation are included, the collective total hits $2.13-million, according to the financial statements.

“Chief Weasel Head’s total remuneration and expenses amounted to $133,130 in the fiscal year, the lowest on council. Councillor Frank Black Plume’s total, after adding in travel expenses and the other forms of compensation, was $210,982, the highest on council…

“The Blood Tribe band has about 12,000 members, with between 10% and 12% living off the reserve.

“Harley Frank, a former Blood Tribe chief, wants the Band’s leaders to explain the expenses and be more transparent.

“The salaries should match the governance structure”, 

Mr. Frank said, arguing it “doesn’t make sense” that the politicians are paid more than $90,000 to govern an on-reserve population of about 7,000.

“If you’re getting paid that kind of money, I expect tremendous results”,
he said.
“And then you have people who are living hand to mouth.”

“Keith Chiefmoon, a former councillor, is also among the critics. 

“There’s no justification for why that much money was spent”.

The Blood Tribe’s biggest expense was salaries and benefits in a fiscal 2015 which clocked in at $45.96-million, according to the financial statements. (This exceeded its 2015 budget by about $669,850).

“Chief Weasel Head was unavailable for comment. The chief and council are elected officials.”

–‘Critics blast Alberta’s Blood Tribe leaders for salaries, expenses’,
CARRIE TAIT, Toronto Globe and Mail, Aug. 28, 2015


For more on the Blood tribe:
Aboriginal Gangs Appropriating Black American Culture{April 14, 2016}:
‘Alberta’s Blood Tribe police warn violence between gangs on the rise near ‘Methbridge’
“…The ‘Bloods’ and the ‘Crips’, who are not affiliated with the Los Angeles street gangs, began their long-standing feud on the Blood Tribe, a sprawling ‘First Nation’ southwest of Lethbridge. Over the past year and a half, members of these gangs have become increasingly involved in the illicit drug trade on the reserve and in nearby Lethbridge…”

No More Peter Pan?{February 27, 2017}:
“Here’s where ‘Reconciliation’ becomes just another word for cultural bullying. At some point, there has to be a limit to aboriginal ‘sensitivities’. After all, ‘tolerance’ — like ‘reconciliation’ — is a TWO-way street…”

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