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‘The Mohawk Warrior Flag: A Legacy of Lawlessness’

“The Warrior flag is an assertion of  sovereignty — especially during illegal occupations. It is used to signify that the land in question is no longer part of Canada, that Canadian laws do not apply to the occupiers, and that the occupiers are prepared to escalate their resistance to the point of violence, if necessary.”ERBLALegacyOfLawlessness800x800“The Warrior flag is a common sight at Native protests, occupations, and other actions across North America. It is a distinct flag, featuring a Native in profile, with a golden sun behind on a red background. 

“The flag first gained prominence during the 1990 ‘Oka Crisis’ and has been dubbed the “Mohawk Warrior Flag”, as well as the “Unity Flag.”

“Some native militants have claimed the Mohawk Warrior flag is merely a benign ‘Unity Flag’ of peace, with no sinister intent or symbolism behind its use, despite a long and highly-visible association with extreme violence, intimidation and criminal activity in places like Oka, Akwesasne and Caledonia…  Continue reading ‘The Mohawk Warrior Flag: A Legacy of Lawlessness’