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‘Bet Anyone Ten Bucks This Works’

I have not been at my computer much the last few months, but out on the town in Vancouver a whole lot, tweeting from my phone now and then, but mostly being face-to-face speaking with people about this issue. I speak with people from every walk of life and every nationality from around the world, in every culture.

I can tell you right now that I have yet to experience even one bit of negative feedback. It’s been 100% agreement that things have gone too far, they need to be pulled back, and we all need to start talking about unity.


Not one single argument…not one. I have had this conversation now with hundreds and hundreds of people, and not even one person fought me. They all got involved, listened, and felt safe saying “yes, we all know the Chiefs get it all, and things need to change”.  Continue reading ‘Bet Anyone Ten Bucks This Works’

‘Stop Blaming Residential Schools, Blame Alcohol’


So furious, I made a VIDEO:



(audio only) https://soundcloud.com/end-race-based-law-inc/michele-tittler-stop-blaming-residential-school-blame-alcohol ERBL STOP BLAMING RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL, BLAME ALCOHOL 800x800LOOK AT THIS JUDGE BLAME RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL FOR THE BRUTAL RAPE OF AN ABORIGINAL WOMAN BY A 28-YEAR OLD MAN WHO DIDN’T GO TO RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL! WHY IS HE THE VICTIM? He raped her so badly, she almost bled to death; then, he washed her off and raped her again. http://www.winnipegsun.com/2015/12/16/sex-attack-victim-you-ruined-my-life Continue reading ‘Stop Blaming Residential Schools, Blame Alcohol’