Propaganda In A Comic Book{Oct.8, 2022}:

“More racist, reactionary propaganda. There will be no ‘reconciliation’ if it is based on simplistic caricatures of history and misrepresentation of issues like the pipeline. This might make ‘anti-capitalists’ feel righteous (As one commenter put it: “Sharing with your permission, comrade“), but does no good for the Aboriginal Canadians of today.”


More Renaming Nonsense‘ (P.E.I.) {Oct.7, 2022}:

The name refers to rough water conditions, not a slur against ‘Indigenous’ {sic} people.”

“Some people at the Savage Harbour wharf, who did not want to speak on record, said they’d prefer to keep the name. Some residents said they feel bullied, and worry that a name change could create confusion and expense for local residents and businesses. The Savage Harbour community has written to the province saying they want to be consulted on any name change.”


Where’s the Genocide?’ (2021 Census) {Oct.4, 2022}:

Who would ever ‘identify’ as an oppressed person unless there were benefits involved? Why else would anyone subject themselves to the supposed ‘systemic racism’ that would come with this ‘identity’?

“The number of people ‘identifying’ as ‘Indigenous’ {Canadian Aboriginals are ‘Indigenous’ to Siberia and Mongolia} in Canada grew almost twice as fast as the non-‘Indigenous’ population and now stands at 1.8 million — about five per cent of the population — according to newly-released census data.”


TD Bank Encouraging Anti-‘Conservative’ Vote{Sept.27, 2022}:

Aboriginal Race rights activists disguised as ‘diversity trainers’:

“‘Social justice’ trainers have been caught telling a group of TD Bank workers not to vote for the ‘Conservatives’ because they do not care about ‘indigenous’ people.

“From what I know, ‘Conservatives’ go against a lot of what ‘indigenous’ people are trying to do, because they advocate for pipelines{?}

said one trainer named Carol...”


Condemned for the Truth’ (Winnipeg Mayoral candidate) {Sept.23, 2022}:

Black’ candidate labelled ‘Racist’ for telling the truth:

Some Winnipeg mayoral contestants are condemning candidate Don Woodstock for standing up at a forum on women’s issues and stating {the fact that} ‘Indigenous’ {sic} men are the cause of violence against ‘Indigenous’ women.”


More Cancel Culture Nonsense{Sept.21, 2022 }:

“This has implications, both for artistic expression and the authoritarian way this decision is being made. You can never have total consensus about anything. Is that sufficient to deny a work to be published or work to go up into public space?”

“The City {government of Edmonton} has decided against installing a pair of commissioned sculptures. The artwork is a pair of bronze sculptures. One is of a bison, the other of a fur trader. The piece was intended to highlight Edmonton’s role in the history of fur trading. According to a statement from the City, the decision was made not to install them because of the potential that the artwork could be misinterpreted as a celebration of ‘colonization’ {‘modernization’}.”


Try Telling The Truth’ (‘No-Go’ Zone) {Sept.18, 2022}:

It started with this Chief’s tweet:

“Today a young First Nations man died in Onigaming. 911 was called. The ambulance parked at the edge of our reserve + wouldn’t come help. As his family provided chest compressions, the paramedics let this young man die.

“This is racism.”


Destructive Vandals Get A Pass‘ (Manitoba Statues) {Sept.15, 2022}:

No charges are being laid in connection with the toppling of two statues of British monarchs last Canada Day at the Manitoba legislature grounds, according to police and the province.”

{And no reason offered for this refusal to enforce the law because they’d have had to admit that it was RACE BASED LAW at work once again…}


Cancelling Bishop Grandin{Sept.9, 2022}:

“The ‘City of Edmonton’ is planning to remove murals depicting the residential school system from the Government Centre LRT station later this fall. The murals have been covered by orange {The NDP’s colour} panelling since city council voted unanimously in favour of obscuring them and removing the reference in the LRT station’s name to Bishop Vital-Justin Grandin, who was an advocate for the residential school system…”


What’s Happening in Frog Lake?’ (Corruption) {Sept.7, 2022}:

If Aboriginal reserves were converted into municipalities, it would provide the legal means of addressing these issues. Aboriginals deserve the same rights as all other Canadians. Maintaining the anachronism of reserves simply harms many reserve residents – and drives many away:

“For as long as I could remember there have been issues in my community of Frog Lake ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 3,513 people}. You see band councillors get brand new homes for their close friends and family members while elders never got a home ever. Some people get up to three homes under their name…”


CBC Spreading Poison’ (‘Poem’) {July 18, 2022}:

An arrogant, racist, part-Aboriginal ‘poet’ gets her poisonous diatribe publicized by the segregationist and anti-Canadian CBC (It should come as no surprise that she has roots in the Mohawk reserve of Kahnawa:ke):

“When it comes to ‘Black’ liberation and ‘Indigenous’ {sic} sovereignty, ‘Afro-Indigenous’ (Kanien’kéhà:ka, Mi’kmaw) artist Mahlikah Awe:ri Enml’ga’t Saqama’sgw is done debating. In this poem entitled “DON’T SPEAK”, Awe:ri’s ‘colonial critique’ is direct and biting with lines like “you buried our stories like you buried our children” — yet she still manages to invite reconciliation and healing {Like hell she does!}.”


Jim Thorpe Gets His Gold’ (Olympic Medal) {July 18, 2022}:

This is all heart-warming but does this mean that all those who violated their ‘amateur’ standing will be retroactively awarded their medals, or is this only reserved for ‘Indigenous’ (American Indian) violators of the Olympic Code?

“Native American athlete Jim Thorpe was reinstated as the winner of the 1912 Olympic pentathlon and decathlon in Stockholm, after he was stripped of his gold medals for more than a century for violating amateur sports rules at the time.”


The ‘Indigenization’ of British Columbia Law’ (UNDRIP) {July 15, 2022}:

Canadian governments are busy establishing a legal framework where Canadian law becomes subservient to the United Nations ‘ Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples’, regardless of the wishes of the Canadian people. British Columbia – along with the federal government — are foolishly leading the way in this undermining of Canadian democracy:

“A small bill with far-reaching implications. ‘Bill 29’ ran a mere three pages, including cover and explanatory notes. It constituted one of the first substantive moves by the government to amend provincial laws to incorporate the ‘principles’ of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. ‘Bill 29’ added a clause that said every

“Act and regulation must be construed as being consistent with the Declaration on the ‘Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act’.”

“The latter being the Act whereby two years ago, the legislature unanimously enshrined the 46 articles of the UN Declaration and set in motion an action plan to incorporate them into provincial law.”


More Elected Officials Disrespecting Canada‘ (Cape Breton) {July 15, 2022}:

Another result of the Aboriginal attack on ‘Canada Day’:

“Things got heated at a Cape Breton regional council meeting during a discussion about how Canada Day was celebrated… Some councillors say they were unfairly called racists in an email exchange after questioning the decision to call July 1 events “Night of Lights”, amid calls from {some} ‘Indigenous’ {sic} groups across the country to ‘reconsider’ Canada Day and the legacy of residential schools.”


Aboriginals Lead Attack on Canada Day‘ (Winnipeg) {June 30, 2022}:

“To me, the cancellation of Canada Day was a very divisive act. And I think that Canadians more than ever need to be looking to the things that unify us.”

The decision to rename ‘Canada Day’ celebrations in Winnipeg has divided people and comes at a time when cities across Canada are figuring out how to celebrate the anniversary of Confederation while respecting the process of {one-way} ‘reconciliation’.”


Big Trouble in the A ‘FN’’ (RoseAnne Archibald) {June 21, 2022}:

“I remain undeterred in my conviction that the A‘FN’ is sorely in need of a forensic audit and independent investigation. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.”

“The Assembly of ‘First Nations’ {Aboriginal communities} has suspended National Chief RoseAnne Archibald, a day after she issued a public statement criticizing the organization and just as she becomes the subject of an investigation involving multiple complaints against her. A statement released by the A‘FN’ on Friday evening said the executive committee and national board of directors voted to suspend Archibald effective immediately.”


Avoiding The Truth’ {Child Welfare} (June 15, 2022):

Nothing will improve Aboriginal reserve children’s lives until Aboriginals start taking accountability for the rampant alcoholism, drug addiction, child abuse and neglect in their communities:

“Canada announced two agreements totaling $40 billion dollars that will compensate ‘First Nations’ {‘Aboriginal’} children who were taken from their families and put into the child welfare system.”


More University Censorship’ (Widdowson) {June 9, 2022}:

I was questioning ‘woke-ism’, ‘woke’ ideas at the university – so, asking questions — and this could not be tolerated by ‘woke’ activists, which is basically identity politics that has become totalitarian.”

“Frances Widdowson declined to discuss the specifics of her case, citing pending arbitration, but said her firing on Dec. 20 was the result of what she called a “woke culture” on campus.”


Race-Based Funding On The Increase’ (Federal Funding) {May23, 2022}:

“Since the election of the ‘Liberal’ {Party} government headed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in 2015, this increase has reached explosive levels, more than doubling in the six fiscal years between Budget 2015 and Budget 2021.”


How Many Apologies Are Enough?’ (Metis/Residential Schools) {May20, 2022}:

The leader of a Metis {mixed-Race} lobbying organization masquerading as a ‘nation’, wants an apology for being taught to read and write – this time, from the Queen:

“The president of the ‘Metis National Council’ says the Queen should apologize for residential schools to help ‘survivors’ {former students} and their families heal…”


Getting Back’ What Isn’t Theirs’ (Winnipeg HBC) {May13, 2022}:

There’s no ‘land to return’. It was legally surrendered by Treaty. And note how taxpayers – not the Bay or the Aboriginals – will be paying for redevelopment:

“The Bay’s former Winnipeg flagship, a 650,000-square-foot behemoth of a building that occupies one of the most prominent corners of the inner city, is in the hands of the 34 Manitoba Anishinaabe and Dakota nations represented by the ‘Southern Chiefs’ Organization’.”


It Never Ends’ (Red Dress Day) {May12, 2022}:

So now we’ve got ‘Red Dress Day’ and ‘Orange Shirt Day’ and ‘National Aboriginal Day’, ‘National Day for Truth and Reconciliation’, ‘International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples’ and ‘National Indigenous History Month’…and it’s still not enough!

This is getting ridiculous…

“Two Cree sisters who go to school in Winnipeg’s St. James Assiniboia School Division are outraged that their schools did not acknowledge the ‘National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered ‘Indigenous’ {sic} Women and Girls’, also known as ‘Red Dress Day’…”


Time To Take Accountability’ (Aboriginal Gangs) {Apr.24, 2022}:

“It’s really no different than ‘Black’ ghetto gangs in the U.S. Too many men in the community refuse to play their role as fathers — and that has to do with their culture, NOT ‘colonialism’ or ‘slavery’. And until these communities ‘grow some balls’ and deal with their own social issues, no change will be forthcoming…”


You Can’t Draw That!’ (Papal Cartoon) {Apr.23, 2022}:

“‘First Nations’ leaders in southern Ontario say the media has to do better at reconciliation after a newspaper ran an ‘offensive’ cartoon depicting ‘Indigenous’ people asking the Pope for financial compensation…”


Pseudo-Academic Goes Off The Deep End’ (Linda Manyguns) {Apr.22, 2022}:

“A Calgary {Aboriginal} professor says she won’t use capital letters in her name or anything she writes, unless it pertains to ‘Indigenous’ people. Linda Manyguns, associate vice-president of ‘Indigenization’ {‘Racialization’} and ‘Decolonization’ {‘Dumbing Down’} at Mount Royal University is refusing to use capital letters because she said it shows complicity with systems of oppression…”


B.C.’s Educational Segregation{Jan.25, 2022}:

“The agreements give the ‘nations’ the power to develop curriculums, set graduation requirements and certify teachers and schools. That includes ‘traditional ways’ of teaching. They also make sure there is funding in place {from the rest of us} to do those things…”



ERBL inc. Canada News



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