‘Another Aboriginal Treaty Violation’

Canadians For Legal Equality BLOG

Situations like this result from a series of irresponsible and economically-illiterate rulings by the Supreme Court of Canada… 

“A northern Saskatchewan ‘First Nation’ {Aboriginal community} blockaded a road and issued a cease-and-desist order against a Toronto uranium company. Birch Narrows Dene ‘Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 856 people} officials say they took action after workers with ‘Baselode Energy Corp.’ started surveying the Band’s {former, ceded by Treaty! See below} ‘traditional territory’ without ‘consent’.

It was very ‘disrespectful’, totally uncalled for“,
{YOU are the one being ‘disrespectful’!}
Birch Narrows Chief Jonathon Sylvester said.
This is not being done properly.”

“It’s unclear how the stalemate will be broken {? The Treaty language is clear – See below}, but the case raises a host of legal, environmental and economic issues.

“One academic said Canada’s Constitution and ‘emerging’ case law is clear:
‘First Nations’ concerns must be front and centre…

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