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Links to recent posts on the ‘News’ page:

It’s The TRUTH That Is Shocking’ (APTN/Facebook) {Dec.27, 2020}:
Stop trying to bully the RCMP into accepting the self-serving, one-sided and racist narrative created by the Aboriginal Industry… 
   “In 2018, APTN exposed a private Facebook group used by police officers across Canada that showed shocking messages in support of Gerald Stanley, the Saskatchewan farmer who stood trial {and was acquitted} for killing Colten Boushie, a member of Red Pheasant ‘First Nation’ {A crime-infested reserve that negatively impacts the surrounding communities}

Funding Competing ‘Nations’ (‘Nation’ Rebuilding Program) {Dec.26, 2020}:
The Canadian government continues to use taxpayer dollars to fund the break-up of Canada:
   “Since 2018, when the five-year $100-million ‘Nation Rebuilding Program’ was initially announced, ‘Indigenous’ communities and groups in the Northwest Territories have received more than $2 million in funding.”

More U.N. ‘Human Rights’ Nonsense’ (‘Human Rights’ Council) {Nov.24, 2020}:
   “The UN report, without evidence, insinuates that missing and murdered ‘Indigenous’ girls and women were victims of retribution for blowing the whistle on the oil and gas industry…

Who’s Got the Money?’ (Fraud/Ministikwan Lake, Sask.) {Nov.22, 2020}:
   “A gathering at Ministikwan Lake Cree ‘Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 1,354 people}…sought to bring attention to allegations of fraud, theft and negligence directed at the community’s chief…and the Band’s manager…

‘First Nations’ property rights double-edged‘ {Reserve Land} {November 19, 2020}:
Repost from Nov.19, 2013:
  “There have been many attempts to solve the “Indian problem” over the decades… Nothing seems to work out as planned; a poisonous legacy continues to haunt us, whether American or Canadian, aboriginal or mainstream. One idea, however, keeps reappearing — that of incorporating aboriginal people into the mainstream capitalist system through private property ownership. This idea re-emerged in Canada in the late 1960s in a government white paper that recommended converting reserve lands into private property that would be owned by tribal Bands or individual members…”

More Tokenism’ (Residential Schools) {Nov.4, 2020}:
   “Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault introduced legislation proposing that September 30 be designated a “National Day for Truth and Reconciliation” and observed as a statutory holiday for federally-regulated workers {Paid for by taxpayers}

Cutting Through the Bullshit’ (‘Marshall’ Ruling) {Nov.3, 2020}:
Aboriginal activists are claiming an unrestricted ‘Treaty right’ to fish whenever they please – in this case, out of season and violating fishery conservation regulations — and they say that this ‘right’ is guaranteed by the Supreme Court’s ‘Marshall’ ruling. They are getting away with this LIE because media, like the CBC, are either too ignorant, or biased, to tell the truth. Below is the quote from the Supreme Court ruling that matters, with a link to the text of the ruling…

NDP Encouraging Aboriginal Violence’ (Caledonia) {Nov.2, 2020}:
Member of Parliament funding illegal activities and open defiance of the law:
   “{Illegal} Protesters {defying a court order} in Caledonia received a boost from an NDP MP this week. Hamilton Centre MP Matthew Green has pledged more than $1,000 to the protesters at the McKenzie Meadows development site, which has been dubbed {by criminals} “1492 Land Back Lane”. The donation is Green’s latest show of support…

Finally…Some Justice!’ (Caledonia Court Order) {Nov.1, 2020}:
   “An Ontario Superior Court Justice has ordered the spokesperson for a ‘First Nations’ {Aboriginal} land ‘reclamation’ {theft} of a housing development in Caledonia, Ont., to pay $168,000 in legal bills for the developer and the municipality…

More Blatant Hypocrisy’ (Mowachaht/ Muchalaht ‘First Nation’) {Oct.30, 2020}:
It’s becoming more and more obvious that Canada needs serious criminal penalties – including mandatory jail time – for those blockading public roads and rail tracks. Where are the federal and provincial so-called ‘Conservative’ parties on this issue?
   “A Vancouver Island ‘First Nation’ {‘Aboriginal community’} is poised to blockade the {public} highway between the town of Gold River and its port to logging traffic, until it gets ‘compensation for the use of its land’…
{This cuts both ways! They have never paid any ‘compensation’ – or even taxes – for their use of the taxpayer-funded highway…}

Six Nations Punks Attack Police’ (Caledonia/VIDEO) {Oct.26, 2020}:
Aboriginal punks use lacrosse sticks and rocks to smash windows of police vehicle — with police inside (Caledonia, Ont./Six Nations). Police do nothing. This foolish approach to ‘policing’ only emboldens these criminal and terrorist assholes…

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