‘All Aboard the Gravy Train’

We made this comment over 5 years ago and, unfortunately, it has come true:
So, it will be just like the residential schools — it won’t be about specific cases, it won’t matter whether there were legitimate reasons, and it won’t matter if there were many positive outcomes. ALL will be declared wrong, because living with your ‘own kind’ trumps all — even safety. There will be no discussion of the unfitness of reserve ghetto life for the raising of a child — even while the statistics for drug abuse and suicides continue in the news, now that children are mostly left ON the reserve.” 

“As the year-long claims process for Canada’s settlement agreement with ‘Sixties Scoop’ ‘survivors’ {The pejorative term for the aboriginal adoptees} approaches its deadline, advocates are worried some adoptees will be left out of receiving compensation.

“The $875 million class action settlement agreement set aside $750 million to compensate status ‘First Nations’ {Indians} and Inuit children {by leaving Metis out, they have set the stage for another court case and ‘settlement’} who were removed from their homes and placed with ‘non-indigenous’ {non-aboriginal} foster or adoptive parents between 1951 and 1991 and lost their ‘cultural identities’ as a result.

“A part of the settlement includes $50 million for the establishment of a foundation, which will begin consulting with ‘survivors’ {adoptees} on Sept. 20 in Montreal… 

“Claims administrator ‘Collectiva’ has received over 20,000 claims to date…”

–‘Time is running out,’ say ’60s Scoop advocates as deadline to apply for compensation approaches’,
Jessica Deer, CBC News, Aug. 28, 2019
‘Don’t blame ‘colonialism’ for aboriginal tragedies’:
“In Manitoba, an inquiry into the 2005 death of five-year old Phoenix Sinclair heard a lawyer for ‘First Nations’ leaders claim that her death was due to “colonialism“. It’s their case that the seizing of these children and putting them in non-Native homes has broken up families, leaving them in
deep and protracted poverty … criminal lifestyles, substance abuse, mental health challenges …. early mortality … tragic deaths.”

“Well, this argument might have made sense if this beautiful baby had died in foster care. Actually, Phoenix passed violently in the ‘care’ of her mother, at home, and after months of abuse which included being shot by a BB gun, starved, and then being forced to eat her own vomit.

“Left in a heap on a basement floor, Phoenix stopped breathing after a beating that broke most of her little bones, while her mother watched. Indeed, Phoenix had been in and out of foster care — damned colonialists — but had always been returned to her mom. You see, as one ‘First Nations’ {aboriginal} witness explained to the inquiry, apparently without irony:
The social workers failed her.”

“In story two, a class-action lawsuit has been filed in B.C. (joining a similar action in Ontario), against the Federal government for the so called “Sixties Scoop“. This term references the do-gooder taking of close to 20,000 ‘First Nations’ {aboriginal} kids from the early 1960s to the mid-1980s and fostering them into ‘white’ homes. These ‘First Nations’ {aboriginal} families want compensation for this practice, which they say has deprived them of solid, stable citizens.

“I take this personally. When I was growing up, we fostered a ‘First Nations’ {aboriginal} boy I will call “Billy“, who came to us malnourished, with worms, rotted teeth, and emotional issues after losing both of his parents, one involving the ubiquitous “exposure“. Billy had been living in a one-room trailer with more than a half a dozen other relatives before joining us in Grade Two, the highest level we could get away with, given that he had virtually no previous education. We took Billy to see his family in the summers; the last time, our vehicle was pelted with rocks and we were chased away. One day, a pickup truck full of Billy’s vague, extended family drove up on our lawn, and demanded that Billy get in. He did…

“I did manage to contact him years later and learned his horrible postscript. Billy was ostracized for his absence, his perceived uppityness, and his ‘white’ experience. Back living in the trailer, he had been sexually abused, he said. Would it have been better if he hadn’t come to live with us at all? We both wondered. In subsequent years, my then-husband and I paid for a certificate program Billy wanted to take. There was money on the reserve for education, but his family had fallen out of favour after an aunt had been voted off council. Subsequently trained, he would also not be given one of the jobs doled out on the reserve to those in favour…

“At some point, someone needs to stand up for these children and demand better treatment of them by their own communities. Sadly and oddly, this doesn’t seem to be coming from ‘First Nations’ leadership, and the lack of courage by the federal government to demand it is deplorable.

“To ‘First Nations’ communities: I may be ‘white’, but I know what we did in the ‘Sixties Scoop’. We loved your kids. Parenting is a primal instinct for most cultures; doing it badly is not the fault of colonialism or social workers. It’s time to take some responsibility.”

–‘Don’t blame ‘colonialism’ for aboriginal tragedies’,
Karin Klassen, Calgary Herald, July 29, 2013
The LINK no longer works. The article can be found here:
COMMENT: “This lawsuit is frivolous and should not be entertained. Firstly, you can’t continually revisit the past and judge events against today’s standards and thinking. It’s never-ending. In 50 or 100 years, people will look back at us and think we were backward, too. In hindsight, maybe there was a better option for the care of these children. A lot of unwed mothers who ‘got themselves in trouble’ were also pressured into giving their children up during that time period…

“This is like suing a fireman for ruining your cell phone because he got it wet while hosing you down.
You got my phone wet!“.
But you were on fire!
The other plaintiff, Robert Commanda, was rescued by CAS after his mother abandoned him and his 4 brothers, all under the age of 5. And now he is suing? Sounds like some misplaced anger there.

“Now, some lawyer has a website soliciting victims. Were you adopted? Every wonder what might have been? Someone owes you for that!”
“These children were taken into protective custody by the ‘Childrens Aid Society’… One of the plaintiffs was completely abandoned and left for dead by his mother at the age of 2. He was rescued by the CAS. And now he is suing. I don’t get it. Would he have preferred they left him to die?

“This, from a Toronto Star article:
“Robert Commanda, 49, a plaintiff in the class-action suit living in Peterborough, says CAS officials took him after his mother ran off and left her five little boys alone. The oldest was 5 and kept his siblings, including Robert, 2, alive on chips and pop.”
“I assume CAS workers couldn’t find natives on reserves or outside of reserves who were qualified or who could, or would, take in the native children, so many were sent to non-native foster homes outside of reserves. Is that fundamentally bad if there weren’t enough natives who could or would take in the native children, and if the native children got care, comfort, food, clothing and education?

“And will children from black, Chinese, Japanese, etc. families now be able to sue if they were sent to white foster homes? And I guess, from now on, CAS workers should not take any needy, neglected or abused children from Indian reserves, for fear of lawsuits.”

COMMENT: “Hundreds of thousands of white Canadian babies were also removed from their parents during the Baby Scoop Era for the “crime” of being illegitimate — being born to unmarried parents. I was one of them and completely lost my French Jewish heritage when I was adopted out to English Roman Catholics. When do I get justice?”
‘Found On The Net’:
“I am seriously thinking of filing an official complaint against the Lawyers for the unjust behavior within the 60s Scoop settlement proceedings. From the get go, the Lawyers have only been taking care of their own interest as they fought over which legal firms would be official representatives and benefit from the fixed 75 million dollars to be split up between all firms chosen to execute this agreement…”
–Gunargie OSullivan
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  1. We Need you Michele

    Please Look into the Twitter accounts http://www.twitter.com/alnobek and http://www.twitter.com/WillowVane

    The Individual Running the Accounts is a Man Named David Charles Brockitt , and in 2005 He was Registered as a Repeat Sex Offender. He Raped a 12 Year old Child. Here is his Registry information : http://www.icrimewatch.net/offenderdetails.php?OfndrID=2028946&AgencyID=55242

    As well, He is Running a Facebook Page where he is Hiding what he Did while Trying to Stalk New Prey. That Page is:


    Dont let This pedophile get away with his Nonsense. He is Breaking the Law by being on Social Media. No one is Better than you at exposing these Creeps for what they are. Please help us. His accounts need to be gone. The Port Huron Police Department need to deal with him. Thank you Michele. Youre the Greatest.


    1. It’s fascinating how people like yourself can regard the pursuit of equal rights as “so much hate”. Do you ever seriously question the coherence of your attitudes? And if you disagree, why don’t you put up your own website and attempt to explain just why you feel legal rights should be apportioned according to Race?
      P.S. Stop wasting your time trying to shut other people up. In your communications, you have offered us exactly nothing in the way of actual information. How much do you actually know about this subject?


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