‘Manufacturing ‘Genocide’ With Fake Numbers’

It was bad enough that the MM‘I’WG report ignored the overwhelming responsibility of aboriginal males and reserve culture, but it turns out that they were also fudging some of the numbers to support their hateful charge of ‘Genocide’ a fitting ending to a predetermined inquiry

“The MMIWG national inquiry overstated in its final report the percentage of Canadian homicide victims who are ‘indigenous’ {they mean ‘aboriginal’} women and girls by misquoting a figure from Statistics Canada — and later quietly altered the report online after CBC News raised questions. Moreover, the version of the report being offered to the public through Amazon is still the original, uncorrected version. 

“It’s one of a number of statistics in the inquiry report on missing and murdered ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women and girls (MMIWG) that appear to conflict with numbers collected by the government of Canada, or with other numbers in the same report. In some cases, the inquiry report’s footnotes cite government reports that do not support the footnoted statements.

“The ‘error’ {?}, which was confirmed to CBC News by the inquiry’s director of research, occurred when the commission left out a word that had appeared in the original Statistics Canada figure. The statement “Indigenous women and girls now make up almost 25% of homicide victims” should have referred to their percentage share of female homicide victims — which is a smaller number of people.

“And the error was subsequently corrected in the online version of the report, without giving public notification.

“The errors are ones of degree and ultimately don’t change one of the main findings of the inquiry — that ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women and girls suffer higher rates of violence and homicide than non-‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women and girls.
{Actually, it’s that aboriginal men commit “higher rates of violence and homicide” against women than non-aboriginal men…}

We have to look back at the bigger picture of the whole issue“,
said former Manitoba grand chief Sheila North {trying to dodge the implication of dishonesty on the part of the commission}, who has been critical of the inquiry, when CBC first discovered the ‘error’.
While there have been missteps, I think that it does still speak to the realities of what ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women and girls face in this country.

“CBC News first contacted the inquiry commission on June 6 to ask about discrepancies in figures and statistics. In the course of several communications with the commission over the subsequent nine days, it acknowledged one error while denying others. When asked whether the commission would make corrections and acknowledge the errors, its director of communications Catherine Kloczkowski did not respond or reply to any further messages.

“One week after that final communication, the commission changed the hyperlink on its website without acknowledging the change. Instead of directing readers to the original report, the link now leads to a new website where there is a modified version of the report — different from the one printed by Publications Canada. (Note: the security certificates for these government websites seem to have expired, meaning they may be initially blocked for some users by their web browsers.)

“The corrected report appeared online on June 22, 19 days after the original report was presented to the public. The old, uncorrected report continued to exist on a different website, but no longer had a live link to it. No erratum or acknowledgement of changes accompanies the new report. There was no public notification of the fact that there are now two versions of the final report in circulation — nor has there been any attempt to reprint the original copies.

The commission also has not replaced the original, erroneous report filed with Library and Archives Canada. So the government’s official record of the commission’s findings still contains the errors and contradictions discovered by CBC News.

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau received his copy of the report on June 3 at a ceremony in Gatineau, Quebec, and committed the government to acting on its findings. CBC News asked the Prime Minister’s Office if the commission had ever attempted to replace the original copy, or inform the PMO of the revisions it had made. A spokesman said
all I can say for the PMO is that the PM was presented a copy at the June 3 event.”

“Moreover, the version of the report being offered to the public through Amazon is still the original, uncorrected version.

“On Aug. 27, CBC News asked MMIW Commissioner Michele Audette if there had been any revision of the numbers, or any consideration given to publication of errata. She did not respond.

“The national MMIWG inquiry’s director of research, Karine Duhamel, acknowledged that “we should have said ‘of female homicide victims’.”

“CBC News examined government homicide statistics for the past four years and concluded that the percentage of murder victims who are both ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} and female was lower: slightly under six per cent of all victims.

“Presented with the calculations, Duhamel acknowledged that
while we haven’t seen that six per cent figure used before, it seems about right.”

“That’s not the only figure in the final report that was corrected online. In her preface to the report, Audette writes 

“statistics show that ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women and girls are 12 times more likely to experience violence than non-‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women.”

“It’s the very first statistic or figure quoted in the final report. But the StatsCan publication “Women and the Criminal Justice System”, cited extensively by the national inquiry, says that 

“Aboriginal females reported experiencing violent victimizations at a rate 2.7 times higher than that reported by non-Aboriginal females.”

“Asked about the two figures in June, Audette told CBC News she was comfortable with the “12 times” figure… However, that reference was subsequently changed online; it now reads, 

“statistics show that ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women and girls are 12 times more likely to be murdered or missing than any other woman in Canada.”

“The report says that assertion is based on numbers presented in “the true crime documentary series ‘TAKEN’,” produced by Anishinaabe filmmaker Lisa Meeches.
{????? Who verified these numbers from an aboriginal activist?}

“Historically, Canadian statistics did a poor job of tracking the ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} status of both victims and accused. Many police departments didn’t include such information in the reports they submitted to the RCMP. About six years ago, Statistics Canada began to change the way it counted ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} victims in response to public pressure to produce better data on the topic. Since then, Canada’s annual homicide report has included detailed breakdowns by Aboriginal status and gender, for both victims of crime and offenders, and for each province and territory.

“By 2014, Statistics Canada was reporting that it had succeeded in lowering the share of cases where ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} status was unknown to three per cent. The four full crime reports StatsCan has produced since 2014 have documented 2,381 deaths by homicide in Canada, including 655 victims who were female.

“Those detailed reports show that in the four years from 2014 to 2017, 138 ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women were slain and 142 were charged with homicides {!!!}. ‘Indigenous’ {aboriginal} women made up 5.8% of Canada’s homicide victims.

“Although the last of those four reports was published more than six months before the Commission issued its report, the inquiry made little use of the newest data. Commissioner Audette reached back 20 years in her preface to the report: 

“According to Statistics Canada, between 1997 and 2000, homicide rates for ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women were nearly seven times higher than for non-‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women.”

“Audette said the decision to not use the more recent stats was partly due to a lack of time — but also due to a lack of confidence {? You used their 20-year old stats but don’t trust their recent ones??}

“In the new version of the report posted online, Audette’s preface has been revised to instead refer to StatsCan numbers from 2001 to 2015 — which still show disproportionately high violence against ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women, though rates have declined slightly…

“Former commissioner Marilyn Poitras, who resigned from the inquiry in 2017, told CBC News that 

“the discrepancy between 25% and 6% is absolutely worthy of discussion, only because it begs the question: how many dead ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women is enough or too many for this to be a Canadian public safety issue?” …

(For immediate emotional assistance, call 1-844-413-6649. This is a national, toll-free 24/7 crisis call line providing support for anyone who requires emotional assistance related to missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. You can also access long-term health support services such as mental health counselling and community-based cultural services through ‘Indigenous’ Services Canada.)”

–‘MMIWG final report quietly altered after CBC inquired about errors’,
Evan Dyer, CBC News, Sept. 03, 2019

Feature IMAGE: Justin Trudeau, and commissioners (from right) Marion Buller, Michele Audette, Brian Eyolfson and Qajaq Robinson. Closing ceremony for National Inquiry. (Adrian Wyld – Canadian Press)
“Is the commission saying that the deaths of the 38 ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women who, according to Statistics Canada, died by homicide in 2017 should be investigated under Canada’s ‘Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act’, the law governing ‘genocide’?

“And is there evidence that the federal government is criminally complicit in those deaths, and that the homicides were
committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, an identifiable group of persons”?

“If that seems ridiculous, it’s because the charge of a continuing ‘genocide’ in Canada is absurd. It simply does not bear scrutiny in 2019.”
“The national commission investigating the root causes of violence against ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women and girls came to the conclusion this week that Canada is engaged in 

“nothing less than [a] deliberate, often covert campaign of ‘genocide’.”

“Those are the words of the chief commissioner, Marion Buller, who was the first ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} woman appointed as a Provincial Court judge in British Columbia.
{She obviously lacks the objectivity for such a position…}

“She was not speaking metaphorically: Ms. Buller and her commission are accusing Canada of being in the act of committing one of the most reviled crimes in history. That has inevitably turned the release of their report into a legal and linguistic debate that will do nothing to improve the lives of ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women and girls.
{The entire commission report “will do nothing to improve the lives of ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women and girls”…}

“But it’s a debate that has to be had, because the commission’s accusation of a continuing ‘genocide’ doesn’t ring true.

“Let’s take the finding to its conclusion. Is the commission saying that the deaths of the 38 ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women who, according to Statistics Canada, died by homicide in 2017, should be investigated under Canada’s ‘Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act’, the law governing ‘genocide’?

“And is there evidence that the federal government is criminally complicit in those deaths, and that the homicides were
committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, an identifiable group of persons”?

“If that seems ridiculous, it’s because the charge of a continuing ‘genocide’ in Canada is absurd. It simply does not bear scrutiny in 2019.

“While Ottawa often moves too slowly to address the many interlinked issues facing ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} people…the policy of the federal government for at least two decades has been one of reconciliation and redress.

“Since the 1990s, Canadian governments of all political stripes have commissioned multiple reports on the challenges facing ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} Canada, searching for solutions…

“Since 2006, Canada’s ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} population has grown by 42.5%, more than four times the rest of the country’s growth rate {Because of Canada’s ‘genocidal’ policies?}. In 2008, the Harper government apologized on behalf of the government for the residential school system that ‘stole’ children from their parents {ALL Canadian children had to go to school!} and which is the direct cause of much of the trauma suffered by ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} people today {Complete and utter nonsense. Only 150,000 aboriginal children ever attended Residential school, over a 125-year period – less than one-third of all aboriginal children}. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a similar apology to ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} peoples in Newfoundland and Labrador in 2017, and he leads a government that has made {one-way} ‘reconciliation’ a top priority.

“Ms. Buller and her commissioners are welcome to litigate an accusation of ‘genocide’ by Canadian governments in the 18th and 19th centuries, and in part of the 20th. They might even win their case {?!?!?}.

“But it would be wrong to further argue that, because Canada has not moved quickly enough to undo the harm its governments caused in the past, and because racist attitudes persist among some people {including much of the aboriginal population}, that this country is, at this very moment, pursuing a policy of ‘genocide’ against ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} people.

“Perhaps Canadians are supposed to gracefully accept a dubious ‘genocide’ charge as a show of contrition for the undeniable sins of the past…

“The issue investigated by the commission is a case in point. ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women and girls are four times more likely to be murdered than non-‘indigenous’ {the rest of Canadian} ones. Since the 1960s, many have gone missing, their disappearances never solved.
{But their numbers are far fewer than the numbers missing from the rest of the population…}

“Part of the problem has been a lackadaisical attitude by police investigators, and the ill-informed belief by past governments that the murders and disappearances were merely a police matter, and not linked to the social ills {aboriginal male abuse and violence} faced by ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women and ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} communities.

“That was and is wrong. But it doesn’t amount to evidence of a continuing ‘genocide’. Words matter, especially when spoken by a judge.”

–‘Is Canada committing genocide? That doesn’t add up’,
Toronto Globe and Mail Editorial, June 5, 2019
After $92 million and 1,200 pages, the commissioners don’t know who is committing the violence against women — mainly because they didn’t try to find out.”

…The spirit of compromise and mutual accommodation was entirely absent from the MM‘I’W report. “We are investigating a past wrong but one that is ongoing and getting worse”, the report said, as it lamented acts of violence stemming from
‘colonialism’ and coupled with racism, sexism, ‘homophobia’ and ‘transphobia’.”

“Marion Buller, the inquiry’s chief commissioner, {foolishly} said there is an ongoing 

“deliberate, race, identity and gender-based ‘genocide’.”

“This is, to repeat, not past government policy but, in the commissioners’ view, an ongoing conscious campaign of ‘oppression’ by non-‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} Canadians like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whose government has just introduced legislation to revitalize ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} languages.

“The charge is being taken seriously outside Canada. The secretary-general of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro, wrote to global affairs minister Chrystia Freeland Tuesday urging the creation of a panel of independent experts

“to clarify the accusations and denunciations of ‘genocide’ in your country.”

“If global headlines were the goal, then ‘mission accomplished’. But the commissioners may {will} prove far less successful at achieving what should have been their primary goal: mitigating the threat to the safety of ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women and girls.

After $92 million and 1,200 pages, the commissioners don’t know who is committing the violence against women — mainly because they didn’t try to find out.

“The report says women, girls and 2SLGBTQQIA (two-spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, questioning, intersex and asexual) {alphabet} people are being targeted “from all sides” by partners, family members, acquaintances and serial killers, but it does not delve any deeper to qualify or quantify that statement {!}.

“The only statistical evidence is provided by a footnote citing a Statistics Canada report that provides partial answers. That study looked at the proportion of ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} Canadians who were victims of eight crimes measured by the ‘General Social Survey’. It found overall victimization levels of ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} people were higher in 2014 than for non-‘indigenous’ {the rest of Canadian} people (28% versus 18%) but that they had fallen 10 percentage points in the preceding five years — raising question marks over the commission’s claim that the problem of violence is getting worse {!}.

“Violent victimization rates were more than double those experienced by the non-Aboriginal population, and the rate for women was more than double the rate for Aboriginal men. A previous study from 2009 suggested men were the perpetrators in eight in 10 of such incidents in which women were the victims.

“In addition, the report suggested ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women were three times as likely than non-‘indigenous’ {the rest of Canadian} women to report being a victim of spousal violence.

“This is an issue that requires context — the history of childhood maltreatment, mental health problems, substance abuse — all of which are more common among the ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} population.

“But the data, while less comprehensive than it should be, suggests a truth airbrushed by the commissioners: ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} men commit the majority of acts of violence against ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women.

“In an interview with my colleague, Maura Forrest, last month, Marion Buller conceded the point.

“It’s not always an ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} male who commits violence against an ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} female. Let’s throw that stereotype right out of the door. That’s not always the case”,
she said.

“Not always, but most often. There are mitigating circumstances — crimes are committed by people for whom violence has become normalized, often because they themselves were victimized in childhood. The residential schools system’s legacy is with us still, affecting generations of ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} people and their children.
{That’s nonsense. Only 150,000 aboriginal ever attended Residential schools between 1870-1996, some for only one year. That’s a small percentage and cannot be blamed for the widespread dysfunction in aboriginal communities…}

“But the focus on sociology does a disservice to the victims. As ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} writer {and aboriginal race activist} Robert Jago noted: 
The salient fact about those attacking and killing Native women is that they’re criminals and the crimes they commit aren’t being taken seriously, and the victims are not being given any respect.”

“There are concrete proposals in the report that could improve things: public education campaigns {in aboriginal communities!} to challenge the normalization of violence; a national ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} rights ombudsman {That has nothing to do with aboriginal male violence against aboriginal women}; police funding on reserves equal to that off-reserve {It would help if reserves paid taxes for services}, for example.

“Unfortunately, those practical measures have been obscured by the incendiary language the commissioners used in their haste to apportion blame.

“Canada is a success by any measure. It has developed a political system that works, despite its cultural and linguistic divisions.

“It is a truism that the more the country has accommodated diverse cultures, the stronger it has become. The one big failure has been with its ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} population.

“It is long overdue that Native and non-Native cultures mutually accommodate and get on with the business of living together. But the allegations of ‘genocide’ are extreme, and they invite an equally excessive response from those with no interest in building a healthy relationship.”

‘At MMIW report’s heart, a contradiction that’s impossible to ignore’,
John Ivison, National Post, June 4, 2019


They could have skipped the whole thing and saved the taxpayers $92 million. They were going to lie, and blame Canada anyway, despite the fact that most violence against aboriginal women comes from aboriginal men. There can be NO ‘reconciliation’ while the lies, insults and shame-blaming continue…

“The thousands of ‘indigenous’ {they mean ‘aboriginal’} women and girls who were murdered or disappeared across the country in recent decades are victims of a “Canadian genocide“, says the final report of the national inquiry created to probe the ongoing tragedy.

“The report, obtained by ‘CBC News’ and verified by sources, concludes that a ‘genocide’ {What a ridiculous use of the term!} driven by the disproportionate level of violence faced by ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women and girls {mainly from aboriginal men and boys, as well as male and female gang members} occurred in Canada through
state actions and inactions rooted in ‘colonialism’ and ‘colonial ideologies’.”
{Complete and utter nonsense…}

“We do know that thousands of ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women, girls and ‘2SLGBTQQIA’ (two-spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex and asexual) {‘alphabet people’} have been lost to the Canadian ‘genocide’ to date”, 

said the report, titled “Reclaiming Power and Place”.

“The fact that ‘First Nations’ {Indians}, Inuit, and Métis peoples are still here and that the population is growing should not discount the charge of ‘genocide’.”
{The fact that at least 70% of the violence is coming from aboriginal males SHOULD “discount the charge of ‘genocide’.“}

“The report states that “due to the gravity of this issue“, the inquiry is preparing a “supplementary report on the Canadian ‘genocide’ of Indigenous {aboriginal} peoples according to the legal definition of ‘genocide’“, which will be posted at a later date on the inquiry website.

“The inquiry’s report acknowledges that there are disagreements over what constitutes ‘genocide’ and whether it could relate to Canada. The report cites research on ‘genocide’ dating back to 1973, along with the findings of the {aboriginal} {Partial} Truth and {One-way} ‘Reconciliation’ Commission — which in 2015 released a report on Indian residential schools — and writings by ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} ‘scholars’ as part of the evidence supporting its conclusions.

“It also cites an opinion column published in 2013 in the Globe and Mail by former Assembly of ‘First Nations’ {Indian tribes} national chief Phil Fontaine and Bernie Farber, the former chief executive officer of the Canadian Jewish Congress, arguing that Canada committed ‘genocide’ against ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} peoples.
{In other words, they cherry-picked their sources to fit a pre-ordained conclusion…}

“‘Genocide’ is the sum of the social practices, assumptions, and actions detailed within this report”,
the report says.
“The national inquiry’s findings support characterizing these acts, including violence against ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women, girls, and 2SLGBTQQIA {‘alphabet’} people, as ‘genocide’.”

“The report runs to over 1,200 pages and includes more than 230 recommendations…The report is the culmination of two-and-a-half year s of work by the $92 million {!} ‘National Inquiry into Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls’, which was beset by a number of setbacks throughout its operations, including the loss of a commissioner and two executive directors and a high staff turnover…

{Dysfunction at the Missing Women’s Inquiry{January 14, 2018}:
“We hate to say ‘I told you so’ but when this Inquiry was announced, we expressed our conviction that it would turn into a colossal waste of time and money, and end up helping no one…”
https://endracebasedlaw.wordpress.com/2018/01/14/dysfunction-at-the-missing-womens-inquiry/ }

“The inquiry has held 24 hearings and events to gather statements across Canada since 2017. Those events were attended by more than 2,380 Canadians, including family members of missing and murdered women and girls, survivors of violence, ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} ‘knowledge keepers’, experts and officials…

“The Assembly of ‘First Nations’ {Indian tribes} issued a statement saying National Chief Perry Bellegarde
has said many times that the treatment of ‘First Nations’ {Indians} in Canada is consistent with the definition of genocide based on the many assaults on ‘First Nations’ {Indian} people and culture.”

“The statement cited residential schools, the ‘Sixties Scoop’, forced sterilization and the “massive apprehensions” of ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} children by the child welfare system as examples of this “assault“.
{But this commission was supposed to investigate the missing and murdered aboriginal women, not provide a laundry list from the Aboriginal Grievance Industry!}

“The violence and homicide against ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women and girls {mostly from aboriginal men} is part of this pattern and governments need to work urgently with ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} people to stop it”,
said the statement.

“The report’s recommendations are divided into several categories aimed at governments, institutions and the Canadian public {None are aimed at aboriginal leadership, even though many Chiefs have been implicated in assault and sexual assault against aboriginal women}. The report also makes recommendations specific to Inuit, Metis and 2SLGBTQQIA {‘alphabet people’}.

“The report urges the federal, provincial and territorial governments to develop an action plan to counter violence against ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women and girls and 2SLGBTQQIA {‘alphabet people’}.

“It also calls on the federal and provincial governments to give ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} languages {dozens of them, most of them spoken by only a handful of people} official status on par with French and English, and for Ottawa to create “an independent mechanism” to report on the implementation of the report’s recommendations before Parliament.

“The recommendations include a call to change the Criminal Code to treat cases of homicides involving intimate partner violence as first-degree murder, and for a review of the use of the ‘Gladue principle’ in cases involving the deaths of ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women and girls.
{But not if they kill a ‘white’ woman or girl…}

“The Supreme Court of Canada’s 1999 ‘Gladue’ ruling says judges must take into consideration the historical and cultural context of {only} ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} offenders — particularly the effect of factors such as residential schools or the child welfare system — when sentencing ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} offenders. {Discriminatory} ‘Gladue principles’ are also part of the Criminal Code.

“The report also calls on Canadians themselves to take action — to denounce violence and racism against ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women and girls and 2SLGBTQQIA {‘alphabet people’}, learn the true history of the ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} experience in Canada and fully read the inquiry’s report.

“Some {aboriginal activist} estimates have suggested roughly 4,000 ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women have been murdered or have disappeared over the past few decades.

“The inquiry report said the true number may be impossible to establish.

“There is still not a complete understanding of the numbers of missing and murdered ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women, girls, and 2SLGBTQQIA {‘alphabet’} people”,
said the report.

“The inquiry issued subpoenas to 28 police agencies across Canada seeking 479 files, but only obtained 174 due to time constraints, the age of the files, missing information or agencies refusing to turn over the documents, according to the report.
{They waited until their mandate was almost over to request the files…}

“The inquiry’s ‘Forensic Document Review Project’, which involved two teams probing police and institutional files, dissected two reports by the RCMP related to statistics on missing and murdered ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women and girls, according to the report.

“The panel took particular aim at a statistic that claimed ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} men were responsible for 70% of the murders of ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women and girls — a figure that was promoted by Stephen Harper-era Aboriginal Affairs minister Bernard Valcourt in 2014 and backed by the RCMP’s own research.

“The inquiry’s ‘forensic team’ said that data limitations in two reports completed by the RCMP in 2014 and 2015 on the deaths and disappearances of ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women and girls made the figure
unreliable … (It) should not be considered as an accurate or complete statement of the perpetrators of violence against ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women and girls.”

“While the report said there was an “overall willingness” on the part of municipal and regional police forces to cooperate with the inquiry, it was a different story with the RCMP.
{The RCMP was hesitant to cooperate with a commission that they knew was out to smear the RCMP’s reputation in order to divert attention away from the responsibility of aboriginal males…}

“Most, if not all, of the police forces devoted extra resources and personnel to the task of complying with subpoenas”,
said the report.
“By contrast, the RCMP demonstrated reluctance to provide … the information requested.”

“…The report said that the RCMP is responsible for policing about 40% of the ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} population and 39% of unsolved cases are within the Mounties’ jurisdiction…”

–‘National inquiry calls murders and disappearances of Indigenous women a ‘Canadian genocide’,
Jorge Barrera, CBC News, May 31, 2019
“Buller told the crowd she and her three fellow commissioners are holding up a mirror to the country, reflecting what they heard from more than 2,300 people over two years of cross-country public hearings and work to gather evidence.
{They failed to even investigate aboriginal gangs, and what seems to be the ‘inherent’ violence of aboriginal men towards their women…}

“A complete change is required to dismantle ‘colonialism’ {modernization} in Canadian society, added Buller, who is Cree from the Mistawasis ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 2,846 people} in Saskatchewan.

“This paradigm-shift must come from all levels of government and public institutions”,
she said.
“Ideologies and instruments of colonialism, racism and misogyny, both past and present, must be rejected.”
{Yes, we must END RACE BASED LAW:
https://endracebasedlaw.com/2015/06/20/petition-canada/ }

“Commissioner Qajaq Robinson said the inquiry tested her to her core as a non-‘indigenous’ {‘aboriginal’} person, struggling to come to terms with her
role in Canada’s genocide“.
{Why? Has she been murdering aboriginals?}

“Robinson was born and raised in Nunavut, speaks Inuktitut and practises Aboriginal law {That’s the segregationist legal system being built in Canada}, but her appointment as a member of a commission that had no Inuk member was controversial.

“Addressing other non-‘indigenous’ people {The rest of Canadians}, she said she has felt the same feeling
you non-‘indigenous’ {The rest of Canadians} people in the room or watching may be feeling.

“Shame, guilt, denial, that urge to say, ‘No, no, no, that’s not what this is’,”
she said.
“But it’s the truth {NO, it’s a LIE! ABORIGINAL MEN are doing most of the killing!}. It’s our truth. It’s my truth, it’s your truth. The families, survivors, and ‘indigenous’ {‘aboriginal’} peoples across this country have brought this truth to light.”

“The report, the culmination of a three-year effort often beset by controversy, delays and personnel problems {See below}, documents what Buller calls “important truths” — including that Canadian laws and institutions are themselves to blame for violating the human rights of ‘indigenous’ {‘aboriginal’} peoples.
{That has NOTHING to do with the violence that aboriginal males direct towards their women…}

“In the report, Buller acknowledges potential criticisms.

“Skeptics will be fearful and will complain that the financial cost of rebuilding is too great, that enough has been done, that enough money has been spent”,
she writes.
“To them I say, we as a nation cannot afford not to rebuild. Otherwise, we all knowingly enable the continuation of {fictitious} ‘genocide’ in our own country.”

“The report’s 231 recommendations — framed as “calls for justice{of course} — include developing an effective response to human-trafficking cases and sexual exploitation and violence, including in the sex industry.
{Then why weren’t aboriginal gangs even investigated??? Were you afraid?}

“These moves are not optional, but constitute legal imperatives, the report says.

“Additional calls include to establish a national ‘indigenous’ {‘aboriginal’}– and human-rights ombudsperson and a national ‘indigenous’ {‘aboriginal’}– and human-rights tribunal.
{Expanding the race-based aboriginal grievance industry…at everyone else’s expense…}

“The report also focuses on the need for actors in the justice system and in police services to acknowledge that the historical and current relationship with ‘indigenous’ {‘aboriginal’} women, girls, and ‘two-spirit’ people has been largely defined by 

“‘colonialism’, racism, bias, discrimination, and fundamental cultural and societal differences.”

{But NO recommendations focusing on the need for those in aboriginal leadership to own up to their part in this…}

“Missing and murdered ‘indigenous’ {‘aboriginal’} women are believed to number in the thousands in Canada, but the report says that despite the commission’s best efforts to quantify the extent of the tragedy,
no one knows an exact number.”
{That’s true for ALL missing people in Canada…and they number FAR MORE than aboriginals…}

“In 2005, the Native Women’s Association of Canada created a database tracking cases and produced a 2010 report documenting 582 missing and murdered ‘indigenous’ {‘aboriginal’} women. In 2014, the RCMP released a national overview and pegged the number of cases between 1980 and 2012 at nearly 1,200. Other unverified {aboriginal activist} estimates are far higher.

“Responding to the conclusions is the responsibility not only of federal and provincial governments and law enforcement agencies, but all Canadians in both the immediate and long-term, the report says.

“Individuals, institutions, and governments can all play a part … We encourage you, as you read these recommendations, to understand and, most importantly, to act on yours.”

–‘Killing, violence toward Indigenous women, girls ‘not a relic of our past’: PM’,
Canadian Press, June 3, 2019

Justin Trudeau wears the honorary headdress bestowed to him by the Tsuut’ina ‘First Nation’ (PHOTO – CBC) WEB

“He couldn’t stop himself. No, for Justin Trudeau it was too tempting. The world was watching, after all. So after avoiding the question for 24 hours, he did what, in our bones, we knew he’d do. He agreed Canada was guilty of ‘genocide’ in its dealings with Aboriginal peoples, following the same explosive wording in the report into murdered and missing ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women and girls.

“Now, Trudeau likes messing with words — “peoplekind” springs to mind — but you’d hope a prime minister would look up the definition of such an immensely-loaded word as ‘genocide’ before accusing his own nation of a crime against humanity.

“Oh, he didn’t say it was his fault. But isn’t the serving leader of a country responsible for the state-sanctioned, deliberate slaughter of an entire ethnic group? So, if not him, then who’s to blame? The nice old lady who does my dry cleaning?

“Or maybe Trudeau is implying his predecessors in Canada’s top job should carry the can. Well, those folk must be overjoyed to know they might be dragged into the same dreadful category as Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao and Idi Amin.

“There are seven former PMs still with us: Joe Clark, John Turner, Brian Mulroney, Kim Campbell, Jean Chretien, Paul Martin and Stephen Harper. I’ve met all but Turner and they didn’t seem in the least genocidal. They all appeared to be decent enough people, who cared deeply about Canada regardless of whether everyone agreed with their politics.

“And surely Trudeau can’t mean his own father? Come on, Pierre might have had it in for Alberta, but he wasn’t into promoting ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} pogroms.

“Of course, his wet-behind-the-ears son isn’t going to name anyone responsible for this so-called ‘genocide’. Instead, millions of regular Canadians will face the stigma.

“To our prime minister, it’s just mere words: a chance to show his overwhelming compassion — just like he showed that ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} woman who dared protest about mercury poisoning on her reserve while Trudeau was giving a fund-raising speech at a swanky hotel in Toronto a while back.

“There were no false tears shed for her, just a bully boy shout-out about how glad he was she’d paid the entrance fee and subsidized his ‘Liberal’ Party. He later apologized, but that’s the real Justin Trudeau, a man who waxes lyrical about being the first feminist prime minister but happily boots a couple of uppity females from caucus when they whine about something as seemingly inconsequential as the rule of law.

“So how could he let a chance like this go by? A few crocodile tears, some breathless commentary, then a designation condemning his own country to now stand shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Rwanda.

“He probably doesn’t think it matters much. Certainly, there’ll be little real change in the broken system that ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} people have to wade through in this country — one in which huge numbers are managing to do with remarkable aplomb, though we rarely hear about those success stories.

“But his words do matter. They aren’t just a literary equivalent of Christmas tree ornaments you pick because they happen to catch the light. That’s why Trudeau’s designation of ‘genocide’ has spurred the Organisation of American States to consider an investigation to see if our country is guilty. Yes, step right up and give us your verdict Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua and all you other heroic defenders of human rights.

“Isn’t that just swell. Better rip those Canadian flags off the back of your luggage when travelling abroad because, thanks to Trudeau, we’re on our way to becoming an international pariah.”

–‘Trudeau couldn’t resist smearing Canadians’,
“The outcome of the inquiry into missing and murdered ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women and girls was going to be difficult for the ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} Canadian community – and Canadians in general. That much was always clear. What happened last week, however, changed the parameters of this discussion and led us down a rabbit hole we should have never entered.

“The inquiry said Canada is carrying out a “genocide” against ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} peoples. Not in the past, mind you, but in the present.

“The ‘Organization of American States’ was stunned by this news. As Secretary-General Luis Almagro wrote in a June 3 letter to Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland, 

“the mere presumption of the crime of genocide against ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women and girls in your country should not and cannot leave any room for indifference from the perspective of the Inter-American community and the international community.”

“Almagro also wanted to include “an Inter-American mechanism to this investigation”. Recognizing that Canada “has always sided with scrutiny and international investigation in situations where human rights are violated in different countries”, he continued, “I am expecting to receive a favourable response to this request.

“The whole situation was quickly getting out of hand. It could have easily been defused if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had intervened in a diplomatic manner with strongly worded language and a helping hand. Alas, Trudeau took a very different tact. He said during a press conference at last week’s Women Deliver summit in Vancouver, 

We accept the finding that this was genocide and we will move forward to end this ongoing national tragedy.

“The sound of jaws dropping was deafening. While the historical treatment of ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} peoples experienced in Canada was ‘awful’ {No, it wasn’t that one-sided!}, it wasn’t ‘genocide’.

“‘Merriam-Webster’ defines genocide as 

“the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group”.

“There have been instances of genocidal annihilation around the world, including the Nazi Holocaust, ethnic cleansing in the Soviet Union, the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, civil wars in Rwanda and Somalia, and the bloodthirsty savagery of the Islamic State.

“Canada’s ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} peoples have never experienced anything of the sort. Certainly, they’ve been mistreated and isolated throughout history. They’ve experienced racism on a province-to-province basis. Native Canadian leaders have struggled to work productively with the federal government, no matter the political stripe, due to generations of mistrust. Historical concepts like residential schools were well meaning (in some communities) at the start, but ultimately failed {for some} in practice  due to neglect, abuse and hatred {?}.

“But Canada has never engaged in the “deliberate and systematic destruction” of ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} peoples, either in the past or the present. One individual or group’s perception isn’t an entire country’s reality. As well, the dislike and/or hatred of a select few doesn’t represent the diverse views of the many.

“Irwin Cotler, a former federal ‘Liberal’ cabinet minister, ‘human rights’ lawyer and head of the ‘Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights’, may have said it best when he told ‘CBC News’, 

“If we say everything is a genocide, then nothing is a genocide.”

“This is exactly the trap Trudeau fell into.

“All the PM had to do was politely critique the inquiry’s assessment. Acknowledge its suggestion of genocide as an opinion open to interpretation, but stress that Canada, while imperfect, has worked hard to be open, tolerant and understanding in its beliefs and policies. He could have announced a process to assess the information, speak with native leaders and report back.

“He did no such thing, however. In his ongoing quest to curry favour with ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} peoples and enhance his credentials as an apologist for our country, he reacted to the controversy by calling something that clearly wasn’t genocide exactly that, ‘genocide’.

“Putting the genie back in the bottle will be impossible. Generations of Canadian prime ministers will now have to deal with the ramifications of Trudeau’s irresponsible and historically inaccurate response {!}.

“Words matter, prime minster. Take another sip from your “uh, paper, um, like drink box water bottles sort of things” that you and your family apparently use, and think about it.”

–‘Trudeau is wrong – it’s not genocide’,
Michael Taube, Troy Media, June 11, 2019

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“Another staffer from the national inquiry looking into missing and murdered ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} woman and girls has resigned. Melodie Casella said the federal government’s limited extension to the length of the national inquiry was a leading reason why she quit… She said the tight timeframe will not allow the inquiry to get to the ‘root causes’.”

Is Anybody Happy With The MMIW Inquiry?{April 3, 2018}:
“The MMIW Inquiry has asked for more time…and more money. However, it seems that most people – except for the federal government and what’s left of the MMIW Inquiry commissioners – think that the Inquiry has basically been a disaster. We hate to say “I told you so” but…”

Dysfunction at the Missing Women’s Inquiry {January 14, 2018}:
“We hate to say ‘I told you so’ but when this Inquiry was announced, we expressed our conviction that it would turn into a colossal waste of time and money, and end up helping no one…”

Missing and murdered aboriginal inquiry a waste of money{February 13, 2016}:
“The federal inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women is being labelled as a waste of money by a local advocate in Edmonton… She believes the money would be better spent on things like educational training…on issues like safe sex and drinking and driving, among others.”

Finally, The Truth…{November 25, 2015}:
“Across Canada, in nearly one-third of all homicide cases in 2014, the accused person was of aboriginal descent, although indigenous people only make up five per cent of the Canadian population.”

Stop Blaming ALL Canadians{October 7, 2015}:
“When aboriginal women are battered or murdered, the perpetrator is their male partner in the overwhelming majority of the cases. That partner is almost always aboriginal. Aboriginal women are also far more likely to be battered or murdered by their partners than are non-aboriginal women… Rather than concentrating on the massive problem of aboriginal male violence to women, aboriginal leaders insist on trying to focus on the tiny fraction of female victims of violence who are missing and may have been murdered by non-aboriginal men…”

Native violence starts at home, RCMP say{June 22, 2015}:
“The new study, which was released Friday, says the problem of Canada’s many missing and murdered aboriginal women is clearly rooted in family violence. It comes several months after Aboriginal Affairs Minister Bernard Valcourt angered many indigenous people by saying he knows who is killing aboriginal women – and it is aboriginal men…”
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