‘I Am a Metis Woman’

“I am a Metis woman. A half breed. What is called a “road allowance Indian“. Too white for the rez and too dark for the suburbs.

“I have been told many times in my life that I am too white skinned to be considered Indian by the very Indians that scream “racism“. Isn’t that racist against “half” of your own?

“I have been told I am too dark skinned to be considered white by many white people. Again. I am “half” of those people, too.

“I don’t fit in according to the very people who share the same blood lines that make me, me.

“So what am I? I am a hard-working, law-abiding (do traffic tickets count?) member of society. Human. I don’t blame anyone for my failures or give anyone credit for my accomplishments. I don’t let anyone beat me down. I don’t say I “didn’t get this or that because of my skin color, gender” or whatever excuse people use to let the world beat them down so that have something to cry about.

“My ancestors, my family, did not fight and suffer for me to have a good life so that I may scream “racism” every time someone looks me down. My father faced extreme racism and he didn’t let it get to him, he busted his ass to make it better so we could have better.

“I do not put myself into situations that will get me harmed.

“But I have, as an idiotic teenager, caused a lot of trouble. I, of my own decision, robbed a home. Stole thousands and thousands of dollars from that home. I have put myself into a situation that could have gotten me killed. As a half breed, had I gotten myself shot for doing something illegal who would have “claimed me“? Who would have cried “Another native killed in a cesspool of Saskatchewan racism“? Who would have cried for the white girl gunned down?

“As a logical-thinking human adult, thinking back I would have no one to blame but myself, because I chose to put myself in a situation that got me killed. Not because of my skin color. Not because I am Irish or French or Cree or Ojibwe.

“Had I gotten myself killed, my mother and father would not have cried “racism“. As a matter of fact, when my ass got hauled off to jail my parents left me there as long as the police would allow, to learn a damned lesson. They didn’t cry that I was “picked on” because of my race. They didn’t scream injustice and harsh sentencing just because I’m part Indian. They knew I had fucked up and no matter my skin color, I was going to get my damned punishment.

“Racism exists every day. We’ve all seen it. But screaming racism from the top of our lungs when someone gets killed because they were attempting to do something ILLEGAL is not the place to scream it. Had the man in Saskatchewan been wholly native and shot a native man (native on native crime is constant), no one would be screaming racism.

“Had it been a white kid shot everyone would say
Well, it happens when you put yourself at risk.”

“I was not there. I have only the same information the public does. My first thought was not “racism“; my first thought was what would I do if I felt my family and the things I worked hard for were threatened? I would do the same damned thing.

“Red, pink, white or yellow — if you put yourself in the position to be harmed, then that is the risk you run.

“Everyone is acting like the man who fired the weapon and killed him is racist, the lawyers and judge are racist. Everyone is damned racist because he was acquitted. I applaud them. It’s about time that someone stood up for the people who feel threatened. It’s about time someone stood up for the people who are protecting their homes, livelihoods and families. Maybe next time you won’t just enter someone’s property and jump on their quad and make them feel they need to protect themselves. If they were there for help, they would have found a person and said “Hey buddy, we need some help“. Not went rummaging around their property looking for trouble.

“I am tired of everyone making everything about racism when it’s truly about the rise in crime. People are tired of being robbed. People are tired of feeling threatened and always feeling like they need to protect and be on guard. Rather than making this another fucking race war, see it for what it truly is: if you’re looking to do illegal things, there is always a possibility you’re gonna get your ass shot.”
–Stacy Leigh

“I’m just really tired of the shit. A criminal can’t even be considered a criminal anymore because of their skin color and justice can’t do shit about actual criminals out of fear of public contempt and being called racist. The word racism is just another throw away word used to define anything we don’t like and it’s sickening.

“I’ve been called “racist“. I have been called a “traitor“. I have been told by family that I’m “too white“. Too white, because I have a career and wish to maintain a decent life for myself? Because I am not running around with some addiction and blaming it on “white people“? Too white.

“I’m not going to make a separate post but I’m just going to throw in here that I have received hundreds and hundreds of messages from all over Canada and I realistically cannot answer them all but I have read them as they have come in and I do appreciate what everyone is saying and the support I have received.

“But I’m going to say I have one message asking if a life is worth “possessions“. It is not. The thing about possessions is that is not about the material object; it is about the time we sell in our lifetime to better our lives, feed our families, to enjoy the things we enjoy.

“You’re not just stealing a quad or what have you, you are also stealing the time taken away from someone’s family to earn that quad. On farms quads are not only used for fun, they are used for daily chores, to gain income, to build a livelihood and that is what makes it worth protecting.”

See also:
Supreme Court Dividing Canadians’ (Metis/Non-Status) {April 14, 2016}:
“There is no consensus on who is considered Métis or a non-status Indian, nor need there be. Cultural and ethnic labels do not lend themselves to neat boundaries.”
{From the Supreme Court ruling… What a legal goldmine…}.”

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