‘Lies from the KAIROS Blanket Exercise’

The KAIROS Blanket Exercise is a one-sided, church-funded, anti-Canadian  theatrical propaganda piece that is being presented as fact to both adults and Canadian schoolchildren. It is yet another example of child abuse and aboriginal indoctrination perpetrated by self-righteous political activists in our schools:

“The KAIROS Blanket Exercise is a…teaching tool that uses participatory popular education methodology to raise awareness of the {fictitious} ‘nation-to-nation’ relationship between ‘indigenous’ {they mean ‘aboriginal’} and non-‘indigenous’ {the other 95% of Canadians} peoples in Canada, and to teach a history of Canada that most people do not learn {Because it’s a recently-created piece of fiction!}.

“Since its creation in 1997, it has been done hundreds of times with thousands of people of all ages and from all backgrounds, by a wide variety of groups, both ‘indigenous’ {‘aboriginal’} and non-‘indigenous’ {the other 95% of Canadians}, as a way to open, or continue, the {one-way} ‘conversation’ {‘lecture’} about decolonization {undoing modernization}.

“Designed to deepen understanding of the denial of ‘indigenous’ {‘aboriginal’} peoples’ nationhood…
{There’s no denial. Sovereignty was surrendered when aboriginals became ‘subjects of the Crown’ and accepted Canadian rule of law. This organization’s denial of Canadian sovereignty should disqualify them from any government support or tax breaks…}

“Hopefully doing the Blanket Exercise will inspire participants to take action on the injustices facing ‘indigenous’ {‘aboriginal’} peoples…
{An admission that this is a political activist project, NOT an educational one…}

‘About KAIROS’:
“KAIROS unites eleven national Canadian churches and religious organizations in faithful work for human rights and ecological justice through research, education, partnership, and advocacy. In 1996, {the aboriginal and dangerously one-sided} RCAP concluded that public education is key to realizing a renewed relationship between ‘indigenous’ {‘aboriginal’} and non-‘indigenous’ {the other 95% of Canadians} peoples – one based on sharing, respect and the mutual recognition of rights and responsibilities. Through creative and innovative public education initiatives and campaigns such as the Blanket Exercise, KAIROS works towards a just, peaceful and respectful relationship between ‘indigenous’ {‘aboriginal’} and non-‘indigenous’ {the other 95% of Canadians} peoples that recognizes ‘indigenous’ {‘aboriginal’} peoples’  {Race} ‘rights’, including the right to self-determination…”
{Their only “right to self-determination” is as Canadian citizens…}

–‘The Blanket Exercise’

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/ASuWnod7LHM

At Vancouver Island University

“The original organization was founded in 1973 and became known as KAIROS in 2001. The Toronto-based group is comprised of 11 faith-based groups and works with more than 20 partner organizations in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East and with about 80 local Canadian groups… The Canadian International Development Agency has funded the group since 1974…

{Former} Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has said he disagrees with the group’s “militant stance toward the Jewish homeland” and that KAIROS took a leadership role in a campaign to boycott Israel… “

–‘Who is KAIROS, the organization Bev Oda did (not) give funding?’,
Postmedia News, February 15, 2011

Lies from the ‘KAIROS Blanket Exercise’
Blankets infected with the deadly smallpox virus were given or traded to you by British military leaders. You died from small pox after having come into contact with such blankets. Half of your population died from new diseases brought by Europeans. Please step off the blankets.”
The ‘myth of the smallpox blanket’ returns:
“Smallpox was the most deadly of several diseases that swept through aboriginal populations after contact with Europeans. Canadian Indian activists continue to try and portray the spread of disease as deliberate — as part of a ‘genocidal’ conspiracy; however, within the borders of what is now Canada, there is no evidence to support this.”
You have been starved, hunted and killed by settlers trying to take your lands. Your language and culture and, indeed, your blood line have become extinct. You are the Beothuk, one of the original peoples of Newfoundland. Step off the blankets.”
“Outright hostilities seem not have erupted until the 1720s, when Skeffington and other English settlers expanded their salmon business from rivers in Bonavista Bay to those in Notre Dame Bay. The Beothuk responded with killings and a few years later, they also shot English trappers, who reciprocated in kind. These are the earliest recorded killings — in both cases, it was the Beothuk who killed first…

“The 1720s appear to have been a turning point in the history of the Beothuk because during this decade, they also entered into serious conflict with the Micmac. The Micmac dislodged them from St. George’s Bay and subsequently from portions of the Newfoundland west and south coast, so that the Beothuk territory was once again substantially reduced…

“By the turn of the 18th century…the Beothuk had lost most of their traditional territory to the English and Micmac…”

–‘A History of the Beothuk’,
Ingeborg Marshall, Beothuk Institute
(“A History of the Beothuk”, a talk given by Ingeborg Marshall at the launch of her book “A History and Ethnography of the Beothuk”, at the meeting of the ‘Newfoundland Historical Society’, St. John’s, 19th Sept. 1996.)
You are one of the thousands of children who died at residential schools or later as a result of your experience. You represent those children and those whose connection to your family and community was broken and never made it home. Step off the blankets.”
“The largest single killer, by far, was disease. For decades starting in about 1910, tuberculosis was a consistent killer — in part because of widespread ignorance over how diseases were spread.”
–CBC, Feb.18, 2013

“The Spanish flu epidemic in 1918-1919 also took a devastating toll on students — and in some cases staff… Schools consistently burned down, killing students and staff. Drownings or exposure were another cause…”
–Huffington Post, Feb.18, 2013

Most of those children died of disease, just like most other Canadian children…
“In Ontario alone, 36,000 children died from diphtheria between 1880 and 1929… It wasn’t until the early 20th century that “immunization against smallpox and diphtheria had begun in Ontario schools”.

“Not only did the great majority of aboriginal children who did not attend residential schools receive little or no education, an astounding number did not even make it to adulthood. If an aboriginal child survived birth, he or she had a one in four chance of dying from tuberculosis alone. Other diseases hit reserve residents particularly hard…”
–‘Residential schools legacy: The numbers don’t support the narrative’,
BRIAN GIESBRECHT, The Rebel, February 23, 2016
See also:
Teachers Federation Goes Off The Rails’ (B.C./Anti-Pipeline) {May 13, 2019}:
“Here is the foolish and unprofessional British Columbia Teachers Federation talking about their “ethical imperative to decolonize”. Since that would mean ending the ‘colonialist’ school system, can we assume that B.C. teachers are planning to resign en masse and pursue other occupations? This would be an obvious conclusion to draw from this ridiculous virtue signalling.”

Lying About The Treaties’ (Ontario Schools/Treaties) {November 22, 2016}:
“Schools across Ontario marked the start of province’s first ‘Treaties Recognition Week’…with speakers telling students that treaties with ‘indigenous’ {‘Siberian settler’} peoples are ‘living documents’ that need to be honoured…”

Education: Honouring the Ignorance of Our Ancestors‘ (Widdowson) {January 27, 2014}:
“The British Columbia government has adopted the position that science itself is only “provisional” and a ‘Eurocentric’ cultural viewpoint:
“…We are aware that our scientific knowledge is provisional and culturally-derived.”

“This is part of the new “aboriginal perspectives” that now undermine the education of all B.C. children. So, the next time you witness the effects of gravity, remember — it’s only your “cultural perspective” that makes it seem that way…”

‘Indigenizing’ Another School’ (Quebec) {April 6, 2019}:
“Physics, chemistry, biology — you name a subject being taught in school, we have evidence that shows that our ancestors were well-versed in those subject areas.”

Practicing Magic In School’ (Smudging In B.C.) {November 18, 2016}:
“British Columbia law is very clear in not allowing ANY religious ceremonies in public schools. In what is becoming an all-too-prevalent double standard, this doesn’t seem to apply to aboriginal religious ceremonies.”

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