‘Taxpayers Fleeced Again’

Paid for the Tragedy of Learning to Read and Write:
“The government has reached a proposed settlement with former Indian Day Schools students that would compensate each ‘survivor’ {a pejorative term for aboriginal students} $10,000, Crown-‘Indigenous’ Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett announced… Those who {claim to have} experienced physical and sexual abuse at the schools are also eligible for additional compensation of between $50,000 and $200,000, based on severity {and without having to provide proof!}.

{“In 60 days, 65,600 people have registered with ‘Gowling’, the {Aboriginal Industry} law firm representing the class action. 7,000 other applications are waiting for data entry. There’s an estimated 120-140,000 potential eligible Indian day school ‘survivors’ {‘former students’}.”

“5 levels of compensation based on seriousness of abuse. Individual compensation starts at $10,000 in Level 1, which has set aside $1.27-1.4 billion. Levels 2-5 go from $50,000 to $200,000 per person. Any money left over will go to the legacy fund, which starts at $200 million.”
https://twitter.com/karenpaulscbc/status/1127969398734630913 }

“Ms. Bennett called the proposed agreement a historic step forward, adding Canada is committed to righting ‘historical wrongs’ in the spirit of {one-way} ‘reconciliation’.

“This agreement will bring us one step closer to a lasting and meaningful resolution for ‘survivors’ … of this ‘dark’ and ‘tragic chapter in Canada’s history”,
Ms. Bennett said.
{Because learning to read and write was a ‘tragedy’ for aboriginals…}

“The proposed settlement follows discussions between the government and parties in a class-action lawsuit originally filed in 2009 on behalf of ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} people and their families who attended Indian Day Schools…

“Nearly 200,000 ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} children attended more than 700 federally-operated Indian Day Schools beginning in the 1920s, where many {claim to have} endured trauma, including, in some cases, physical and sexual abuse.

“Indian Day Schools operated separately from the Indian Residential Schools system
{They were regular schools where children went home every night} and were not included in the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement approved in 2006.

“Many Canadians are aware of the ‘tragic legacy’ of Indian Residential Schools, Ms. Bennett said, but many still do not know the history of the Indian Day Schools.

“Although children who attended Indian Day Schools did leave school at the end of the day, many students {claim to have} experienced ‘trauma’ and were subject to physical and sexual abuse at the hands of individuals who had been entrusted with their care”, {Proof?}
Ms. Bennett said.
“Due to government policies, children were denied the opportunity to speak their language and were forced to abandon their culture.”

{Like all immigrant children who were ‘forced’ to speak Canada’s national languages in school, they went home very night where their families had the opportunity to pass on their culture, including their language!}

“Harms continue to be passed down through generations of ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} families and communities, she said.
{To blame aboriginal community dysfunction on school attendance is just nonsense…}

“The court will consider comments made by the members of the class action, submissions made by their legal counsel and the government to determine whether the settlement is fair, reasonable and in the best interest of the class members, Ms. Bennett said.

{What about what’s ‘fair, reasonable and in the best interest of the taxpayers’?}

“It is my sincere hope that this will be the start of a successful ‘healing process’ for all of those involved”,
she said.

{How so? The original Residential School settlement certainly didn’t accomplish that. In fact, the unearned money simply exacerbated problems in aboriginal communities…}

–‘Federal government announces individual compensation for Indian Day Schools survivors’,
Kristy Kirkup, Canadian Press, Mar.12, 2019
“This is the official website of the Federal Indian Day School Class Action.”

A happy bunch of ‘survivors’: Cote Day School. (Courtesy www2.uregina.ca)

“A judge has dashed the hopes of a consortium of ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} organizations and {Aboriginal Industry} lawyers wanting to challenge the tentative Indian day schools settlement agreement.”

–‘Judge denies interveners a say in Indian day school settlement’,
Kathleen Martens, APTN, April 25, 2019

Lawyers fighting over the spoils:
“One of Canada’s largest ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} organizations and a group of law firms from across the country are all fighting to overhaul the proposed ‘Indian Day School Settlement Agreement’.

“Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett announced that eligible Indian Day School students will be entitled to between $10,000 and $200,000 in individual compensation {from innocent Canadian taxpayers} — a settlement reached after several students of these formerly federally-run institutions launched a class-action lawsuit alleging they had faced abuse and neglect while in the care of the state. The settlement still has to be approved by a Federal Court judge in May.

“The Federation of Saskatchewan Indian ‘Nations’, which represents 155,000 ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} people throughout Saskatchewan, and the law firms say the proposed agreement forces ‘survivors’ {‘former school students’} to file within a year — and all of them have to use the same law firm.

“It is estimated that between 100,000 and 200,000 ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} children across the country were forced to attend federally-run Indian day schools between the late 1800s and the 1970s.
{ALL Canadian children were – and are — “forced” to attend day school…}

“The day schools were operated separately from Indian residential schools, so the students were not included in the 2006 Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement…
{Because they were not taken away from their families…}

“Philip Fourie, with Kirkby, Fourie and Coertze, is one of about a dozen law firms applying for intervener {sic, ‘intervenor’} status. He questions why there’s a need to rush through such a large class action…

“But lawyer Jeremy Bouchard with {Aboriginal Industry} law firm ‘Gowling WLG’, which was hired by a group of ‘survivors’ {‘former school students’} to represent them in the current class action, says the deadline was kept short for a reason… Bouchard estimates that around 2,000 day school ‘survivors’ {‘former school students’} die every year…

“Unlike the residential school settlement, where ‘survivors’ {‘former school students’} could hire any lawyer to help process their claim, the proposed agreement requires day school survivors {‘former school students’} to all use the same law firm, ‘Gowling WLG’.

“Upfront, Gowling will receive $57 million from the federal government to help ‘survivors’ {‘former school students’} process their claims…

“Lawyer Matthew Farrell of ‘Guardian Law’, another law firm ‘seeking intervener {sic} status’ {‘wanting in on the gravy train’} adds that those stories will all need to be told on paper. The proposed agreement says survivors must detail the level of abuse they suffered at day school on a paper form. That form is then sent to a claims administrator who determines how much compensation the survivor is entitled to…”

{But there’s no cross-examination or investigation of their claims, and no chance for the accused to answer the accusations! It’s pure legal fraud — just like the Residential School pay-outs — at taxpayer expense…}

–‘First Nations, lawyers fight day school agreement, say process is being rushed’,
Hilary Bird, CBC News, Apr. 05, 2019

Indian day school. (Source – Archives Deschâtelets)

“Last summer, one of the Haida elders came rushing over to talk to me, all smiles, to tell me that it looked like this {the ‘Day School’ payout} was going to be happening! He was all jubilant, saying that the other guy (Stephen Harper) wouldn’t listen to them, but the new guy (Justin Trudeau) is way better – he’s going to give it to us!

“I told him how disgusted I was by their actions! Children in other countries were risking their lives just for the privilege of getting an education; yet, our ungrateful people are getting so greedy, demanding compensation, for having had that right!

“He tried to tell me that it was justified, because my older sister spoke Haida and they made her speak English! I told him that was a load of baloney, because she grew up speaking English! I told him I wouldn’t take the money because it’s wrong! He shrugged and said:
Oh well, it’s up to you, but we’re going to go for it!

“He didn’t speak to me for months because I gnawed at his conscience, but, sadly, greed for money for nothing has the ability to take precedence over doing what is right! Taking money that doesn’t belong to you is called stealing, and doing it at the expense of negatively painting all those teachers, who did so much good for our people, is even more evil!

“One of the grandmothers, who was a strong proponent for the Residential School buyout, was killed by her drug-addicted grandson for her compensation package, before she got to spend any of it! You would think it would stand out as a lesson that it’s wrong to distort past history in order to profit from it, while doing nothing about the present-day problems, like her grandson’s addiction, that are ruining and ending so many lives too early!

“The man behind the Indian Day School compensation also died a few months before it was agreed upon, never having the chance to spend his ill-gotten gains! There are many stories of the negative impact of the Residential School payout, including people’s entire lives being ruined by opportunistic “healing groups” from the United States coming in, to take advantage of that money. They pushed witchcraft, illegal drugs and hypnosis, along with Indian superiority and racism against Whites for supposedly stealing our culture and land and disrupting the old ways.

“Today, there is a cloud of negativity and uncertainty that hangs over our Islands, because, for greed for power and money, our leadership and their followers have conveniently forgotten that our forefathers chose Christianity to bring them out of the darkness of their violent and destructive ways into the light of the truth that there is a right and there is wrong; there is good and there is evil; there is a God and there is a Devil; there are rewards and there are consequences; there is life and there is death; and according to which Master you choose to serve, there is a Heaven and there is a Hell when life is over!”
–Gloria Tauber

See also:
They’re Back For More{December 2, 2015}:
“Sechelt ‘Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 1,415 people} counsellor Chief Garry Feschuk says the students attended 140 schools across Canada… The suit also hopes to clarify Canada’s role in the failure to ‘protect’ aboriginal language and culture, and seeks compensation for the children of ‘survivors’ and the Bands representing ‘survivors’. Supporters say Canada has recognized residential schools played a key role in what has been called {by fanatics} a ‘cultural genocide’, but that the federal government also needs to provide compensation for day students…”



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