‘Where’s The Proof?’

Unsubstantiated hearsay concerning incidents decades ago has resulted in a call for more money, and a government that instantly starts apologizing {Surprise, surprise…}: 

“A Manitoba chief says ‘indigenous’ {actually, ‘aboriginal’} women in the north should be compensated for the sexual abuse they allegedly suffered at the hands of hydro workers decades ago. Kevin Hart, regional chief for the Assembly of ‘First Nations’ {‘Aboriginal Communities’}, says there should also be a broader inquiry into resource development and the treatment of ‘indigenous’ women.

{What is really needed is an inquiry into the treatment of aboriginal women by aboriginal men…} 

“Manitoba’s arms-length Clean Environment Commission held hearings earlier this year on the environmental and social effects of energy development between the 1950s and 1980s {Why?}. The commission released its report this week and said it ‘heard’ {Not ‘it was presented with evidence that’} the arrival of a largely-male construction workforce led to the sexual abuse of women around the Fox Lake Cree ‘Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 1,273 people, Treaty 5 (1947)}.

“Sustainable Development Minister Rochelle Squires called the allegations disturbing and said she is referring the issue to the RCMP.

“Kevin Hart, regional chief for the Assembly of ‘First Nations’,  says he wasn’t surprised by what he read in the commission’s report… Hart said it’s not for him to say where compensation for the women should come from, but it should be determined by the courts.
{Then rules of evidence should be applied, not hearsay…}

“I truly believe that the women, when they come forward, should be entitled to compensation for what has occurred to them, especially for the trauma and everything.”

–‘Injustices did occur:’ Manitoba chief calls for abused women to be compensated’,
APTN, August 22, 2018


COMMENT: “What does Hydro have to with what went on between a man and a woman? If either party thought they had been victims, they could have reported it to the police in a timely fashion. If a white guy had caught a case of syphilis or herpes from one of the native women, could he sue 50 years later?”

Map showing Hydro dam and converter stations near Fox Lake Cree ‘Nation’, York Factor ‘First Nation’, War Lake ‘First Nation’ and Tataskweyak Cree ‘Nation’. (Keeyask Hydropower Limited Partnership)

And here we have a government fool apologizing for what are only unproven allegations. Pathetic… What about the public interest?

“The Manitoba government would “absolutely” offer an apology to the northern communities where the alleged abuses happened, Sustainable Development Minister Rochelle Squires said when asked.

“We read that report and were absolutely heartbroken about the {unsubstantiated allegations of} years and years of systemic abuse and racism that had occurred in northern Manitoba, and I know many people like myself read that report with tears in my eyes”,
she said.
“On behalf of our government, we apologize for what {we uncritically accept} had occurred decades ago.”

–‘A‘FN’ seeks public inquiry into allegations against Manitoba Hydro workers’,
CBC News, Aug, 22, 2018


Fox lake hydro blaockade may 12 2016. Fox Lake Cree Nation elder Lillian Neckoway and Chief Walter Spence (Thompson Citizen)

“Leaders of Fox Lake Cree ‘Nation’ say a damning report exposing allegations of sexual abuse by Manitoba Hydro workers in the 1960s only scratches the surface. Residents of the remote northern community testified they were victims of sexual assault, racism, feelings of marginalization and limited socioeconomic opportunities, according to a new report released Tuesday by the Manitoba Clean Environment Commission.

“Chief Walter Spence said the 165 pages of testimony triggered a range of emotions.

“Our experience is an open wound”,
Spence said in a media release Wednesday.
“This affects us all. I would like to think that we are moving forward but when days like yesterday happen, I wonder if anyone is listening? We have never been silent and we have only missed someone to listen.”

“The troubling allegations demand a investigation, the RCMP said Wednesday. The agency is reviewing the report as well as a transcript from the commission’s meeting with Fox Lake residents on Jan. 19, 2018. The RCMP is including the Independent Investigation Unit of Manitoba in its discussions.

“The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs will refer the report’s “disturbing allegations” to the national inquiry into missing and murdered ‘indigenous’ women and girls, it said in a media release Wednesday.

“Grand Chief Arlen Dumas described the allegations as another example of ‘indigenous’ women facing ‘disproportionate’ levels of violence.

“While there are allegations of rape and sexual abuse, we also have experienced the loss and degradation of our land, water and traditional ways of life”,
Dumas said in the release.
“These developments have impacted the ability to hunt, trap and fish for ‘First Nations’ people, which also destroys our economic livelihood. It’s important that we learn from, and take action on, what is shared in this report.”
{In other words, they want money…}

Gillam MB, Fox Lake Cree (R. Attley, Le Marxiste-Leniniste)

“Fox Lake Cree ‘Nation’ requested the hearing by the Clean Environment Commission, an arm’s-length provincial agency tasked with studying the social impact of hydro developments past and present.

“The commission tried to describe the effects of 4,000 Manitoba Hydro workers descending on the ‘First Nation’, located 762 kilometres northeast of Winnipeg, beginning in the 1960s…

“They just came in and took over. We were pushed aside”,
Marie Henderson told the hearing.

“Other residents said the outside workers sexually abused women.

“There was a lot of, you could say, an influx of workers that came into our community, where they would get us drunk {?} and take advantage of us”,
Sophie Lockhart said in her statement.
“Not just me, but my other friends.”

“The media release said Fox Lake was recognized as its own ‘First Nation’ in 1947, but it has struggled to secure reserve land within Gillam ever since. Fox Lake’s {ancestors’ former, surrendered, bought and paid for} ‘traditional territory’ includes the Kettle, Long Spruce and Limestone generating stations, as well as the Radisson and Henday converter stations. The Keeyask dam remains under construction in the area…

“The provincial government intends to send ‘Indigenous’ and Northern Relations Minister Eileen Clarke to visit with affected residents and communities, but Spence wants the Premier to pay his community a visit…”

–‘An open wound:’ Fox Lake leadership says historical sexual abuse by Hydro workers haunts residents’,
Ian Froese, CBC News, Aug. 22, 2018


Blockade by Fox Lake Cree ‘Nation’ (Clara McLeod photo)

From May, 2016:
‘Fox Lake Cree ‘Nation’ lifts road blockade to 3 Manitoba Hydro sites’:
“Members of the community said hydro workers desecrated a ceremonial site during construction. People from Fox Lake Cree ‘Nation’ used heavy machinery to shut down a junction on Highway 290 at about 6 a.m. Thursday morning. The junction leads to three hydro sites, including the Keewatinohk access gate and construction camp, the Limestone generating station and the Henday converter station.”



See also:
Manitoba: Another Illegal Blockade (Treaty 5) {September 4, 2016}:
“In the past, when tribes have illegally blockaded Manitoba roadways and Manitoba Hydro, the Province has not only NOT arrested the criminals, but has given in to the extortion. The result – of course – is yet another blockade…”

Who Owns The Land?’ (Manitoba Treaties) {March 12, 2013}:
“The province of Manitoba provides a clear indication of why the “Treaty Process” will never end. It’s not just the recent Metis decision — a visit to the ‘Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba’ yields this gem:
‘First Nations’ did not view the Treaty process as a surrender of their land, but as an agreement to share the land and its resources with Canadians.”
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One thought on “‘Where’s The Proof?’”

  1. Oh please!!! Everyone is so tired of the victim card. Imagine forcing an adult to drink & get drunk, etc. Regret after drinking is their own fault if sex even happened, that is.
    Many an Aboriginal traumatize their own people, settlers and even other people today. And many people who are not Aboriginal have been through rape, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, degradation, mistreatment etc. at the hand of their bosses, partners, children, and yes by Aboriginals!! Many could not do anything about it so we carried on like soldiers, made a life, moved on and got stronger!! Those that can’t/won’t really need to be compassionate and understanding about what others go through and learn how to be strong. All we hear is whining and crying 40 years later which make me wonder — if — “Where’s the money honey”? No White will ever get listened to or compensated. I guess we are the wrong color or race huh??? I wish I had been able to get to my gun when “assaulted” etc. (no gory details) by a group of break& enter, stealing & marauding Aboriginals back in the day in front of my 3 young children in a rural area!!! E


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