‘Premier Says No To Extortion’

Thanks to our foolish courts, now even ‘partial aboriginals’ have inherited ‘privilege’ and are starting to throw their inflated weight around. The legal industry must STOP dividing and selling out Canada for profit. Here, some ‘Metis’ successfully coerced Manitoba Hydro into a payout, using protests and interference in hydro operations {See below}, and are furious that the Premier intervened. Now, the Manitoba ‘Metis’ Federation says it will go to court, and are demanding the Premier’s resignation…

“The Manitoba Metis Federation says it will go to court over a deal the federation made with Manitoba Hydro to approve future projects, including a transmission line to the U.S. border. The MMF claims the provincial government has breached a foundational deal it negotiated and signed in 2014, called the ‘Turning the Page Agreement’.

“A second agreement that would have sent funds from Manitoba Hydro to the MMF was quashed by the government last week…

“The federation announced the legal action at a news conference…where president David Chartrand said Premier Brian Pallister should be dumped as the leader of the province.

“It is clear that the premier is so out of touch with these new {court-fabricated} legal realities, he has no right to lead this province”,
he said.

The second deal would have seen Manitoba Hydro pay the MMF $67.5 million over several decades. In return, the MMF would not oppose projects the Crown corporation would build, including a transmission line it needs to deliver electricity to Minnesota…
{A clear case of extortion, similar to organized crime getting business owners to pay ‘protection’…}

“One of the lawyers representing the MMF says the “honour of the Crown” is at issue after the government killed the federation’s agreement with Hydro, but because it was negotiated between the MMF and Hydro in good faith {Extortion is not “good faith”…}, it still has the legal standing of a contract…

“The Métis have won some significant court battles, but at least one legal scholar says there are several grey areas, including the obligation for compensation to the Métis {!}

“Pallister…told reporters last week the agreement “has implications for much more than Manitoba Hydro when you start making payments to certain groups to not participate, and processes and things like that“, calling it “persuasion money{!!!}

“Chartrand previously said words such as “persuasion” or “hush money” in reference to payments to the MMF are ‘offensive’ {‘accurate’} and “race baiting“…
{Even ‘partial aboriginals’ are playing the race card – or at least half a card…}

“Jurgen Kohler — a farmer from Brunkild, Man., 45 kilometres southwest of Winnipeg… and other landowners have sought to negotiate with Manitoba Hydro through legal representation from the ‘Canadian Association of Energy and Pipeline Landowner Associations’, but he says Hydro has refused to meet with their legal representatives…”

–‘Manitoba Metis Federation plans to take province to court over cancelled Hydro agreement’,
Sean Kavanagh, CBC News, March 28, 2018

‘Quashed deal between MMF and Hydro a legal minefield, says prof’
“A professor and expert on Indigenous legal rights says a now cancelled agreement between Manitoba Hydro and the Manitoba Métis Federation on future projects is filled with legal complexities that could have created problems for the utility…”

‘Southeast Manitoba landowners want investigation into Hydro deal with Métis federation’
“A coalition of landowners wants the province to put a proposed Manitoba Hydro transmission line to Minnesota on hold and open an investigation, alleging that the recent controversy at the Crown corporation shows it misused public money to reduce opposition to the project…”

“‘Métis’ have {court-created} ‘rights’ and the ‘Manitoba Métis Federation’ is the {self-appointed} government of the ‘Manitoba Métis Community’. This is not about “persuasion“; it’s about the legal requirement to “accommodate“, as defined and mandated by the {foolish} Supreme Court. We need no lessons or advocacy from a Premier who is a ‘Métis rights’ denier…

“The Premier has made hefty accusations that the ‘Métis’ have somehow coerced a Crown corporation into signing an agreement for $67 million over 50 years as “hush money” and these words are certainly bordering on libelous intent {The truth hurts…}. This type of insinuation is unbecoming, as he continues to use wording such as persuasion, buying co-operation and pointing to one person as selling the ‘rights’ of a ‘nation’ now and into the future. At any rate, the Premier is implying that I am selling rights that I have no right to sell. Again, if he had read the agreement eight months ago, he would have seen that ‘Métis’ ‘rights’ are not given away…”

–‘Métis won’t be Pallister’s scapegoats’,
David Chartrand, Winnipeg Free Press, 03/27/2018


COMMENT: “How can Chartrand just repeat his extortion threats in print and not be subject to prosecution? This article has erased all doubts — the MMF is not just a special interest group, it is an organized crime syndicate!! Where is law enforcement? How can this possibly be allowed to happen?”
“He owes it to us as taxpayers to defend our interests. The MMF is an entity that does little for the good of Manitoba and their sole purpose appears to be shoehorning unearned money from the taxpayers.”
“I actually have a vested interest as a taxpayer and as a compassionate human being to see aboriginal people excel in life. They are never going to accomplish that by continuing to rely on money that they haven’t actually earned… Continual payouts from the working population as a means of passive income without any work put forth is a recipe for continued disaster for that group of people.”
“For a contract to be binding, must not there be quid pro quo? Manitoba Hydro was giving the MMF $70 million. What exactly were the MMF giving to Manitoba Hydro?
Anyone know exactly what the return on $70 million was? I mean, other than a nebulous promise not to be troublesome {‘criminal’} on future hydro projects?”
“Look in the mirror Mr. Chartrand. The Manitoba People deserve better. Duty to accommodate can mean many things, But an ill defined rolling cheque over decades can be turned into graft a 1000 ways. We are tired of it.”
“As the proclaimed leader of the Metis “Nation” of Manitoba Mr. Chartrand has a vested interest in expecting this windfall of nearly $70 million. Now if one closely reads his response to Mr. Pallister’s statement, Mr. Chartrand does not clarify what this large payment to the Metis is supposed to accomplish. From what I am reading, these many millions are literally meant to be a payoff to the Metis leadership not to put up any opposition to the Manitoba – Minnesota transmission line project . What? How can the Metis block a project designed to supposedly benefit all Manitobans, and why would they want to block something to benefit all Manitobans including the Metis peoples? Welcome to the new age, where certain interest groups expect certain entitlements and of course, the rest of us are expected to pay. Isn’t the province of Manitoba already in dire financial straights and yet we continue to have to pay ” protection ” money to certain groups who like to present nebulous claims regarding legal rights and special privileges.”
“Okay, so let me get this right. Is Chartrand under the impression that all the lands of Manitoba that are not under the {so-called} ‘sovereignty’ of any other ‘First Nations’, is under the ‘sovereignty’ of MMF? Why else did he make this deal with the former board of Manitoba Hydro? Has the federal government neglected to let Manitobans know about this development? The feds better get their ass in gear and come to Manitoba to explain to us what the Metis are {supposedly} ‘entitled’ to!”
“Chartrand was a friend to the Quebec separatists. Riel was a traitor, too…”fellow citizens”, indeed.”

Manitoba: Another Illegal Blockade’ (Treaty 5) {September 4, 2016}:
“In the past, when tribes have illegally blockaded Manitoba roadways and Manitoba Hydro, the Province has not only NOT arrested the criminals, but has given in to the extortion. The result – of course – is yet another blockade…

“They’ve also been joined by…Métis from Grand Rapids, Man…

“Several of the ‘First Nations’ and Métis people affected by the dam have already negotiated settlements with the province and Manitoba Hydro {And this is unfair to the rest of the citizens, who have to pay for it. There is NO legal requirement for settlement here. This is SURRENDERED Treaty land!}.”

See also:
Supreme Court Dividing Canadians’ (Metis/Non-Status) {April 14, 2016}:
“There is no consensus on who is considered Métis or a non-status Indian, nor need there be. Cultural and ethnic labels do not lend themselves to neat boundaries” {!?!}
{From the Supreme Court ruling… What a legal goldmine…}.”

Canadian Judges Rewriting History‘ (‘Northwest Rebellion’) {May 21, 2015}:
“Some of the Band members participated in the Rebellion — clearly violating ‘Treaty 6’ — and the government believed that the Chiefs were encouraging it, so Treaty payments were withheld until the end of the uprising. Now, their descendants are going to be reimbursed for their treason…”
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