‘Pope Says Nope’

“We will keep working…on the path to {one-way} ‘reconciliation’ because we know taking responsibility for past mistakes and asking forgiveness is something that is core to our values as Canadians.”
–Justin Trudeau

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said today he’s disappointed with the Pope’s decision to not apologize for the Catholic Church’s role in Canada’s residential schools and the trauma experienced by {some of} their students.

{The Canadian government and aboriginal leadership have never thanked the Pope on behalf of all those aboriginal students who were grateful for their education in Catholic-run schools.
Then, there’s the fact that Pope Benedict already apologized – see below…}

“The Prime Minister said {one-way} ‘reconciliation’ is not just a matter between government and ‘indigenous’ {‘descendants of Siberian settlers’} people, but must also involve ‘non-government actors’ {Interesting choice of words. I guess Junior doesn’t want to be the only one acting…} as well.

“A letter released Tuesday by the president of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops says Pope Francis has not shied away from recognizing injustices faced by ‘indigenous peoples’ around the world, but he can’t personally apologize for residential schools…

“It is not the government who establishes the agenda of what the Pope is going to do”,
Father Thomas Rosica, CEO of the ‘Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation’ in Toronto, told ‘CBC’. Rosica said the church is still committed to {one-way} reconciliation.
“We’re talking about a long term commitment and not a cheapened apology.”

“Obviously, I’m disappointed with the Catholic Church’s decision not to apologize for their role in residential schools”,
said Trudeau.
“…We will keep working with communities, keep working with individuals on the path to {one-way} ‘reconciliation’ because we know taking responsibility for past mistakes and asking forgiveness is something that is core to our values as Canadians.”

“Sen. Murray Sinclair, the former head of the {Partial} Truth and {One-way} Reconciliation Commission, said a lack of apology could interfere with the healing process.

“I think there’s always been a bit of a schism between those ‘indigenous’ communities that have members of the Catholic church, versus those who are not members of the Catholic church within their communities, and I think this is going to add to that tension,”
he said.

“Assembly of ‘First Nations’ National Chief Perry Bellegarde said in a statement he…is also seeking a direct meeting with the Pope to discuss the issue further.

“Hearing an apology directly from Pope Francis would be an important act of healing and {one-way} ‘reconciliation’…”
Bellegarde said.

Justin Trudeau meets with Pope Francis for a private audience at the Vatican on Monday, May 29, 2017. (CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick)

“Indigenous’ Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett said the government will keep pushing for a papal apology.

“The commissioners recommended this as an important part of healing reconciliation for the ‘survivors’ {former students},”
Bennett said in an emailed statement.
“We will continue to advocate for this call to action.”

“Pope Benedict XVI expressed his “sorrow” to a delegation from Canada’s Assembly of ‘First Nations’ back in 2009 over the abuse and “deplorable” treatment that {some} Aboriginal students suffered at residential schools run by the Church {See below}.

“Sorrow is not enough,”
said Bennett.
“Sorrow is never enough. One has to take responsibility for the harm that was done.”
{Self-righteous arrogance…}

“‘Conservative’ Leader Andrew Scheer, a Roman Catholic himself, didn’t outright say the Pope should apologize, but did say any group that played a role in the residential school system, including groups with religious affiliations, should own up to their past mistakes.
{If only there was an opposition party in Canada when it comes to this issue…}

“I think that any group or institution that had a significant role in the residential school system should help move past and help get though this period of {one-way} ‘reconciliation’ by apologizing for the role they might have played,”
he said.
{Might as well be Trudeau talking…}

–‘Trudeau disappointed by Pope’s decision not to apologize for residential schools’
Canadian Press, March 28, 2018

Feature PHOTO: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, left, meets Pope Francis on the occasion of their private audience at the Vatican Monday, May 29, 2017. (The Associated Press)



Carolyn Bennett (CHRIS WATTIE — REUTERS)

“Catholics have a role to play in continuing to urge Pope Francis to apologize for the role the church played in running Canada’s residential schools, Crown-‘Indigenous’ Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett said Wednesday after the pontiff publicly declined to accept responsibility for the trauma suffered by {some} ‘indigenous’ ‘survivors’ {‘former students’}

“Canadian Catholic leaders who persuaded the Pope to adopt this position should be ashamed of themselves,”
Sen. Murray Sinclair said.
“The shame of those who abused children in their institutions in the past is now theirs to wear.”

“Sinclair’s son Niigaan {a beneficiary of aboriginal privilege}, a native studies professor at the University of Manitoba, described the church’s decision as 

“remarkably short-sighted and disrespectful”.

{One-way} ‘Reconciliation’ cannot happen in Canada without an apology from the Catholic Church, he added.

“Before we can have any reconciliation, we have to have truth”,
Niigaan Sinclair said,
{On your part, as well…}
adding that an apology would
“be a recognition by the church that they participated in genocide.”

{Hysterical nonsense that only diminishes and disrespects REAL victims of ‘genocide’. And yet, because of aboriginal privilege, this ‘victim of genocide’ has a high-paying professorship to advance his race agenda…}

–‘Disappointment over Pope’s decision not to apologize for residential schools’
Geordon Omand, Canadian Press, March 28, 2018



But there already was a papal apology (2009):

“Pope Benedict has said he is sorry for the physical and sexual abuse and “deplorable” conduct at Catholic church-run Canadian residential schools.

“The Vatican says the pontiff expressed his sorrow and emphasized that “acts of abuse cannot be tolerated” at a meeting Wednesday with representatives of native Canadians.

“Given the sufferings that some {!} ‘indigenous’ children experienced in the Canadian residential school system, the Holy Father expressed his sorrow at the anguish caused by the deplorable conduct of some {!} members of the church and he offered his sympathy and prayerful solidarity”,
a statement from the Vatican said.

“Archbishop Gerard Pettipas of the ‘Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops’, who attended Wednesday’s meeting, says it was an important moment.

“Until today, the Church as a whole had never apologized for the abuse that {some} aboriginal students suffered at the hands of Catholic missionary congregations.

“What we’ve been trying to do is to bring about healing and reconciliation between the Church, the government of Canada and our ‘First Nations’ people”,
he told ‘Canada AM’ shortly after the meeting.
“There was a feeling that despite the apologies that were offered by the oblates and some bishops, that the Catholic Church as a whole has not recognized the part that we played.

“As a gesture of reconciliation… it was important to hear from the one person who does speak for the Catholic Church around the world, to hear him say

‘I am sorry. I feel for what you people have suffered. We hope that we can turn the page and move toward a better future together’.”

“Chief Edward John of the Tlazten ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 1,801 people} says he hopes the apology will help

“many people move forward”.

“We heard the prime minister’s apology a year ago in June. And today, to listen to the Holy Father explain his profound sorrow and sadness and to express that there was no room for this sort of abuse to take place in the residential schools, that is an emotional barrier that now has been lifted for many people”,
he said.

“Phil Fontaine, national chief of the Assembly of ‘First Nations’, said he appreciated the apology from the Church.

“I think His Holiness understands the pain that was endured by so many and I heard him say that it caused him great anguish”,
said Fontaine, who attended the meetings, on Wednesday.
“I also heard His Holiness say that the abuse of the nature that was inflicted on us has no place in the Church, it’s intolerable and it caused him great anguish.”

“What I heard,”
Fontaine added,
“it gives me comfort”…”

–‘Pope apologizes for abuse at native schools’,
CTV, April 29, 2009


See also:
Anglican Karma?{September 30, 2016}:
“The Anglicans have not only forsaken all the decent people who lived and taught AT THE CHURCH’S BEHEST in the remote ‘Residential Schools’, but are now bending over backwards in an abject attempt at rewriting history.”
Mea Maxima Culpa: The Ruse of Political Apologies{February 5, 2016}:
“It all seems a little bizarre, and a reversal of normal morality, which is…that ‘those who do harm must pay’. Instead, we, who did no harm, must apologize publicly for something over which we had no control, and politicians — who stand to gain by appearing morally upright — are extracting money from millions of citizens who were not even alive at the time, using it to pay off descendants who have suffered no harm, and whose only connection to the deemed sins of the past is their blood.”
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