‘One-way Reconciliation: The Gift That Keeps On Giving’

The {Partial} Truth and {One-way} Reconciliation Commission already cost over $60 million. Now, Canada is going to be billed for a new ‘Reconciliation Board’, as well as a ‘National Council for Reconciliation’ AND a ‘National Reconciliation Trust’!
Hold on to your wallets…

“It will be our conscience”,

Crown-‘Indigenous’ Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett said about the council, at a Dec. 14 press conference on Parliament Hill. 
{? Did Canadians ask for a government-appointed ‘conscience’?}

“Six people have been appointed to a new federal interim board aimed at advancing {one-way} ‘reconciliation’.

“Grand Chief Wilton Littlechild {See below…} will chair the interim board of directors that will be tasked with developing the ‘National Council for Reconciliation’.
{How much? For example, Directors on the MMIW are getting $205,000/year. The Exec. {‘Chair’} $270,000…}

“Littlechild is a former commissioner of the {Partial} Truth and {One-way} Reconciliation Commission that recommended the council {and set up this gig} as part of its 94 recommendations or ‘Calls to Action’…

“The board members will spend the next six months talking to ‘stakeholders’ {‘aboriginal organizations’} to come up with recommendations to develop the council and the endowment of a {taxpayer-funded} ‘National Reconciliation Trust’.

{One-way} ‘Reconciliation’ is not just an ‘indigenous’ issue, it’s a Canadian one {so-called ‘indigenous’ ARE Canadians!}, and it will take genuine collaboration at all levels to advance this {ridiculous} ‘journey’”,

said Carolyn Bennett, minister of Crown-‘Indigenous’ relations, in a statement.

“Bennett also held a news conference in the foyer of the House of Commons to announce the board.

“Littlechild said a lot has been done to promote {one-way} ‘reconciliation’ since the TRC released its report in 2015.

“However, there is no coordinating or monitoring mechanism,”
he said in a statement.
“I look forward with interest to the establishment of a council who will be influential in the increased engagement of the rest of Canada. True {one-way} ‘reconciliation’ requires all of us working together.”

— ‘Federal government appoints directors to develop new council to advance reconciliation’,
APTN National News, December 14, 2017

Feature PHOTO: Grand Chief Wilton Littlechild at the United Nations headquarters, New York City, Aug. 9, 2017.
(Photo courtesy of the UN — Kim Haughton)


Carolyn Bennett, minister of Crown-‘Indigenous’ relations. (APTN)

“It’s about being accountable as a country for the unfinished business of Confederation, and ensuring that we continue ‘truth telling’ and progress on ‘decolonization’ {? No more reading and writing?}“,

Crown-‘Indigenous’ Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett said about the council, at a Dec. 14 press conference on Parliament Hill…

“Five other {Aboriginal Industry} members will join Littlechild. They are:
–Max FineDay, co-executive director of ‘indigenous’ and ‘non-indigenous’ {‘everybody else’} youth group ‘Canadian Roots Exchange’;
–Clint Davis, chair of the board of directors for the ‘Nunatsiavut Group of Companies’ in Labrador;
–Mike DeGagné, Nipissing University’s president;
–Jean Teillet, the Métis ‘Nation’ Lawyers Association’s founding president; and
–Edith Cloutier, president of the ‘Regroupement des Centres d’amitié autochtones du Québec’…

“They all bring a great deal of experience from different perspectives and are representative of our country”
{?!? That’s absurd…},
Littlechild said…

{Once again, we must be the proverbial ‘wet blanket’ and point out that although ‘reconciliation’ is a two-way street by definition, this is a totally one-sided board – proving yet again that this is only ‘One-way Reconciliation’, designed to guilt-trip, extort, punish and weaken Canada…}

–‘Grand Chief Littlechild to set up all-new National Council for Reconciliation’,
Carl Meyer, National Observer, December 14th 2017


Chief Wilton Littlechild (right) looks on as Crown-Indigenous relations and northern affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett announces he will be the interim head of the governments National Council for Reconciliation in the Foyer of the House of Commons in Ottawa, Thursday December 14, 2017. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld)

As well as being a former P.C. Member of Parliament (1988-1993),
“Commissioner Chief Wilton Littlechild is from Maskawacis {Hobbema} Cree ‘Territory’ of Treaty No. 6. He was the first Treaty ‘First Nations’ person to receive his law degree from the University of Alberta in 1976.

“He is a strong advocate for the rights of ‘Indigenous Peoples’ and a former residential school student. Chief Littlechild organized a coalition of ‘Indigenous Nations’ that sought and gained consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. He was re-appointed by the E.C.O.S.O.C. President to represent North America and has completed his second and final term as the North American representative to the ‘UN Permanent Forum on ‘Indigenous’ Issues’ {Where the ‘indigenous’ assault on Western democracies is planned and where Canada is regularly slandered by aboriginal Race activists…}.


Vancouver Park Board, January 11, 2016 announcing the adoption of 11 {Partial} Truth and {One-way} Reconciliation recommendations. (Twitter)

Canadians can also count on their taxes funding one-way ‘reconciliation’ at the provincial and municipal government levels, as well – in many ‘creative’ ways…

“The Vancouver Park Board has hired a ‘reconciliation planner’ after approving the new position in the board’s 2018 budget.

“Rena Soutar, who is Haida and has worked with the board for almost two years, has been appointed to the position. Soutar will work collaboratively with the park board, the City of Vancouver and ‘First Nations’ communities on a range of issues, including reviewing the plaques and monuments in city parks.
{Here comes some more historical revisionism…}

“She will also focus on implementing the 11 ‘reconciliation strategies’ adopted by the park board to advance the work of the {Partial} Truth and {One-way} Reconciliation Commission…

“We’re built in a ‘colonial’ institution, as the park board, and so we are trying to figure out how to rewrite our policies, rewrite our processes so that we can respect ‘language sovereignty’ {!?!}, respect the ‘Nations’ going forward so that they are in the driver seat about how and when their culture gets expressed,”
she said.
{This is truly demented…and racist to the core…}

“The creation of the position aligns with previous moves by the park board to focus on ‘indigenous’ history and issues. In 2016, the board hired the first ‘municipal archaeologist’ in Canada to ensure that ‘Aboriginal protocols’ are respected in all park developments {?!?}.

“Last month, the park board voted unanimously to work with the Squamish, Musqueam and Tsleil-Waututh ‘First Nations’ to rename Stanley Park’s Siwash Rock.

‘First Nations chief suggests Slhx̱í7lsh as the new name for Stanley Park’s Siwash Rock’
http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/stanley-park-siwash-rock-squamish-name-1.4352536 }

–‘Vancouver Park Board hires reconciliation planner’,
Clare Hennig, CBC News, Nov. 19, 2017


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