‘More Logo Bullying’

“An ‘indigenous’ {‘Siberian settler’} parent appeared before the ‘Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario’ on Monday, alleging that the city of Mississauga, Ont., discriminated against him by allowing “racist” names and logos of minor league teams in local arenas. 


“Brad Gallant’s children played organized hockey at city-run rinks in Mississauga, where he said banners and trophies bearing the logos of teams like the ‘Mississauga Braves’ and the ‘Lorne Park Ojibwa’ created

“a hostile environment.”

“I’m not ashamed of being native”, said Gallant, who is a member of the Qualipu Mi’kmaq ‘First Nation’ {A 5-year-old ‘tribe’ {!} that tens of thousands in Newfoundland have been rushing to join. See below…}.  “I want to raise my kids to be proud of the fact that they’re ‘indigenous’ {YOU are the one teaching them to be ashamed…}. I just want to be able to go into the stadium and relax.”

“But the lawyers for Mississauga argued that Gallant’s human rights complaint would force the city into “the impossible position” of policing hockey teams that it has no affiliation with — other than renting them ice time.

“City lawyer Graham Walsh said Gallant refused the city’s offer to arrange a meeting with team organizers in March 2015. Walsh said the city was open to looking into removing the banners in question, but Gallant filed a human rights complaint after they asked for a few weeks to investigate.

“For his part, Gallant said the city’s suggestion that he speak to the teams directly struck him as a deferral of responsibility.

“I thought they were blowing me off”, he said.

“He’s seeking that the city acknowledge the logos are discriminatory, remove them from all arenas, and stop paying subsidies to any team that keeps a “racially insensitive” {As defined by whom?} name or logo. (The city gives a discounted ice rental to youth leagues and organizations — so a minor hockey league pays less for ice time than a beer league.)

“If the ‘tribunal’ rules in his favour, legal experts say it could have ramifications for other municipalities across Ontario.

“Gallant testified at the tribunal hearing for more than four hours on Monday…


“Gallant took issue with five minor hockey teams that play around Mississauga: the Mississauga Reps and Braves, both of which use a logo similar to the Chicago Blackhawks; the Mississauga Chiefs, which uses an arrowhead in its logo; the Meadowvale Mohawks; and the Lorne Park Ojibwa.

The Mississauga Chiefs said they consulted a local ‘First Nation’ when designing their new logo in 2011. And the Ojibwa changed their name this year to the Wild — though Gallant said the old name and logo are still displayed on championship banners in city rinks.

“Just by “hanging them on the walls”, the city was perpetuating negative stereotypes, he said.

“Questioning Gallant Monday, city lawyer Brian Wasyliw read out a ‘Facebook’ post Gallant wrote in 2013 — roughly two years before he filed the human rights complaint in 2015.

“Names like Chicago Blackhawks, Lorne Park Ojibwe and Meadowvale Mohawks”, Gallant wrote, “are respectful as well as indicative of regional history.” {!}

“On Monday, however, Gallant said he his opinion had ‘evolved’ since writing the post in 2013… {It’s still just an opinion and you shouldn’t be able to force others to agree…}

-‘Human Rights Tribunal asked to ban ‘racist’ hockey team names from local arenas’,
Jake Edmiston, National Post, Nov.21, 2016


Brad Gallant (Photo: VINCE TALOTTA - Toronto Star)
Brad Gallant (Photo: VINCE TALOTTA – Toronto Star)

“He told the National Post,

“It’s not just a question of whether some people are thin skinned… the question is, (whether) it’s demeaning to a group of people to use a representation of their characteristics or history as a logo for your sports team which has no connection to their community.”

This nonsense alone should have this fellow’s complaint thrown in the trash can. First of all, he claims membership in a brand-new ‘tribe’ in Newfoundland, but he’s now living on land that the Mississaugas of the New Credit were paid for, more than once.
{https://endracebasedlaw.wordpress.com/2015/08/14/the-toronto-purchase-3/ }

As has been mentioned, the Mississaugas of the New Credit not only ‘claim a connection’ to the larger community, but have approved the name — and helped design — the arrowhead logo for the team!

Furthermore, his ‘connection’ was the fact that his two daughters played on the team until he withdrew them…


‘Mississauga Chiefs keep their name with ‘First Nations’ blessing’

“In the heated debate over teams with ‘indigenous’ names and logos, one Mississauga team is keen on keeping theirs — and it has an ‘indigenous’ community’s blessing.

“The Mississauga Chiefs, who play in the ‘Mississauga Girls Hockey League’, have had the name since the team’s inception but their logo, an arrowhead, was designed more recently after a dialogue with the Mississaugas of the New Credit ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 2,441 people}.

“I don’t believe they have to change (their name)”, said New Credit Chief Stacey Laforme. “They’re not the only people who have chiefs. We have police chiefs, fire chiefs … I don’t find it offensive and they represent themselves in a good way and they have met with us to talk. I think it’s an opportunity to educate them and to educate the fans.”

“The Chiefs were among five hockey teams in Mississauga cited in a complaint to the ‘Human Rights’ Tribunal’ of Ontario over team names and logos deemed “racially insensitive”.

“Brad Gallant, of Qalipu Mi’kmaq ancestry, filed the complaint, which asks the city of Mississauga to end its “subsidy” to five hockey teams using ‘indigenous’ names or logos, and for the city to remove their mascots and banners from municipal property.

“I realize that the mascots are the most visual and constant barrier to change”, Gallant said. “So long as you think you can do what you want with another person’s culture, then it’s kind of hard for them to get respect for that culture.”
{Respect is earned, not demanded…}

“The hearing for Gallant’s complaint is set for Nov. 21-23, but the Mississauga Chiefs are hopeful that the tribunal will ‘let them’ keep their name.

{‘Tribunals’ are historically used in exceptional circumstances – like court martials in time of war – but have no place in the normal course of affairs due to their denial of fundamental legal rights, a denial that makes their very name a mockery. These Canadian anachronisms are unconstitutional and need to be abolished. For a start, Canadians need to stand up and refuse to abide by their rulings…}

‘Mississauga Girls Hockey League’ President Marian Jacko, an Ojibwa woman whose daughters play on the team, said she doesn’t find the name offensive

“In her statement to the ‘Human Rights’ Tribunal’, Jacko wrote:

“It is only through these positive relationships and positive promotion of our Indigenous background and identity that our children and future generations will see reconciliation become a reality.”

–‘Mississauga Chiefs keep their name with ‘First Nations’ blessing’,
AZZURA LALANI, Toronto Star, Oct. 25, 2016



“Founded in 1967, the ‘Mississauga Girls Hockey League’ adopted the Chiefs moniker in the 1980s and have changed their logo a few times from the original image resembling that of the Chicago Blackhawks from the ‘National Hockey League’.

“Two teams, the Mississauga Reps and Braves, still use a logo similar to the Blackhawks, the Reps because of their affiliation with the now-defunct Dixie Beehives, who used to be a feeder system for the Blackhawks.

“The Reps ran both AA and major teams, but dropped the AA teams, which led to the birth of the Mississauga Braves.

The Blackhawks nickname is derived from the 86th Infantry “Blackhawk” Division, a unit of the United States Army in the First and Second World Wars. Frederic McLaughlin, the first owner of the hockey team, was part of that infantry.

“Chiefs President Phil Cancilla said his club’s latest logo, an arrowhead design created about four years ago, was developed with consultation from the Mississaugas of the New Credit ‘First Nation’.

“We also talked about the name itself”, Cancilla said. “They gave us some good information and pointed out that there have been many female chiefs now over the last 25 years, so the name chief wasn’t something that was hurtful or disrespectful in their minds. They were happy with our past and didn’t see any problems with our new logo.”

–‘Mississauga man calls nicknames for city hockey teams offensive’,
Iain Colpitts, Mississauga News, Mar. 12, 2015



“…in 2008 the Government of Canada and the Federation of the Newfoundland Indians reached an agreement to create the new Qalipu Mi’kmaq Indian ‘First Nation’.”

‘Have you applied to join the Qalipu Mi’kmaq ‘First Nation’?’
The Folly of Race Categories — ‘Everybody’s An ‘Aboriginal’:

“In the fall of 2011, in what a government press release deemed an “historic occasion”, the department of Aboriginal Affairs granted official ‘Indian Act’ status to the Newfoundland Mi’kmaq, a group that had been denied any claim to aboriginal title ever since the province’s 1949 entry into Confederation.

“But in the months since, an unanticipated 100,000 people, the equivalent of more than one-fifth of Newfoundland’s total population, have stepped forward with ancestry claims

Applicants did not need to live in Newfoundland and even had some wiggle room on the question of aboriginal heritage. As indicated on the Qalipu website, THE ‘FIRST NATIONS’ ENROLMENT COMMITTEE NEEDED ONLY TO BE ASSURED THAT ABORIGINAL HERITAGE WAS “MORE LIKELY THAN UNLIKELY.” {!!!}

–‘Ottawa rushes to tighten up entry rules before 70,000 Canadians are declared Mi’kmaq’,
Tristin Hopper, National Post, May 8, 2013 {CAPS added}



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