Derek and Michele arrive at a good place

~~From Michele: Hey Derek, it’s like some cosmic trip… I had a vision, too! We both “arrived at a good place” together, on t.v. I want to come fast with you in a Teepee behind Parliament Hill. You said anyone was welcome. Pick me, pick me! It’s on your government’s dime though, o.k.? The same way all the native leaders’ trips are ultimately on my government’s dime. In the spirit of “reconciliation” and all.~~ERBLDerekAndMicheleArriveAtAGoodPlace800x800HEAR THIS POST in AUDIO (our new feature):
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‘The grand chief of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs is preparing for a four-day ceremonial fast on the island below Parliament Hill next month, so that he can arrive at a “good place” spiritually before he and other indigenous leaders start working with the new Liberal government.’ 

‘Derek Nepinak says it’s not about him or a specific cause. It’s about the power of ceremony.’

“I myself had received a vision of myself fasting in Ottawa”, he said.

“I observed protocol and I spoke to some of my spiritual leaders, and they gave me guidance.”

~~From Michele: Awesome, me too! I observed protocol and I also spoke to some of my spiritual leaders, and they too gave me guidance. What a coincidence!~~

‘He said he’s been getting encouragement from those spiritual leaders in recent weeks, telling him the time is now.’

“I think it’s important that people understand that this isn’t my fast … I’m just announcing it”, he said.

“I’ve been identified as someone who can announce this and start to draw people to the centre of the ceremony and where the fire will be.”

~~From Michele: It seems hard to believe, but ditto for me too, Summer Bear. But I’ll bet you your best Steelie that I can light a fire under you faster than you can the kid on the hill.

~~Want to make a date to debate on national television? We should start our own show, and let the Canadian public hear an alternative to the race blame game….that FAMOUS never-ending stream of never EVER challenged race dialogue of unrelenting racism that’s the core ceremonial mindset of your people — elders and spiritual leaders and all.

~~On the show, we could invite all the native supremacist leaders to answer to OUR (coming soon) “ERBL Truth & Reconciliation Recommendations”, which we feel are a vast improvement on Justice Murray Sinclair’s racist version of “Truth and Reconciliation Recommendations”, so be prepared to listen to what Canadians want, like you expect Canada to listen to what you…your race, want. It’s ALL about race, isn’t it, Nepinak? NepinakRockingHorse~~Your race agendas are nauseatingly self-centred, self-inflicted, melodramatic, exclusionary, segregationist, anti-democratic, full of bullying and blaming and the most racist dialogue on the continent (no one else comes close). So, as you’re camping out on OUR Parliament Hill, demanding more than anyone else, of OUR elected officials (of which you are NOT), just remember this…. You should stand there and fast for the millions that race agendas exclude, abuse, blame, extort from, marginalize (more like ignore, except to use as self-imposed enemies) and dehumanize as a culture, a people and the keepers of this land. The way we are spoken to is unlike anything anyone ever did to the natives. No one in Canada could EVER get away with saying the shockingly racist, abusive and downright terrorizing things the natives say to people who are not their race. No one else could ever pull off saying that all this land belongs to only their race, and that all the resources do too, in a litany of racial abuses. It’s highway robbery; it’s racist bullying and abuse the likes of which are so unacceptable; yet, no one knows how to say “No”, or they get crucified.

~~Nepinak, you and other race agendists want to attack Ottawa about child protection taking your kids? How about stop costing us innocent taxpayers for not taking better care of your kids? How about camping out at, and on, every reserve, as a protest to the drinking, domestic violence, child abuse, and incest issues that face many who can’t seem to get the REAL help they need, because rock-star gangster leaders can’t care enough to get past their own celebrity grandstanding, pretending they’re saving “my people”. All they’re ever doing is bullying millions in order to keep their people (race)entrenched, stuck, and on an endless cycle of race resentments that have become the only true identity in all their days, nights, thoughts and deeds. Whatever once-proud people they were, they are now reduced to a dialogue repeated to such a frenzied, exaggerated, and destructive level, that nothing else seems able to grow in it’s toxic environment. 

“He’s (Derek Nepinak) been preparing for the fast by exercising and maintaining a diet of traditional foods, including elk, moose and blueberries, as well as exercising to build up his strength.”

~~From Michele: Again, uncanny Derek, except I have been preparing for the fast by maintaining a diet of traditional foods such as Perogies, Borscht and rye bread, with some to-die-for Polish pickles. (I don’t discriminate.) Ukrainian Dinner~~Can you guess what culture and “peoples” my ancestors were from, Derek? I gave you a couple of hints. Did you know that Canada has many, MANY peoples from around the world — not just some from England — all of whom had WAY worse pasts than the aboriginals? They all went to school, too. In fact, they even built the schools, and taught in them, and raised a nation of Canadians, all of whom seem to be doing ok. They’re all the people who pay and pay and pay and pay, just because people of your race went to school, too. They also pay for all those kids who had to be removed from native homes, so don’t you dare even think about trying to extort YET MORE money off of them, for having to remove kids from at risk homes in the first place.

~~THAT…that very thing you do…you race leaders, oh heck, let’s just call it what it is, you ‘NATIVE SUPREMACISTS’, to make others deal with your issues, then to sue them for it later, then to make them deal with that, then to sue them for that later, then to make them take care of that, only to sue them again at every turn no matter how much YOU asked for, wanted, needed, and even demanded it…..”THAT is what we will be addressing in our “Truth and Reconciliation Recommendations”, the “getting us coming and going” game.

~~Aboriginal parents agreed to, and wanted their kids to have an education. Why are native leaders not to blame for their own participation in going to school, and why are they now only blaming people who are not their race, for their problems? Why is ALCOHOL not the number one thing they talk about, when it’s the number one problem, and NOTHING anyone does, and NO AMOUNT OF MONEY will change anything, if alcohol abuse is not dealt with?

~~Things got worse after those schools were closed, much worse.


~~DO THE MATH. NO-ALCOHOL-facebook~~It was, and it is alcohol, not school, that did and does, and will continue to do the damage. Alcohol. Alcohol. Alcohol. That none of them will make this issue their number one priority, goes to show how insincere they really are in any sort of “reconciliation”. How dare they keep milking and manipulating us all like this, not one ounce of accountability for any of it, decade after failed decade of their miserably racist blame game leadership. A bloody industry built on race blame and abuse of people who are not their race. It’s terrible what they’re doing to their own, and to the rest of us who all pay for it, and are forced, BULLIED into baring the shame they refuse to, and who are consistently left the only ones accountable. Anyone not their race, is to blame and must pay.

~~Aboriginal leadership like Derek Nepinak seems to have many fancy (read: manipulative) words, and smokescreen fires, all winds pointing in one direction only…towards the self-imposed enemy, this fabled “white” man they can’t seem to accept, even 500 years later. They’ll accept the money, the modern toys, but not the people or even the concept of the people and the fluid culture they are building together. Spiritual leaders forbid they should ever, dare I say it….ASSIMILATE!!! (screams of horror! do not play with those “white” kids!!!)

~~So, Nepinak…Summer Bear…we come in hopes of RECONCILIATORY talks with you and other race agendists, aka Native Supremacists. The Canadian government has a fiduciary responsibility to look after Aboriginals, because of the very racist Section 91 (24), which favours the Chiefs (like you) in massively disproportionate degrees, so no more of that forked-tongue talk, Nepinak — it’s sure as hell not going to be you saving people who happen to be your race. How about you fast from alcohol for life, and really set the right example. And how about you talk about that subject, and only that subject. Betcha more gets solved on that path, than on the one you’re currently on.

~~No, really….I’ll actually bet you.Nepinakidle-7‘”I would certainly say that there’s a spirit of reconciliation that’s in the air amongst indigenous people and non-indigenous people, and I believe that spirit of reconciliation creates outcomes,” he said.’ 

~~From Michele: Nepinak…we are NOT “non” anything, you disrespectful race bully, we are “Canadians” who come from many races, cultures, ancestries and stories, so how about you grab some class and speak properly to, and in reference of, the people who pay your salary, whom your people call “slaves”.

~~NOT AT ALL RECONCILIATORY, SO DO YOUR PART….yes, your part…”reconciliation” means 2 parties.

~~YOU DO NOT “non” ANYONE, DO YOU UNDERSTAND? It’s dehumanizing, and it’s racist as hell.

~~Oh, and Derek, since we seem to be like soul sisters or something, I’ll give you another hint….. My father is a water treatment expert, so I know that water can be treated, and so can sewage. All you have to do is fix things when they break, when people take the time and spend the money to build sewage plants for you, and lay pipe to bring water. How about you Chiefs investing in water treatment courses for your youth? Good idea, huh? I have lots of them, so I am looking forward to talking about it on national television. Give your race-catering buddies at the CBC at call and make it happen, will ya? I know you can.


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