‘Chiefs Free To Steal Again’

Race Based Law rolls over our democracy once again:

A lone lawyer-Judge has been able to sideline the ‘First Nations’ Transparency Act’ – at least temporarily – while tribes try to have the Act quashed in court. The Judge also paid the Bands’ court costs – courtesy of the Canadian taxpayers – and told them they could come back any time for damage claims, if they can prove harm from the government enforcing the Act.

The ‘Transparency Act’ was designed to bring accountability to tribal finances, an area that has seen extensive fraud. It remains to be seen if Trudeau, Jr. will fulfill his election promise of repealing the Act. If so, that would negate these court cases and leave Chiefs and band councils free to plunder for the indefinite future. For now, temporary plundering rights have been restored…ERBLChiefsFreeToStealAgain800x800“A federal court judge has sided with ‘First Nations’ who had resisted a new law intended to force disclosure of detailed Band financial information.

“The 24-page ruling was issued Friday by Federal Court of Canada ‘Justice’ Robert Barnes. It orders the federal government to cease legal efforts to compel disclosure against a number of ‘First Nations’ in Saskatchewan and other provinces.

Wallace Fox, chief or “Okimaw” of the Onion Lake Cree ‘Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 4,780 people} near Lloydminster, said he’s pleased with the decision.

“Our ‘Nation’ does not believe that the legislation is valid – it violates ‘our Peoples’ ‘right of privacy’,” {!}

Fox said in a written statement Sunday evening.

{Frustrated Band members have been denied accountability {See stories below}. Might that explain the hesitancy in revealing his Band’s finances…?}

“The ‘First Nations’ Financial Transparency Act’ came into effect this year. Onion Lake and other bands said it violated both treaty and ‘aboriginal {race} rights’, as well as the ‘Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms’ {?}.

“The federal government had cut off some funding to the bands as penalty for their refusal. Fox had said in an affidavit that the government had withheld more than $1 million, affecting the benefits of Onion Lake’s 800 employees as well as the construction of 15 homes on the reserve. {The Judge, in his ruling, pointed out that little evidence had been offered on these points.}

“The ruling stopped short of awarding the bands any compensation, other than a few thousand dollars in costs {$7,000, plus undisclosed travel costs for four lawyers}. It stated more evidence is required than Fox’s affidavit. However, the judge said Bands can reapply for compensation {of course} if they can bring more evidence to court at a later date.

“Barnes also chastised the government for its unilateral action and “failure to consult” with the bands {That’s nonsense – it was drafted at the initiative, and with the participation of, reserve aboriginals}. He said that will likely be a factor in future decisions.

“The Crown has an ongoing legal obligation to consult {all 630 ‘nations’?} and the minister is required to consider the prejudicial effects of further administrative action on the members of these Bands … those most affected are the members of the Bands and their interests are worthy of careful consideration”, Barnes wrote.

{Then why have you just injured the interests of “the members of the Bands” with this ruling?}

Fox is calling on the federal government to reinstate funding as a sign of “good faith”. If not, Fox said, Barnes has “left the door open” for them to pursue the matter again in court.”

–‘Judge sides with ‘First Nations’ band who had resisted a new law intended to force financial disclosure’,
Jason Warick, Postmedia News, October 26, 2015 



Onion Lake produces about 20,000 barrels a day of oil from ‘its territory’, which is in Saskatchewan near the Alberta border…

“Clayton Tootoosis, 24, a band member of Onion Lake Cree ‘Nation’, said he’s been asking Fox personally to disclose his salary, expenses and travel spending for several years, and he’s never been given any information.

“I am asking for the information that would be revealed under the law”, said Tootoosis. “I want that information because I want transparency and accountability within my own community.”

“Tootoosis said that he’s upset Fox and the band council are using the band’s money to fight Ottawa on the issue. He said that Onion Lake is not truly sovereign, but is still under the ‘Indian Act’.

“I’m outraged that they would be using our band funds to fight a personal vendetta against the government”, said Tootoosis. “This disclosure will compromise them as chief and council. There is a rumour going around that what they make is ridiculous and if people find out, they could be on the chopping block.”

–‘Top oil producing ‘First Nation’ launches $50 million court action against Ottawa over ‘First Nation’ financial transparency legislation’,
Jorge Barrera, APTN, November 26, 2014

‘First Nations’ Financial Transparency Act may fizzle out with court ruling, says expert’,
CBC News, Oct. 26, 2015


Sawridge 'FN'“Sawridge ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 389 people} and Onion Lake Cree ‘Nation’ sought to either completely stop the federal government from enforcing the Act, or stop enforcement until two legal challenges to the legislation are heard.

“The Court decided that because of the seriousness of the issues (the legal challenges are based on ‘aboriginal and treaty rights’ {which is ridiculous and should have caused it to be thrown out of court}) and the need for a full evidentiary record, the federal government should not be allowed to enforce the Act while the two legal challenges are pending. Consequently, the Court granted a stay of the federal government’s enforcement efforts.

“Onion Lake also sought an injunction against the federal government related to its withholding of funding for so-called non-essential services. The Court decided not to grant the injunction due to a lack of evidence about the effect of the government’s actions on the ‘First Nations’. The Court left open the possibility of an injunction in the future should the ‘First Nations’ provide more evidence that withholding funding is causing them serious harm.”

–‘Court Stops Enforcement of ‘First Nations’ Financial Transparency Act’,
Bruce McIvor, ‘First Peoples’ Law, Oct. 25, 2015

From the ruling:

All of the respondents have refused to comply with these provisions {‘First Nations’ Financial Accountability Act’} and they seek to challenge the constitutionality of the legislation on the basis of their asserted Treaty and ‘aboriginal {race} rights’. They also maintain that the Act violates Sections 15, 25, and 35 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms…or breaches the Crown’s ‘fiduciary duties’.”

“Sawridge ‘FN’ has already initiated another court case,

“challenging the constitutional validity of the Act based on Sawridge’s asserted aboriginal and Treaty rights, a breach of fiduciary and Trust obligations, a breach of its {non-existent} ‘right’ to self-government, a breach of the duty to consult, and a violation of the equality provisions guaranteed by Section 15 of the Charter.”

Onion Lake ‘FN’ also claims 

“Charter-based discrimination, a failure to consult, a breach of fiduciary duties, and a breach of promises made by the Crown in Treaty 6.”

–Decision of Justice Barnes dated October 23, 2015:
http://www.firstpeopleslaw.com/database/files/library/Decision_of_Justice_Barnes_dated_October_23_2015.pdfERBLCrunchTime600x600For Background:

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If you’d like to follow the transparency issues that involve Onion Lake Cree ‘Nation’, this off-reserve member’s Facebook page is the place to start – ‘Onion Lake Accountability’:

“This has been started to inform band members and to allow accountability for finances. Transparency is important for growth, whether accepted or not!!! As a Band member, you are entitled to information…”

“interesting how direct emails not returned. Government laws not followed. Do as you wish with everything and answer to no one. speeches of bloodline and control. what a way to operate and build a community. thumbs up Onion lake cree nation. The reserve is full of crooks and thiefs. more than you will admit.{Aug.17, 2015}

“yes, I have tried many times to get financial information. have yet to even get a reply back. must be nice to have a jobs that you don’t have to answer to no one? … Not to mention the financial officer running the band office. good goals noted on the website-NOT. What are the goals I ask- no reply. organized crime is what I see in this organization.” {Aug.18, 2015}



There’s more from Chief Fox’s ‘nation’. From June, 2014:

“The results of a recent election in Onion Lake Cree ‘Nation’ have one woman declaring herself on a hunger strike.

“Charmaine Stick believes the re-election of Chief Wallace Fox was fixed. She also says over $500 million of oil-revenue has been mismanaged by the current leadership, as her community lives in poverty.

“Our people are starving, we’re still living in over-crowded houses”, said Stick. “With that amount of money, we shouldn’t even have a welfare system in our reserve. Our people should be well off financially.”

“Stick’s hunger strike began after the June 18 election…”

–‘Hunger strike on Onion Lake ‘First Nation’,
Jill Sperling, Prince Albert NOW, June 27, 2014

COMMENT: “I myself have tried getting certain documents pertaining to land and lease agreements made on behalf of Onion Lake Cree ‘Nation’, but to no avail; instead, RCMP were called and the officer asked me to kindly quit harassing authority figures, as they felt I was in some way threatening them?? Too funny, eh???”
“… Charmaine Stick…is living in a tent; and drinking only water and tea while on strike.

“Fox won by 124 votes, but Stick says that there were voting irregularities… Stick says that half of the band supports her in the strike…

“The strike is causing a significant rift in the community as Fox is Stick’s uncle, and the conflict is causing a divide in the family.

“I have to take criticism, putdowns, and dirty looks from my other fellow family members and it’s not easy”, Stick says while crying. “It hurts me that I have to speak against my own uncle.”

–‘Onion Lake woman holding hunger strike over her uncle’s re-election’,
CTV Saskatoon, June 27, 2014


hungerstrikeOnionLakeCharmaine Stick, July 13, 2014: 

“Got asked yesterday “so did u get what u wanted from ur hunger strike u were on”?

“Me: it wasn’t about what I wanted, n yes I believe we accomplished something… for starters it was to bring awareness to our ppl, for us to realize how the ppl’s silence gives power to those in leadership who choose to allow “politics” to overcome TRUE leadership…

“it was a means of getting word out that this fraudulent non transparency bull crap our ppl go thru is happening all over our world! It was a way of waking up ppl n saying is this what we have become? Have we allowed ourselves to be so destroyed n uncaring that we have unknowingly fallen into the darkness with eyes wide open??

“Yes it was also to bring out truth of the ongoing deception we have been dished out by certain leadership… tbh it was the hardest choice I have had to make… to go against my own uncle Chief Wallace Fox, and to be ridiculed, laughed at, put down, n spoken of in many rude disrespectful ways by some olcn members n sadly by FAMILY who are too one sided to try understand or even care about the real reason why I did it!!

“13 days I sat at that 4-way stop, not for show or to become popular… I did it bcuz the way I see it, if we continue the way we have been, we will see more n more ppl being homeless n starving in the future… our ppl need to wake up…{…}

“So many reasons why I went on my hunger strike and I felt I had to stand up to these crooks n the fraud that was being committed on our ppl right in front of our eyes.. nvr would I have thought that OLCN would ever have $500 million dollars!! Learning this n being given info of $ structure within our nation was appalling…{…}

“…AND AS FOR U WALLACE FOX… why did u not show up on that Sunday to have a talk like I kindly asked u to? Why can’t u just be honest with ur ppl like we wanted? For someone who likes to b.s so much n be ever ready to talk to media, u sure were scared (or maybe just didn’t care) to talk with little ol me with all my papers of proof of ur wrong doings… so glad I am nothing like u cuz if I was I coulda went straight to media n lawyers with all my info but I was nice n I thought of the honest ppl who would be hurt by that kinda action so I did what I did peacefully… THE PEOPLE ARE THE POWER!!”

“OLCN is an oil rich country n yet we have ppl living in third world conditions, n its ok cuz c&c say its ok?? I been slapped in da face literally by my own family, sworn at, gossiped about, laughed at, scorned n being sent plain old hatred… roll all this into one n u know what u got?? A human being that has been pushed to thoughts of suicide n depression, all bcuz of fighting for the right reasons!! But no I smudge n pray that I continue to be strong n continue to take ppl’s crap!! I knew it was going to be a hard battle but I didn’t expect this to go as far as it did!

“The corruption pot has only gotten bigger as I did more n more research n received more documents of proof n its disgusting!! I want to thank all the ppl near n far who were there for me n my family during my hunger strike as well as being there for me now n always… and for those with their negative crap keep it up maybe eventually u’ll succeed n ur negativity will one day kill a person!!! If c&c had nothing to hide why ain’t they posting their awesome transparency on the web site provided??? Have a good day, praying for all the blind mice in this world.”

Wallace Fox, chief of the Onion Lake Cree ‘Nation’ near Lloydminster, Sask. (Gord Waldner-The StarPhoenix)
Wallace Fox, chief of the Onion Lake Cree ‘Nation’ near Lloydminster, Sask. (Gord Waldner-The StarPhoenix)

And then there’s also this, from two days ago:

‘Onion Lake Chief Fox facing dangerous weapon, assault charges related to domestic incident’

“Onion Lake Cree ‘Nation’ Chief Wallace Fox is facing multiple charges stemming from a domestic incident which occurred in the Cree community on May 18, the Saskatchewan RCMP said in a statement Monday.

“Fox is facing two counts of assault, one count of possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose related to the use of a knife and one count of uttering threats to damage property, the RCMP statement said…

“Fox rose to national prominence during the height of the ‘Idle No More’ movement. He was one of the chiefs who marched into Centre Block on Parliament Hill in the fall of 2012, demanding an audience with the prime minister…” {See immediately below…}

http://aptn.ca/news/2015/10/26/onion-lake-chief-fox-assault-dangerous-weapon-charges-related-to-domestic-incident/Mahadabee,Day,Fox-HouseOfCommonsAttemptedInvasion-2012FB‘Chiefs take fight to House of Commons’ doorstep’ {2012}

‘First Nations’ chiefs clashed with Parliament Hill security guards Tuesday after they tried to {forcefully} enter the House of Commons and deliver a message to the Harper government that the time for talk had passed.

“Surrounded by the crush of video cameras and bathed in the glow of TV lights, the chiefs from Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario served notice that they now planned to take “direct action” against the Harper government.

“The dramatic confrontation lasted for only about 30 seconds when chiefs relented and pulled back from their attempt to enter the green-carpeted chamber where the laws of the land get debated and only MPs and chamber officials are allowed to enter.

Anishinabek ‘Nation’ Grand Council Chief Patrick Madahbee led the attempted walk into the chamber and was flanked by Serpent River ‘First Nation’ Chief Isadore Day, Onion Lake Cree ‘Nation’ Chief Wallace Fox and Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs Grand Derek Nepinak.

“We were asked to come in here”, said Madahbee. {Liar…}

“No, not in the chamber”, said a Parliament Hill security guard.

“We need to go into the House of Commons”, said Day.We allowed them onto this land {?}. We signed treaties with this government.”

“But the security guards barred the way.

“You are not going to accomplish anything by rushing into the Commons chamber”, said the guard.

“We are not rushing, we are trying to walk in, if you get the hell out of the road!” said Madahbee.

“Moments earlier, oil-rich Onion Lake Cree ‘Nation’ Chief Wallace Fox confronted Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver.

“Fox, who is planning to travel to Vienna later this month to a meeting of the OPEC oil cartel, challenged Oliver on what he said was Ottawa’s policy to strip away the ‘rights’ of ‘indigenous peoples’ to their {ancestors’ former} lands.

“I think we can work together as partners to achieve what you want to achieve which is full respect for your rights”, said Oliver. {?}

“There is an ‘inherent right’, the land belongs to our people. Why is government policy and legislation always wanting us to surrender the land? To cede and surrender?” said Fox.

{No one wants you to “surrender the land” – Your ancestors already did, in ‘Treaty 6’:

“The Plain and Woods Cree Tribes of Indians, and all other the Indians inhabiting the district hereinafter described and defined, do hereby CEDE, RELEASE, SURRENDER and YIELD UP to the Government of the Dominion of Canada, for Her Majesty the Queen and Her successors FOREVER, ALL THEIR RIGHTS, TITLES and PRIVILEGES, whatsoever, to the LANDS included within the following limits…”
{There follows a lengthy description of the territory ceded, released, surrendered, etc.}

“And also their rights, titles and privileges whatsoever to ALL OTHER LANDS wherever situated in the North-West Territories, or IN ANY OTHER PROVINCE OR PORTION OF HER MAJESTY’S DOMINIONS, SITUATED AND BEING WITHIN THE DOMINION OF CANADA.

“The tract comprised within the lines above described EMBRACING AN AREA OF 120,000 SQUARE MILES, be the same more or less.

“To have and to hold the same to Her Majesty the Queen and Her successors FOREVER…”
http://www.aadnc-aandc.gc.ca/eng/1100100028710/1100100028783 }

“What we are looking for is equal partnership {?}. That is what our government wants to do”, said Oliver, before retreating back into the Chamber. “We are going to continue to work on behalf of all the people of Canada.”

Your law and your legislation won’t mean a damn thing to us {!}, it won’t work”, said Madahbee.

“It was Fox who had called the chiefs that morning to leave the plush confines of the ‘Hilton’ hotel at the ‘Lac Leamy Casino’ in Gatineau, Que., cross the Ottawa River and take their message to Parliament Hill. The chiefs are meeting there this week as part of their annual Assembly of ‘First Nations’ special chiefs assembly.

“We tried to enter into the house in order to deliver our message to all Members of Parliament and Prime Minister Stephen Harper in a peaceful way that our ‘inherent and Treaty Rights’ aren’t negotiable. We weren’t consulted on ‘C-45’, which outlines a new legislation on land surrender, and wanted to be included in these discussions”, said Fox in a statement issued late in the day.

“These actions have strained an already fragile relationship. We have no other choice now but to take a course that will have impacts on all Canadians.”

“About 200 people, included chiefs from across the country answered the call and gathered on the steps leading to Parliament Hill’s Centre Block. The rally began at about 1 p.m. as chiefs trickled in one by one. They then marched towards the Peace Tower where they were met by a steel barricade and RCMP officers.

“During speeches, Nepinak approached one officer and asked why they weren’t allowed through. He was told they were to stay on the other side…”

–‘Chiefs take fight to House of Commons’ doorstep’,
Jorge Barrera, APTN, December 4, 2012




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