‘Exploration Company Pushes Back’

The race-based ‘parallel government’ structure that our courts and aboriginal leadership are imposing on Canada has screwed around yet another mining company, and they’re fighting back: ERBLExplorationCompanyPushesBack800x800“Mineral exploration firm ‘Doubleview Capital Corp.’ is suing Chad Norman Day, the president of the ‘Tahltan Central Government’, and others for…unlawfully blocking the company’s drilling and sampling work at its ‘Hat Property’, about 200 kilometres south of Atlin, B.C. 

“Doubleview filed a notice of civil claim in BC Supreme Court on September 8, naming Day and other unknown persons as defendants who are…

“impeding exploration on the Hat Property”.

“The company claims it started drilling, core logging, cutting and sampling work at the property, which has no road access,

“to determine if copper and gold exist in amounts sufficient to support a mining operation.”

“On July 7, Doubleview claims Day and others arrived at the property in a helicopter to shut down the work. The drilling was being carried out by non-party ‘Tahltan Drilling Services Ltd.’, and Day allegedly met with all Tahltan workers, who stopped drilling after meeting with Day and other blockaders calling themselves “Tahltan representative elders”.

“Day and two others… refused to leave the property

“until they were satisfied that drilling had ceased and threatened they intend to continue to trespass if drilling proceeds”, the claim states.

“From about July 7, 2015, to the present time, the defendants by blockading and threatening future blockades have interfered with plaintiff’s, and their contractors’ and employees’, use and enjoyment of the Hat Property”.

“Doubleview further claims that the blockade was a means to cause the British Columbia government to negotiate with the Tahltan ‘First Nation’.

“The company seeks an injunction to restrain and prohibit present and future blockades, and damages for trespass, nuisance, inducing breach of contract, intentional interference with economic interests, INTIMIDATION and CONSPIRACY…”

–‘Lawsuit of the week: Mining exploration firm claims ‘First Nation’ blockade a ploy to force B.C. government to negotiate’,
Business in Vancouver, Sept. 22, 2015 {CAPS added}

https://www.biv.com/article/2015/9/lawsuit-week-mining-exploration-firm-claims-first-/ logo-doubleview-capital-corporation“Farshad Shirvani, Doubleview President and CEO, commented

“Doubleview was issued a five-year exploration and drilling permit by the Ministry of Mines and Energy after meeting the requirements for consultation with ‘First Nations’.

“We have dealt respectfully with the Tahltan ‘Nation’ ever since we commenced first-ever drilling at the Hat in 2013. Exploration in this district has been carried out for more than half a century and ‘Tahltan Drilling Services’ has been contracted for all of Doubleview’s drilling to date.

“Our aim is to resume drilling as quickly as possible…”


Tahltan elders and Central Council officials blockaded a mining company's access - July, 2015 (IMAGE-Tahltan Central Council)
Tahltan elders and Central Council officials blockaded a mining company’s access – July, 2015 (IMAGE-Tahltan Central Council)

‘First Nation’ elders blockade Taku tributary mine exploration’

“Elders from the Tahltan ‘Nation’ blockaded a mining company’s access to a tributary of the Taku River in early July, 2015…

“President  Chad Day said ‘Tahltan ‘Nation’ Development Corporation’, which is in part owned by the ‘Tahltan Central Council’, has “terminated its relationship” with ‘Tahltan Drilling Services Corporation’, and that the drilling company

“has been asked to change its name to remove any confusion that its involvement in a project could indicate Tahltan support…”

{He doesn’t comment on the aboriginal workers — members of his own tribe — who lost employment…}

–‘First Nation’ elders blockade Taku tributary mine exploration’,


Taku River Tlingit ‘First Nation’And then, of course, there’s this:

“The Tahltans are not the only tribal group with claims to the area. The Taku River Tlingit ‘First Nation’ has an extensive land-use plan negotiated with the provincial government that includes the Sheslay river and valley.

“That plan shows at least part of the area open to some development. Taku Tlingit leaders could not be immediately reached for comment.

“The British Columbia’s Ministry of Mines issued Doubleview an exploration permit about three years ago. The agency says that came after consulting with the Tahltan and Taku ‘First Nations’.”


Tahltan blockading yet another mining company, October, 2014
Tahltan blockading yet another mining company, October, 2014

“Doubleview Capital Corp. is a Canadian resource exploration and development company located in Vancouver British Columbia. Doubleview is a publicly trading company on TSX-Venture Exchange under ‘TSX.V: DBV’. Doubleview identifies, acquires and finances quality base metal exploration mining projects in North America and more specifically British Columbia, Canada…”


Tahltan Klabona Keepers during another mining blockade, in 2013
Tahltan Klabona Keepers during another mining blockade, in 2013

And from earlier this year:

‘B.C. government buys coal licences to stop mining dispute’

“The B.C. government has devised a ‘unique’ solution to head off conflict between a ‘First Nations’ community and the developers of a proposed a coal mine, using its Crown corporation ‘BC Rail’ to buy and hold coal licences during talks with the Tahltan ‘Nation’ on managing the resource. 

“The province is paying $18.3-million to buy 61 licences from ‘Fortune Minerals Ltd.’ and ‘POSCO Canada Ltd.’, in a region dubbed the Sacred Headwaters in northwest British Columbia.

 “The province essentially will hold the coal licences in trust, while working with the Tahltan on a government-to-government discussion of how to manage development in the region.

 “The companies will be able to buy back the assets at their original price if they reach an agreement with the Tahltan in the next 10 years…

{And if not, the taxpayers are out another 18 million, courtesy of race based law.}

“Energy and Mines Minister Bill Bennett said the Tahltan Nation now have a veto over development of those 61 coal licences, which he described as a “beautiful” solution to an otherwise inevitable conflict.

{What an idiot! Even the Supreme Court has said that ‘Consult and Accommodate’ does NOT mean aboriginal bands have a veto over resource projects…}

 “Mr. Bennett defended the use of taxpayers’ dollars to reach a resolution, saying he fully expected the companies would sue the Crown if they could not open a mine and develop their coal licences…

{So, we can now expect this ‘solution’ every time that aboriginals veto a resource project? That’s not a ‘solution’…}

 –‘ B.C. government buys coal licences to stop mining dispute’,

JUSTINE HUNTER AND IAN BAILEY, Toronto Globe and Mail, May 05, 2015 

http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/british-columbia/bc-government-buys-coal-licences-to-stop-mining-dispute/article24251040/Tahltan_MooseHunting_BLOCKADE-2014The Tahltan leadership seem to just love setting up blockades. From 2014:

“A group of Tahltan elders has set up a roadblock on Highway 51 between Dease Lake and Telegraph Creek in an attempt to limit moose hunting in their territory.

“Anyone wishing to use the road is being asked to obtain ‘permission’ from the Tahltan Band Office.

“Those that don’t receive permission, particularly non-Tahltan hunters {That’s overt discrimination – contrary to the Canadian Human Rights Act}, may be stopped…”

And for those who think this is all because B.C. doesn’t have treaties, think again. The same backwardness is going on in treaty-covered Ontario:  

‘Shakedown’ (Northern Superior Sues Ontario over ‘Consult and Accommodate’) {September 21, 2015}: https://www.facebook.com/ENDRACEBASEDLAW/photos/a.336196793149227.59519.332982123470694/676003689168534/?type=3
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