‘Let’s Talk About Cultural Appropriation, Shall We?’

I made a video with this feathered headdress that I bought from an online store in Indonesia. They make beautiful headdresses, and I was free to buy and wear it, so I did.

ERBLLetsTalkAboutCulturalAppropriationShallWe800x800MY VIDEO GOT 20,000 HITS IN 24 HOURS, AND OVER 50,000 VIEWS IN LESS THAN A WEEK. I have closed it now, it was only up to make a point, and I sure did.

I got full-on death threats, abuse, hate and racism like no other post or video I have done…so far, and that’s saying something.

And do you know why it got so many views and so much hate mail? Because they go ballistic over everything that they can find to be offended by. It’s their way of life, their culture, to look very, very hard and see bad in everything, even respected and LOVED sports’ team logos.

They call it “cultural appropriation” and they say it as if they are being murdered and must stop the carnage, when they are the ONLY ones who ever saw bad in any of those sports’ team names and logos, and they foolishly directed us all to see what sissies they are being in attacking those gorgeous logos we all know and see as compliments to the strength and resilience of their warrior forefathers. They alone put a negative spin on those things. They alone dig deep to be victims 24 hours a day, everywhere they look. No one else is making fools of them, but them.

Washington_Redskins_Helmet600They do not care how they treat others and won’t listen to us tell them they have to change their racist, bullying ways and treat us better, so I knew if I put on the headdress, they’d listen…and did they ever. My video was about their racism and abuse, and they denied any and all abuse and racism by giving me death threats and telling me to “go home”, this is their land, and we are all racist white trash. I wish I were kidding.

Death Threat600Soooo…BECAUSE they are such a culture now-a-days of whining sissies who cry over everything they can possibly think of (unlike the warriors after whom logos were fashioned), and they NEVER think about what they do to offend others, being the biggest abusers of “cultural appropriation” and racism in North America, I figured it was time for another lesson.

Please note how the term “First Nation” is far more offensive than a gorgeous logo honoring warrior tribes of the past, or any costume. Both words are erroneous, downright false use, misleading, discriminatory, belittling, exclusionary, and VERY racist. They culturally misappropriated BOTH English words and changed their meaning.

“FIRST” means one — you can’t have 600+ “FIRSTS”, that is not what “FIRST” means. It means ONE, only ONE tribe can be first, not all, or it’s not the meaning of the word — and no one gave them permission to keep changing the meaning of ENGLISH words.

“NATION” is not what these tribes were, not what any tribes were. They were tribes, not nations. Those are two different meanings. They had no written language, no written laws or constitution, no economy, no borders, no maps, no claims staked, no property rights, no human rights, they just existed as ancient tribalists, so to take names that DO NOT FIT, THAT DO NOT APPLY, THAT THEY DID NOT EARN, THAT LEAVES ANYONE WHO IS NOT THEIR RACE, OUT, is a far more insidious, racist, abusive and offensive cultural MISappropriation than anything we could wear on our heads. But they are professional victims/bullies, so they cry wolf every day about anything they can find, while simultaneously denying they are accountable for anything, especially their own lives.

May 27, 2014. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick
May 27, 2014. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick

It’s our turn to be offended and I sure am, and have been for years, over those racist, misappropriated, and misused terminologies. I have never, and will never, call them “First Nations”. I consider it full-on racist bullying to make people bow to those terms. I will call them Aboriginals, natives, and “Earlier Tribes who all fought each other for the land and were NEVER a nation as Canada is, in the true definition of the PROPER meaning of ‘Nation’ “.

WHEN THEY SAY THEY OWN THE AIR WE (who are not their race) BREATHE….I AM MORE THAN OFFENDED, I STARTED A POLITICAL ORGANIZATION TO END RACE BASED LAW, just because I heard a Nisga’a band member literally say those beyond-racist words.

They use the racist term “First Nations” to make us all be reminded every time we use it, who they are, and who we are — second-class citizens who have no voice, have no land, have no country, and are slaves to one race. This is literally how they speak to us daily, and no elder or leader EVER denounces it or gives talks about how wrong it is. They can only talk about how wrong people who are not their race are, aka Canada.

HomeOnStolenNativeLandThis massive abuse of telling people who are not their race to “go home”, they are “on stolen land”, is the most terrorizing verbal abuse in North America. It’s so beyond offensive and so truly racist, it makes their logo claims seem even more nutty than they already are.

It’s our turn to stand up to the misuse of our language, our culture, our people, our way of life, our government, our hard work, our contributions, and our NATION…the ONLY SOVEREIGN NATION WE HAVE, WHO WATCHES OUT FOR ALL, NOT JUST A FEW BASED ON RACE AND ROYAL FAMILY.

These people are using being their race to stop our industry, bully our government, to attack and intimidate innocent taxpayers, when we don’t vote for them in any democratic process. They say they own all the land and have all the say, they take our money, blame us for every last thing in their lives, tell us to “go home” if we don’t like their tyranny and oppressive racism, and then they turn around and scream bloody murder over a…(it’s so hard to believe)…..a gorgeous logo everyone loves.

It’s so far out of whack now, it’s a joke. Stop catering to their every bullying tactic, and start being MORE offended than they are. Taking our country, our money and our land, and calling us all “genocidal murderers”, is a lot more to be offended by than a logo or a headdress. When they can grasp some accountability and show some respect, and stop play-acting victims at every turn, I still won’t stop wearing MY headdress, because it’s mine and I paid for it, and have the right to wear it in my FREE, democratic country, just as they are able to call every nun and priest a pedophile and not even have to prove it in a court of law, but get tons of money for it anyway. THAT is also worse than “cultural appropriation” of a headdress — to accuse innocent people of a genocide that NEVER happened — but they have no restraint in their hate speech. None.

EndTheHateI called the RCMP hate crimes division again this morning, still waiting to hear back. I doubt they will do much about the enormous hate speech problem this one group have, but I am going to stay on top of it because no one comes close to their hate speech.

DefacingWarMemorial“Cultural MISappropriation” is epic on their part, and spray painting graffiti on our monuments is only one small example of their disrespect, contempt and abuse of our culture, not to mention how many English words they use in whole new meanings they never had before. They can’t just change words, but they sure do.

Starting forest fires, burning tires, then saying only they are the keepers of the land. Talk about not using the proper words! The reserves are another contradiction to those words, as are the race based hunting and fishing debacles.

TerroristsTalking about sexual abuse in schools and REFUSING to talk about the long-recorded incest problem… Blaming others for their missing women, when the stats prove they are accountable…

“Genocide” now means going to school. Therefore, we ALL had genocide, or none of us did. We ALL lost languages, cultures, pasts, and land. They did not lose land, they still have it, for FREE, unlike anyone else who pays for it, and yet here they are — CULTURALLY MISAPPROPRIATING OUR WAY OF LIFE, BY CLAIMING LAND WE ALL PAID FOR.

Again, much worse than a flattering logo.

“Self Determination” now means taking other people’s money and telling them to bugger-off afterwards. It means bullying. It means not having to get along with others, or respect Canada or our laws. But the LAST thing it means, is its proper definition. They do not mean “financially independent, tax-paying reserves that contribute to Canada”. They ONLY mean, “piss-off” to anyone who is not their race.

Still worse than a logo.

chicagoblackhawks_logo“Oppression” is a word they misuse to say what Canada does to them, but it’s 100% them who do it to themselves, and no one else is making them. Their own Chiefs oppress them but their racism is so great, they can’t not blame people who are not their race. The OBVIOUS FACTS are that it’s the Chiefs who keep screaming “assimilation”, as if THAT is another bad word, when everywhere else it’s used, it’s a good word. It means adapting, getting long, learning new things, sharing, growing, playing well with others, being able to accept change and progress from many different sources. Which explains a lot, so it’s not all school’s fault, it’s mostly their own faults how they have not accepted this reality. They are STILL, 500 years later, going on about not “assimilating”…from iPhones. Again, I wish I were kidding, it’s just THAT ridiculous these days.

The smallpox blanket. The lies they tell should be challenged in a court of law, and they should be held accountable. They lie so much, almost NOTHING we hear from their mouths is true. Honestly…and we prove it here every day with our superb research and historical FACTS.

THEY NEVER TALK ABOUT THE VACCINES THAT OTHERS INVENTED TO SAVE THEIR LIVES. They can only lie about one story that is iffy at best, and make it “you all gave us diseases on purpose to wipe us out, you racist murderers”. The insane stuff we hear is so far past “cultural MISappropriation”, we now need a new phrase.

That new phrase is “NATIVE SUPREMACY”.

2007_Caledonia-kkkanada-signWe have to stop listening to their blame game and how offended they always are, and stop listening to their lies about the treaties. They have NEVER FOLLOWED THE TREATIES, so once again, it’s another misuse of language when they say “honour the treaties”. Those treaties CLEARLY state the land was ceded, but they also state that the aboriginals obey the laws, and do not interfere with commerce or the travel of others. We all know they do not honour those parts of the treaties, OR the part that says “ceded”, so it’s yet another MISappropriation of our language to use the term “honour the treaties” when all they do is take us to court to keep changing them to benefit only their race, mostly the Chiefs.

I am offended that teen-aged kids come and swear at grown adults and tell them to “go home” and tell fantastic lies with every word they speak, which they are TAUGHT. Please be offended too, and let your politicians, newspapers and friends and family know you are offended, and want them to curb their racist hate speech, and to stop misusing our language and being so incredibly disrespectful to our culture, our true history and our way of life, which is about human rights, equality under the law, freedom, and democracy. All things they do not value in us, which we have allowed them to erode in our culture, and which OUR ancestors fought and died for.

Michele Tittler

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