‘Mrs.Universe, This Is Why It’s Called Terrorism’

Mrs. Universe should apologize to Canada for saying words that she clearly was coerced to say by her race blame agendist contemporaries.

And look how the CBC shamelessly exploits her election, and allows her to actually lie without so much as a challenge, or one ounce of accountability. What else is new?

ERBLMrsUniverseThisIsWhyItsCalledTerrorism800x800“New Mrs. Universe says Tory government treats First Nations people ‘like terrorists’ 

Ashley Callingbull-Burnham urges aboriginal people to vote in upcoming federal election”

CBC News Posted: Sep 03, 2015 12:05 PM ET


VIDEO: Mrs. Universe gets political (on the CBC, who catered to her race based Canada bashing)


MrsUniverseThis woman was supported on the word stage as a representative of Canada; then she goes and betrays our nation and abuses her position immediately, and uses it to LIE about how only her race can fight for clean water.

By blowing up police vehicles with molotov cocktails?



Mohawks1We not only heard Chiefs get on the news and declare war, many, many of us were attacked severely online, and in our home towns in person, for daring to oppose Idle No More. We heard the violent threats to blow up pipelines, to blockade HWYS, to tamper with train lines, to ‘SHUT DOWN CANADA”…they even advertised it, and you can still find their hashtags. #shutdowncanada .


They held up media people, took their equipment and threatened their lives:


They claim ALL the land is ALL theirs’, as in their one race, and that we, who are not their race, are slaves who “rent” the land from them, and that THEY are in charge, not our democratically-elected government.

These are words, intentions, threats and acts of terrorism, not to mention treason.

It’s terrorizing to tell Canadian people who own land, that they don’t actually own it, and can “go home” if they don’t like their landlords. They literally terrorize people online every day with a racism so potent, no one else comes remotely close to it. I keep the proof. All you have to do is go look at any of their Facebook pages, or websites. They’re not shy about their hatred and intentions to do harm to Canada. “Decolonizing” is such an ominous word, isn’t it? Is that like “delousing”?

MohawkTerritoryOnly 4% of the population of Canada, they represent 70% of the women in jail, and 50% of the men.

They have the highest murder rate per capita, and have overwhelmed cities like Winnipeg and Thunder Bay with gang warfare, prostitution and drug rings, and family violence. (see all the links below). They keep having fetal alcohol syndrome babies who have to be removed from their homes, for which they then blame and try to extort from Canada, as if we didn’t already pay billions to raise the kids they couldn’t, because they refuse to deal with the alcohol problem and exist only for the dialogue of blame against those who are not their race.

Mrs. Universe SHOULD have gotten on T.V. and talked about the incest problem and the alcohol problem that fuels it and every other problem, and how she wants to start a national campaign of awareness and recovery, but do you see how they don’t REALLY care? It’s ALL A BLAME GAME THAT COMES DOWN TO EVERYONE WHO IS NOT THEIR RACE BEING AT FAULT FOR ALL THEIR PROBLEMS, WHEN IT’S ONLY THEM. ONLY, ONLY, ONLY THEM WHO ARE THE MASTERS OF THEIR OWN DAILY LIVES.

A culture of blame….race blame. They have no other identity, except to be a victim as their race, from all those who are not. It’s all about race….race, race, race, race…they’re obsessed with it. Their non-stop racism won’t let them have any other dialogue. The abuse Canada takes from them while it tries hard to appease their every hysterical outburst, is enough now.

To educate Mrs. Universe, below we have provided her with a sea of links, news stories, videos and websites that all tell the same story of violence and corruption on reserves…THE VERY RESERVES THE CHIEFS FOUGHT TO KEEP THEIR PEOPLE OPPRESSED IN, when Canada wanted to end them with “The White Paper”, the same Chiefs who screamed “assimilation” aka ” we hate whiteman” and want nothing to do with him, except his money”, and who chose to keep their people living in squalor.

THE WHITE PAPER:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1969_White_Paper

THE TRUE TEST OF THESE LIES FROM THIS ONE RACE BASED GROUP IS THAT NO ONE ELSE IN CANADA TELLS THE SAME STORY THEY DO, AND WE ARE FROM EVERY RACE, CREED, COLOUR, RELIGION AND GENDER THERE IS NOWADAYS. It’s simply impossible for it to perpetually be Canada’s fault towards only one race of people, it can ONLY be that it’s their own doing. They are the ONLY common denominator, everyone else makes it work. They’re not being singled out, THEY CHOOSE TO SEGREGATE and divide, to use their race against all others who are not their race,  to use their race to exploit from everyone else who is not their race. It’s as simple as that.

The race blame game is an industry, and Mrs. Universe was acting on behalf of her race(ism), not anyone or anything else. How come she couldn’t thank Canada? It’s innocent taxpayers who give, but look at her pimp the politics of greedy race leaders who want to bully our democracy.

It seems she needs an “education” in their violence, racism and bullying issues, and WHY our nation has to be protected from illegal activities which threaten everyone. We are pleased to have it in many links here, including old posts on our very page. She can support militant criminal activities, just because she happens to be the same race. Racism at its best.

NativeRacismInCanadaThe information provided below here, and on our websites where we can post many more photos, speaks for itself. How this ignorant woman could have told that blatant race lie, is testimony to how their culture has no shame whatsoever in blaming Canada, and innocent taxpayers, even when they declare war and blow up 6 cop cars with molotov cocktails, and line our jails, then tell “white” people to “Go Home, Jew”.

See the proof here: https://aboriginalracism.wordpress.com/

All across Canada,  there are stories of people being hurt because of aboriginal racism towards “white” people. Some killed. We have people on our page who have stories…and lots of them.

I (and many others) have been so intensely cyber attacked, death threatened and abused to such an extraordinary extent, no news outlet will even touch it — and here this truly clueless woman is talking about how they don’t do anything to earn being labeled as a threat, AS she is lying and trashing Canada, not talking about any sort of accountability.

DID SHE MISS THE ENORMOUS ABUSE CANADIANS TOOK FOR YEARS NOW, BEING ONLINE, DARING TO CHALLENGE THEIR RACE AGENDAS? DEATH THREATS TO MANY, CALLING PEOPLE’S WORK TO GET THEM FIRED; IT WAS FULL ON CYBER TERRORISM, and the only reason it’s not as bad as it was, is because, along with others who saw how bad it was and helped, I fought it by recording it and using it to make them look as bad as they were really, really being, and as some still are. I have a 3,000-person banned list, because of their staggering abuse, threats and bullying. I was only able to keep the proof once I got a new computer in 2015. I missed the first 24 months of Idle No More for screenshots, but have many now. I did, however, shoot videos about what they were doing to me and others.

“Idle No More native gang cyber harass & bully Canadians online 2013”


I have a stalker who stole my company name and has used it to post insane lies, and personal information she dug into the deep web for, about my family. She also hacked us and our websites, and has done and said so many crazy things. I had to put up a website just to house all the obsessive infractions she bullied me with for over two years now. It’s mostly all password protected because there is a file open with the Vancouver police, but there is one page that’s open:


I had to make a few videos for the police, to show her immense stalking.


https://youtu.be/4ZGD290s6Sw (didn’t know her real name yet in this video)

MANY, MANY, MANY Canadians have stories of what was done to them during “Idle No More”. Fired, people lost their jobs for opposing, because one group used being their race to gang up and called people’s work. It was full on cyber terrorism, so this woman is lying….lying, lying, lying.

Much of it is on the website:  http://aboriginalracism.wordpress.com.

YES…”Idle No More” militants need to be monitored, no question about it. They have made it clear they want to shut down industries. They DO NOT have the well-being of Canada or Canadians in their best interest. They are full of hate, racism, blame and abuse and this very misguided notion that only they can protect the earth and water, simply because of being their race. It’s ludicrous. She is so out of touch, it’s appalling.

Below are some hard, cold facts about the violent, and yes, even TERRORIST nature of a group of people who insist on never being accountable for anything….except clean water, although they have yet to tell anyone how they are going to bring clean water to the masses. Their idea of clean water is to blow up police cars.

Rexton2Perhaps they should start with the basics, and just try to save their own lives, before moving on to saving the planet. Women are being murdered by their own, there is no more time to waste on their race blame game. It’s not saving any lives.

“RCMP says 7 of 10 female aboriginal homicides committed by aboriginal offenders”


“Before her death, Tina Fontaine stayed at apartment now in sex-trafficking probe”


DID YOU HEAR THAT MRS. UNIVERSE? NOW GET TO WORK ON IT, and no more attacks on Canada just because you want to gain more race supremacy with weaker candidates.

Michele Tittler



(These are the links to our past page posts on the subject of violence and terrorist activities in places like Caledonia, Ontario, which Mrs. Universe seems to have forgotten about — IF she ever knew or cared. Does Mrs. Universe care about violence against innocent people, from her race? It would seem not.)

Rexton1‘N.S. man charged with throwing Molotov cocktails’ {March 10, 2014}: “A 20-year-old Nova Scotia man has been charged with throwing Molotov cocktails at police… He has been in custody since the day of the protest, when he was arrested for careless use of a firearm.”


‘Indian Environmental ‘Warriors’ Now Burning Tires, Getting Arrested’, (New Brunswick) {December 3, 2013}:


‘Arrests for Rexton Sabotage’ (New Brunswick) {November 26, 2013}:

‘Video: Rampage in Rexton’ {October 22, 2013}: https://www.facebook.com/ENDRACEBASEDLAW/posts/416224641813108

‘New Brunswick Riot Against Fracking – Video’ {October 18, 2013}: https://www.facebook.com/ENDRACEBASEDLAW/photos/a.336196793149227.59519.332982123470694/414701851965387/?type=1

’40 Arrested After N.B. Anti-Fracking Protest Turns Violent’ {October 18, 2013}: https://www.facebook.com/ENDRACEBASEDLAW/posts/414591775309728

‘Natives torch police cruisers at protest in N.B.’ {October 17, 2013}: https://www.facebook.com/ENDRACEBASEDLAW/photos/a.336196793149227.59519.332982123470694/414255558676683/?type=1

DouglasEstates‘Finally the blockade comes down in Caledonia, after 8 years’ {June 26, 2014}:

‘Caledonia Videos’ {September 16, 2013}: https://www.facebook.com/ENDRACEBASEDLAW/photos/a.336196793149227.59519.332982123470694/403136096455296/?type=1

‘The lesson of Caledonia: You are your own police’ {March 28, 2014}: “It was Dalton McGuinty’s Ontario government that first enabled the lawlessness and differentiated policing — one sort for natives, the other for non-natives — that marked the oft-violent occupation of a housing estate in Caledonia in 2006.”

‘Ontario Taxpayers Held Hostage by Six Nations Over Hydro Transmission Lines’ (Caledonia) {March 31, 2014}: “After the initial invasion of 28 February 2006, one of the acts of defiance against the laws of the land, and against the people of Ontario (most particularly citizens of Haldimand and Norfolk Counties), was to demolish some of the Hydro transmission towers near the south end of Caledonia.”

(WDR101)IPPERWASH, ONT., Sept. 10--BLOCKADE--The blockade to the entrance to Ipperwash Beach, near where a Native was shot by police last week, has been beefed up in anticipation of the funeral Monday. 1995 (Windsor Star--Mike Weaver)
(WDR101)IPPERWASH, ONT., Sept. 10–BLOCKADE–The blockade to the entrance to Ipperwash Beach, near where a Native was shot by police last week, has been beefed up in anticipation of the funeral Monday. 1995 (Windsor Star–Mike Weaver)

‘Ipperwash and Two-Tiered Policing’ {August 22, 2014}:

‘Ipperwash Background’ {September 27, 2013}: https://www.facebook.com/ENDRACEBASEDLAW/photos/a.336196793149227.59519.332982123470694/406608276108078/?type=1

IndianPosse88Thugs‘The ballad of Daniel Wolfe’ (Aboriginal Gangs) {May 8, 2014}: “If you look at the victims of their homicides, the girls they force into prostitution and the people they sell drugs to, they’re victimizing their own people. There is nothing cultural about the ‘Indian Posse’. The only cultural thing is a gang subculture.”

‘The gangs of Winnipeg’ {December 15, 2013}:

ChilcotinHomeSec‘B.C. MOUNTIES THREATENED, FIRED UPON AT TSILHQOT’IN RESERVE’ {July 29, 2014}: ”Mounties in B.C.’s Central Interior say they were shot at as they tried to track down a man who threatened an RCMP officer on a Tsilhqot’in ‘nation’ reserve early Sunday morning.”


‘More Lawlessness…’ (Secwepemc Ts’ka7 ‘Warriors’) {October 21, 2014}: “ ‘First Nations’ ‘warriors’ claim responsibility for burning bridge that leads to mine”

‘Indians Threaten Violence If The Law Is Enforced’ (Tobacco) {August 20, 2014}: “An Ontario ‘First Nation’ has raised the spectre of violence if the government goes ahead with a bill that would crack down on contraband tobacco… If the bill passes, “I can’t guarantee that there isn’t going to be some violence,” Chief Ava Hill said.”

‘Loggers Allowed To Work, Indians Vow Defiance’ (Grassy Narrows, Ont.) {January 5, 2015}: “Grassy Narrows ‘First Nation’ HAS MAINTAINED A BLOCKADE AGAINST LOGGING TRUCKS ON ITS ‘TRADITIONAL TERRITORY’ FOR MORE THAN A DECADE.
Chief Fobister said he expects it will continue.”

‘First Nations’ Extorting Road Fees’ (Sask.) {December 30, 2014}: “His truck was rumbling along with the house behind it, with vehicles ahead and behind to help navigate. The convoy drove over a hill and crossed a bridge, when suddenly the path was blocked by vehicles. He was told the people were from the Muscowpetung Saulteaux ‘First Nation’, and that they were on reserve land.

“They said it was their road, and they wanted a fee to go across it,” said Bartsch. “They were very, very intimidating.”

“The fee they wanted was $3,000. Because of his load and the hill behind him, Bartsch said he couldn’t turn around, so he had to pay.”

‘Six Nations protesters stop Enbridge Line 9 dig’ {July 19, 2014}: https://www.facebook.com/ENDRACEBASEDLAW/photos/a.336196793149227.59519.332982123470694/513450295423875/?type=1

‘Wet’suwet’en ‘First Nation’ group warns Enbridge’ (B.C.) {June 22, 2014}: “They {Enbridge} can go ahead and try and put their project through here. They will be considered trespassers. And we’ll enforce “Wet’suwet’en law” against any trespassers. You bring any equipment on here, it’s going to belong to us. You’re going to be walking out.”

‘Vancouver crowd jubilant as “war” declared on Northern Gateway’ (Chief Phillip) {June 19, 2014}:

‘First Nation’ “bans” ‘non-Native’ boat access in ‘traditional territory’ (B.C.) {May 6, 2014}: “Until further notice, Stz’uminus ‘First Nation’ will prohibit access to its core territory in the Salish Sea by all vessels, including but not limited to, commercial fishing vessels, Fisheries and Oceans Canada vessels, and any ‘non-Native’ civilians and government officials,” John Elliott, chief of the Ladysmith-area band said in a statement released Friday.”

‘Your compliance with this instruction is required and is expected’ (Gitxsan ‘eviction notice’) {April 19, 2014}:



‘Portrait of a ‘first nations’ activist’ (Shawn Brant) {April 5, 2014}: “Shawn Brant likely revealed his true colours…said the boss of a newspaper reporter threatened by Brant and the group of protesters camped out on Shannonville Road.

“Belleville ‘Intelligencer’ managing editor Bill Glisky called Brant’s actions — in using intimidation and the threat of violence against Intelligencer reporter Jason Miller — deplorable and inexcusable.”

‘Intimidating The Press’ (Shawn Brant and Fellow Thugs) {March 24, 2014}:


‘Mohawks Block Rail Line’ {March 19, 2014}: “Protesters near the Tyendinaga Mohawk reserve in southern Ontario have blocked the Montreal-Toronto Via Rail line {again}… The blockade is at Marysville, Ont., between Belleville and Kingston… Service between Toronto and Ottawa has been halted. Trains travelling in the Montreal-Toronto corridor have been replaced by chartered buses. Ontario Provincial Police in Smith Falls, Ont., have confirmed that Wyman Road/Highway 2 in Tyendinaga is also blocked…”

‘Four arrested as native blockade causes Via Rail delays’ {March 9, 2014}: “Provincial police say demonstrators moved onto the tracks Saturday morning in Napanee, east of Belleville, leading to CN issuing a stop order for all trains… Police say a man struck the window of an unmarked police cruiser, breaking the glass.”

warrior4‘First Nations’ protesters block road near Belleville’ {March 5, 2014}:

“It’s the second recent shutdown of a road in the area related to the protests. Another nearby road was CLOSED FOR MOST OF THE WEEKEND BY PROVINCIAL POLICE, after a bonfire was lit by about six demonstrators on Friday.”


‘Indian bullying, from 2011’ (New Brunswick Fracking) {March 4, 2014}: “What began yesterday as a pleasant information session at the Nashwaak Valley School in Durham Bridge {New Brunswick} by shale gas company SWN, soon turned ugly as Indian band (‘First Nations’) members stormed the building to shut it down, sending executives packing.” https://www.facebook.com/ENDRACEBASEDLAW/photos/a.336196793149227.59519.332982123470694/463496620419243/?type=1

‘Unist’ot’en Camp’ (B.C.) {February 11, 2014}: They are calling for an illegal blockade even though their leadership already signed a deal… https://www.facebook.com/ENDRACEBASEDLAW/photos/a.336196793149227.59519.332982123470694/455550527880519/?type=1

‘Canada Natives Block Energy Projects: `We Own It All’ {January 31, 2014}: “Whether with the mining sector, whether it’s in forestry, whether it’s water — we own it all.”

‘More Death Threats’ (ERBL) {January 22, 2014}:

‘Law-Abiding Citizens Getting Fed Up’, (Montreal) {December 3, 2013}:  “Protesters nearly run over by car at ‘Solidarity with Elsipogtog’ in Montreal”

‘Shut Down Canada?’ {January 30, 2015}:

ShutDownCanadafeb_13‘Incendiary Chief Fears Anti-Terrorism Legislation’ {April 22, 2015}:

‘History of the Mohawk Warrior flag: a legacy of lawlessness’ {May 22, 2014}: “Indeed, the imagery of the Mohawk Warrior with his war-ready shaven head intentionally designed to taunt enemies (today, it is the Canadian government and non-natives generally) is indeed intended as a call to unity as some claim, but not to peace: the Warrior flag is a call to unite in war, of occupations, of violence, of intimidation, of vandalism, of inciting hatred and fear against those they deem to be repressing native culture.”

‘Asians, Blacks, Europeans, Jews etc., Go Home!’ {September 19, 2013}: “Two Residents in Ipperwash have been murdered — you didn’t hear that in the media, did you? The OPP have done nothing and will do nothing to investigate these murders and no arrests have been made. Both individuals, one mentally handicapped, were chopped up and hidden on the Protested land.

“We have seen a lot of violence in Caledonia — destruction of a power station, burning of bridge, assaults, burning of cars and attempted murder.

“Any violence appears acceptable to the natives — they believe they are at war.”


‘Before the white man came? War’ {June 4, 2014}:



‘Notorious gang members charged in prison killing’

CBC News Posted: Jan 12, 2010 3:47 PM CT


‘RCMP charge Indian Posse leader in Lake Manitoba First Nation shooting’

QMI Agency

Wednesday, June 4, 2014 2:46:45 CDT PM


‘Warning issued for ‘violent and dangerous’ offender’

CBC News Posted: Jan 17, 2012 9:57 AM CT


‘Girl Gangsters: Why are more and more young women joining up?’



Aboriginal Gangs In Winnipeg

Vice News

Posted: 07/10/2014 5:16 pm EDT


‘Cheyann Peeteetuce: Indian Posse, a dead son and a fatal Saskatoon crash

Crown and judge concerned with criminal lifestyle at January sentencing’


‘Indian Posse co-founder wanted on sex assault charge’

Posted on April 8, 2014  by MyToba.ca in Manitoba, NEWS


‘Reported gang member wanted Canada-wide surrenders to Saskatchewan RCMP’

By: Sarah Taguiam,  Metro, Published on Mon Apr 07 2014


‘Indian Posse member sought in shooting

Attempted murder charge pending’

CBC News Posted: Apr 21, 2010 3:56 PM CT


‘Police warn public not to approach suspect’


‘Brendan Keewatin, Regina Teen Who Killed Over Shirt Colour, Sentenced To Jail’

By The Canadian Press

Posted: 09/09/2013 12:40 pm EDT


‘Two Regina men plead guilty in gang-related death’

Ken Gousseau, CTV Regina

Published Friday, June 27, 2014 5:15PM CST



“Hobbema – Short Documentary”


“Susan Creeley speaks out”


“Gang Violence in Hobbema”


“Gangs on Reserves”


“OPP Raid at Caledonia, Ontario”


“Mohawk Warriors and OPP at Blockade (Shoving)”


“Michael Coren – The law finally being upheld in Caledonia thanks to Gary McHale”


Aboriginal Gangsters – Warriors + Redd Alert + Indian Posse + Native Syndicate – (2013)


(in the comments of the above video…)

1-Indian Posse = 12 000-15 000 members +

2-Warriors = 7 000 members +

3-Redd Alert = 2 500-5 000 members +

4-Native Syndicate = 1 000-2 000 members +

5-Mixed Blood = (???)

SHOWDOWN AT HIGHWAY 134 Mi’kmaq blockade of fracking equipment


Warriors Off The Res: Aboriginal Gangs in Winnipeg (their video showing off)




NATIVE SYNDICATES (their video showing off)