‘Failed Leadership for everyone’

ABORIGINAL LEADERSHIP HAS FAILED MISERABLY!   ERBLFailedLeadershipForEveryone800x800NOT THE RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS….but the Chiefs/leaders and their corrupt reserve system, dictatorships, and their very culture of blame and abuse, is what’s at the heart of all that ails their “people”. 


Help the grassroots aboriginals by NOT giving these bullying Chiefs any more power than they have already, taking advantage of EVERYONE. Tell your aboriginal friends you support their individual health and well being, but NOT their reserve culture of violence, abuse, and racist blame. That you do not support their leaders, who are not voted for in a democractic system — and WE ARE A DEMOCRACY — and that you do not agree with rich dictatorships that leave people living in squalor, leaving them so hopeless and unhealthy that kids commit suicide by the 3-digit numbers. That you do not support their sex trade and gang drug warfare.

It’s a crisis, no question about it, and yet no matter how bad it gets, do you EVER hear their leaders talking about doing their own inquiry into their own sex trade and drug lord problems?

Tina Fontaine was a tragic story that was not unusual, so remember that. This is what their leaders and activists have created in their own cultures, with their hate and racism, with their constant blame, never nurturing any hope, always, always nurturing more blame and despair, repeating negativity ad infinitum. Then they blame school….school…the same school system we all went to.


It’s THEM! It’s that exact unbridled race blame that ails them, and Canada keeps catering to it. STOP! It’s all about those leaders extorting more money from us; they use guilt and blame and shame, yet they NEVER TALK ABOUT THEIR OWN INCEST PROBLEM! That was recorded by nuns long before Residential Schools were built, and lots of kids were saved from that when they went to school; so if they can talk about sexual abuse from “white” Priests, they can talk about sexual abuse from fathers, uncles, brothers, and family friends…where the very seeds of “missing and murdered” women of their race, begins.

The report from the Truth and Reconciliation Tour was not complete, because “Reconciliation” by definition, means TWO parties, and so now we must insist….DEMAND that these race leaders step up to the plate and be held 100% accountable for the DISMAL JOB THEY HAVE DONE IN ADMINISTERING TO THEIR “PEOPLE”, aka “race”. 

Terry Nelson {Winnipeg Sun)
Terrance Nelson {Winnipeg Sun)

They don’t do anything for, or in regards to, helping people who are not their race; they do not make any apologies for their abuses on Canada. The blatant over-representation in our jails is also other people’s fault, and we get no apologies from their leaders for them murdering people, for costing taxpayers billions, for negatively impacting cities like Thunder Bay and Winnipeg, for scaring our nation, for causing total unrest, uncertaintly, divide, hate and racism. These race leaders are the absolute worst, and no one will say it because we’ve all been bullied into not being able to say one word about that one group. As if they are totally immune from all accountability, and we can’t even ask them to be, or it’s a firestorm — an unthinkable suggestion that any Chief would have to apologise for their abuses, or answer for their failures. 

ABORIGINAL LEADERSHIP HAS FAILED MISERABLY. It’s failed grassroots aboriginals, and Canadian taxpayers. They have not taken care of their people, they have taken care of their pockets, they have unsettled our entire sovereignty, they have incited a very potent hate in their youth who are ready for civil war because they were raised to believe Canada committed a holocaust on them. These leaders have pumped hatred and incited war and no one seems able to stop them, or even challenge them. They try to sue and bully and silence anyone who does.

Our politicians are bowing down to these bully leaders because we are a polite and respectful culture, and they are a dictatorship. These “Royal Families” run the reserves — ask about the abuse and bullying those grassroots aboriginals go through from some of the ruling families, the stories abound!

Try denying it all you race defenders, all you reactionary do-gooders, and you know you’ll do it by giving me death threats and abuse. That always goes over well with me, when people come to prove they are not a violent culture by giving me violent threats; youth saying the grossest things and getting 20 likes from family and friends, no one teaching that kid any manners or to not be such racist thugs online to people they don’t even know. You all know who you are, most have been banned…thousands and thousands have been banned for being so abusive and racist, we could not keep them on the page.

No one can tell me these leaders have done a good job when I am in the most volatile seat in Canada, watching the hate, abuse and racism pour in. You don’t know abuse until you have seen it coming from generational fetal alcohol syndrome, and sexually unhealthy people. It’s not something I could ever get out of my system now; it was the most depraved abuse I have ever seen in words, and so many talked about gang-raping me, and doing sick things to me. I was overwhelmed at how much more sexually abusive the women — girls really — were than the men. I had never heard those kinds of words and thoughts in all my life, from any other kid I ever knew. They were mostly girls speaking so sexually twisted, it was unmistakable that something was massively wrong in their reserve culture, and it came pouring in from coast-to-coast like that; anywhere where they were segregated, the abuse was far worse. It was staggeringly gross sexual abuse and racist hate abuse. I cried the hardest I have ever cried in my life when I first had to come to grips with the reality of it, the undeniable, unrelenting, consistent reality of it.

These leaders have used and abused us all, and yet they stand there on television and make arrogant, bullying comments about how Prime Minister Harper is supposed to check in with Derek Nepinak when he comes to Winnipeg. Thugs…we don’t vote these arrogant bullies in, who the hell do they think they are? 

Grand Chief Derek Nepinak (Sean Kilpatrick-The Canadian Press)
Grand Chief Derek Nepinak (Sean Kilpatrick-The Canadian Press)

I want a piece of Nepinak, and if he’s at all a man, he’ll debate me on national television. Gerry and I are ready, and we want Canadians to start demanding it. YOU pay for his high wages for being a race supremacist traitor to Canadian values and to Canadian taxpayers. YOU pay for all of them, remember that.

These Chiefs need to start telling us what THEY will do for their people out of their own pockets, from the money that WE give them for free. What THEY will contribute to Canada, and Canadians, for real. More promises and commitments from them that they will take care of their murderous populations, their fetal alcohol syndrome issues, their domestic violence issues, their massive racism issues…etc, etc, etc.

No more of Chiefs demanding anything from people who are not their race. From now on, we need to hear what they are going to do to fix their corrupt reserve systems, and the racist hate they instill into their own people, making them afraid to “assimilate” (from iPhones) just so they can keep the free power and free money, and seize the land and resources.

Their own people are dying and they act as if they don’t have to even think about their own accountability. Every last word out of their mouths is to blame, or lay demands on people who are not their race. 

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip (THE CANADIAN PRESS / Darryl Dyck)
Grand Chief Stewart Phillip (THE CANADIAN PRESS / Darryl Dyck)

My goodness, Canada….are we suckers or what?

The mafia is running the show? It’s time to wake up and stop being polite about it. Tell your friends who happen to be aboriginal that it’s not about them, it’s about corrupt leadership, and too many of these Chiefs have done enough damage and caused enough disruption to our entire nation.


Is this your democratic country?

Michele Tittler



mailto: endracebasedlawpetition@gmail.com