‘END RACE BASED LAW calls out Aboriginal Chiefs to public debates’

Here’s what all Canadians need to know about race laws and race agendas in Canada. You REALLY need to know this, so please read…. 

ERBLChallengesChiefsToDebate800x800The overwhelming impetus and activity is, ultimately, that the Aboriginal Chiefs are pushing for “sovereign nations”; in other words, to break up Canada. To claim all the land, all the resources, and to be landlords to those who are not their race, who will pay them to exist here and breathe the air they, their one race, own (an actual quote by James Gosnell of the Nisga’a Tribe in B.C., see the end of this post). 

A few Chiefs bullied their way into the Canadian Constitution when it was being amended in 1982, and polite politicians obliged, which enshrined the Treaties in the constitution (a huge mistake) and added a clause that gave “aboriginal” and “Treaty” rights, both of which were undefined ( a colossal mistake that costs a fortune every year and will eventually break up our country, if they can at all help it.).

The wording of the clause in the constitution was ambiguous, leaving it open for interpretation, which gave way to an entire industry for lawyers, judges, Chiefs and Race Agenda Activists to “interpret” it in never-ending ways. Court case after COSTLY court case ensues, costing and giving away innocent taxpayers’ money by the MULTI billions each and every year; lands, resources, and powers awarded to people who are, admittedly, in much disarray, and who can’t seem to be grateful for anything in life if it means accepting that people of “other” races live here, and have created a culture and a cohesive, successful, real nation called Canada.

They are reinterpreting Treaties every day, treaties that were written simply, clearly and without ANY misunderstanding; yet you should hear the bull*^#@ coming out of the native narrative now, about how it all has to be retrofitted to today, so what was five dollars every year has to now be ramped up to millions. Natives got free university educations and many of them took law.

They want it all, and they want it for free, forever.

That’s what the most vocal are promoting and pushing for. 

It’s unbridled, unprecedented, unabashed racism so huge, no one will even question it anymore. Everyone has been pummeled to feel sorry for them because they were given free schooling at the same kinds of boarding schools many other children went to in their lifetimes. They need the Residential School blame game to stun anyone who questions their race supremacy agendas. Apparently, they figured out Canadians are a polite bunch of suckers who feel guilty on behalf of anyone with lighter skin, as the race blame game has ensured.

One race — 4% of the population of Canada — want all the land, all the resources, not having to follow any of our education system, or Canadian laws (except the ones that benefit their race agendas), and all that free cash from hard-working taxpayers, while they (their race) call the shots, and we don’t even vote for any one of them. 

I get emails from a blogger whose address is “canadaslandlords”, and they have no shame in stating that the natives run this country. The truth is that in many ways they do, and have for a while now, like a ‘mafioso’ kind of hold on our collective conscience. Who you vote for means nothing, because any politician will be beholden to the oppression of race agendists or they’ll be called “racists” and lose their seat. Period.


The truth is they have NEVER, EVER, EVER “honoured the treaties” — including the obligation that they have to follow the law — yet they have taught their kids to go around chanting, marching, protesting and lamenting for Canada to “honour the Treaties”, as if Canada doesn’t. What that comes from, and now means is, “give us what the courts say to give us in the newest interpretation of whatever Treaty or land claim is being argued in court by 600+ “nations” (tribes)”; so you do the math at what those court costs are. It’s their industry to take Canada to court, all paid for by YOU and your kids.

They use Canadian laws and Canadian courts to try to stop industry, to take land they did not pay for from people who did, to get billions of dollars they did not earn, and to advance their cause to be “sovereign nations”, all while we pay for it, and have no say in their laws, their worlds, their leaders…nothing…not one single thing are we even allowed to participate in, or expect that they deliver. They have NO OBLIGATIONS, ONLY DEMANDS. One race bullying the entire nation of Canada, using their race as the single thread of clout.

CANADA HAS NO ONE REPRESENTING TAXPAYERS. The government’s obligation is towards the aboriginals because of all these race laws, so no one is really watching out for, or speaking for Canadians. It’s been a stacked deck, a one-sided conversation for decades now, one which has successfully silenced any dissenters (and we’d know, as we get massive bullying and abuse for daring to speak up, as have many).

Incredible greed and corruption on reserves, and so much abuse and bullying in their culture. Chiefs making millions each and every year while their “people” (it’s a tribal thing) are kept oppressed, living in squalor, as they are brainwashed to blame Canada for it all so the Chiefs can keep up the divide. How else do they remain in control? They have to keep teaching their kids to hate and blame Canada, to bully us, to be an enemy of “assimilation” and to not have any conscience about it — that’s what the blame game is all about, deflection. Any resistance is automatically called “racist” and this word game, this dialogue that’s developed from “The Indian Industry” of lawyers and race baiters, is a magic language that misuses words all the time, which lies, and cons, and manipulates and bullies, all for one race and one race only. At no time do we hear this conversation include people who are not their race, except to blame them, but never to include them, accept them, go to bat them for them, care about them like they did for the natives.

500 years later, this current generation of race agendists are so resentful and bitter that other races live here on this land, they have such a strong disassociative state of mind towards all the great peoples here who built this amazing country, the BEST SOVEREIGN NATION IN THE WORLD, that they are actively engaging in the race discrimination of “dehumanizing”, aka “decolonizing”. That means nothing else except being racist and rejecting towards those who are not their race. They’ll use their iPhones to post their “decolonization” rants.

It’s all racism from their own racism issues. Why won’t anyone just call them on it? It’s bizarre, and nothing short of it, that 500 years later this one group’s youth speak as if at war with the enemy, at the same time as their leaders are demanding more and more and more money for their own race agendas — never once thanking, never once offering to contribute something themselves, never once so much as speaking as if they have to be accountable, only ever speaking with arrogant hubris about what they, their race, demands from Canada.

So here’s the question of the millennium (based on a true story, see link below):

“If an aboriginal Mohawk man claims a piece of land in Quebec and says “this is my land, (simply because he was born a certain race) so I am going to grow beans on it”, then what happens when another aboriginal Mohawk man comes along and says “this is MY land and I want to put a Casino on it?”


If other Aboriginal tribes had inhabited the areas that some natives are now disputing, would they be taking them to court? The answer is in the past. They did not have courts and/or land titles, they instead killed each other and took slaves for land they stole from each other. That was how it was until other peoples and cultures came here to build this nation and bring peace and opportunity for all, regardless of race.

Think about this clearly, rationally, fairly — they used to rape, pillage and murder each other for this land, the same way all tribal warfare was and still is in many parts of the world. WHY are we letting this one minority drag us all back into tribalistic, racist warring for land, when our Canadian culture has a tradition of PURCHASING land, and of honouring those deeds?

THE REASON MAN CREATED RULES FOR LAND TITLE IS SO SOME THUG COULD NOT COME AND TAKE WHAT WE PAID FOR AND BUILT, ESPECIALLY NOT JUST BECAUSE HE WAS BORN A CERTAIN RACE!… So why are our politicians not standing up for land owners who actually worked and paid for their land? Why are we giving away Crown Land that’s for ALL Canadians, not just some from one race? Why are we catering to race bullying from people who are using being their race, 500 years later, to claim lands their ancestors fought and killed each other for?

Canada…wake up….this is not what OUR ancestors built, not what our culture is all about, not what our society should ever aspire to. Do not give in to this native supremacy narrative, when it’s at the expense of 30 million innocent taxpayers and landowners. These native leaders need to stop promoting race blame, stop demanding race supremacy, stop pushing our elected politicians around and start being respectful, humble and grateful to all those from whom they receive free money. This is a great nation, and they spit on it and all who built it whenever they open their mouths.

Let’s get race out of the picture, and deal with all peoples the same way. These race agendas and demands are counter to our values and way of life in our Canadian collective histories. Our ancestors fought and died for our freedom and democracy, not to be under race rule. This is not what people fought and died for in WWII. 

Time to make our demands heard.

I’m ready to take on the whole lot of them, the entire “Assembly of First Nations”, which are tribes, not nations. I want to meet with and to argue with these Chiefs, to lure them into debates that the country hears. They have to be accountable to everyone, since it’s our tax dollars and OUR country they are bullying us for, and yet they are accountable to no one. Not even the media will take them on…but I will.

Michele Tittler


“We are the true owners of British Columbia. The Indians across the province own everything — the rivers, the trees, the bugs, the animals. You name it.

“Subsurface rights, the air, the rain, the whole shot. That’s what we mean when we say we have aboriginal title to the land.”

–James Gosnell, Chairman, Nisga’a Tribal Council (Globe and Mail, April 30, 1984),
explaining the Indian definition of ‘Aboriginal Title’